December 31, 2018

Small Business Saturday – Beyond the Seams

This week, Small Business Saturday we highlighted Beyond the Seams. We released the second episode of our new podcast series! During episode two, we chatted with Idalia, co-owner and co-founder of Beyond the Seams.

Beyond the Seams is a boutique art gallery located in North Philadelphia.  It is a space that acts as a “blank slate” for local artists. It’s main function is to host galleries and showcases of different artists, but BTS also hosts workshops, sells work and items made my local artists, and runs their own silkscreen printing service. Beyond the Seams is a brand new company – they have been working out of their storefront location for about four months now.

During the episode, Mac and Idalia discusses everything from our education system to Meek Mill. Idalia has a background in education and interior design. Her husband, and business partner, Yasin, has a passion for business and apparel art design. When forming their business, they settled on the name “Beyond the Seams,” which means “more than meets the eye.”

As for getting their business up and running, Idalia stressed the importance of local outreach and grassroot marketing. Word of mouth, hanging flyers, and networking has been some of the key elements to their business’ success.

Beyond the Seams also attributes the network of artists they work with to allowing their business to continue to flourish. When BTS hosts an artist gallery, they charge the artist nothing.

They only ask for a small percentage of any sales they make during the gallery event. Idalia says this has kept artists coming back and referring their friends to the space.

Beyond the Seams relies on their screen printing services in order to make a profit. They screenprint for schools, sports teams, and any other group looking to have a custom t-shirt design created. In 2019, BTS hopes to continue to expand and reach more of the Philadelphia community.


Listen to our Small Business Saturday podcast to here to hear their full story!


For more information on Beyond the Seams, visit their website! They can also be found online on Facebook and Instagram.

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