April 23, 2018

4 Best Shopify Apps for Small Businesses

Let's Review the 4 Best Shopify Apps for Small Business Owners!

Momentum Digital is back with another Marketing Blog! A small business doesn’t have to mean small profits, especially in this connected and data-driven digital age. If you’re selling products online, there’s a good chance you’re using the Shopify e-commerce platform. A plug-and-play online shopping solution to get your products online quickly and easily? What’s not to love? Here are the Top 4 Best Shopify Apps for Your Business!

One of the most powerful and incentivizing offerings from Shopify is its vast library of 3rd-party applications and software to optimize and boost your e-commerce potential (and your bottom line).

But with so many options to choose from, how can one know what app is worth the time and money to implement in his or her shop? As a digital agency focused on helping small businesses with their online presence, Momentum Digital knows what our clients need for their shops. Here are our top 4 Best Shopify Apps for small business owners!

Here is a relevant video that covers the best Shopify Apps for 2020

1. RetargetApp for Shopify

Purpose = Facebook and Instagram Automated Retargeting Ads

Cost = $15+ month + ads cost

retarget app for shopify

Did you know that around 60% of first-time website visitors will leave before buying a product? It’s because we as consumers often need time to consider a product before pulling the trigger and dropping our cash. It works in brick-and-mortar shops and is even more prominent in online shops.

Retarget marketing is a form of online advertising targeting consumers on their past actions. In many cases, it’s serving an ad to someone who visited your website but didn’t do what you wanted them to do e.g purchase something, download something etc.

RetargetApp is one of our favorite Shopify plugins that we recommend to our clients. The premise is simple: when a user visits your site and views a product or adds it to their cart, but leaves without purchasing it, they’ll be served retargeted ads on Facebook with that specific product along with up to 10 more similar items.

Setup is incredibly easy and there’s no need to manage the ads in Facebook Business Manager as you would normally. You set your description and pay after you make some sales (maximum of 5%).

We’re seeing some incredible returns using this app with ROAS as high as 25x on some accounts for Facebook Ads.

2. Mailchimp - Email Marketing with Shopify

Purpose = Automated Email Marketing with Shopify

Cost = FREE & Premium Plans

shopify mailchimp

Chances are that you’ve heard of MailChimp, but the Shopify integration is a must-have if your eCommerce shop is running the platform. Email marketing is integral to sustaining an effective eCommerce strategy. The right email to the right person at the right time can make or break a sale. We could have a whole blog post about email marketing, but let’s focus on MailChimp for Shopify.

Aside from all the existing functionality of MailChimp (which offers a lot of great features right off the bat), the Shopify app will let you do things like sync purchase data, setup marketing automation emails for abandoned carts, and segment customers based on their purchase behavior.

Another sweet feature is the option to add e-commerce link tracking to your email campaigns. Knowing exactly who clicks an email link to your shop, what they do on your site, and also what they didn’t do on your site is invaluable data. Know how to use it!

The app is free if you’re only looking to sync your existing MailChimp account to your Shopify store, but unlocking the additional features comes with a (fair) price tag.

3. Yotpo - Social Proof Marketing

Purpose = Automated Social Proof & Reviews

Cost = FREE & Premium Plans

yotpo shopify

At the very core of consumer psychology is the desire for our shopping habits to be confirmed and validated by both ourselves and our peers. We want our purchases to be informed and free of regret. Check out these two statistics:

  1. Over 70% of Americans say they look at product reviews before making a purchase – (source)
  2. Nearly 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews – (source)

Yotpo is a customer marketing platform that generates reviews and user-generated content from customers. You can then leverage this “social proof” to further inform potential customers that their purchase will be worthwhile as it was for previous buyers.

The free plan includes some pretty cool features like review request emails, review widgets, UGC moderation, and more. The paid “Growth” and “Premium” plans up the ante with advanced widgets, shoppable Instagram plugins, and Google Seller ratings.

3. Alt Text Optimizer - Fix Your Images

Purpose = Fix SEO Image Attributes

Cost = $1.99 per month

seo alt text optimizer

Admittedly, this isn’t the most “fun” Shopify plugin perse (no offense to any SEOs who just love image alt text). However, SEO is incredibly important for any website and that goes triple for ecommerce websites.

This plugin lets you create an automated Alt Text naming convention for all the images on your site. Once done correctly and the Google SEO paragons are satisfied, you’ll reap the rewards of boosted search engine rankings and traffic from Google Image searches.

Not to mention, you’ll be optimizing your website so people with visual or hearing disabilities will be able to properly view your shop’s content!

This rounds out the Best 4 Shopify Apps for Business owners!

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