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Marketing Careers and Opportunities with Momentum Digital

Learn more about our Marketing Careers and Opportunities with Momentum Digital by filling out the form below and telling us more about yourself. Momentum has been in business since 2015 and has employed over 100 full-time, part-time, and contract workers.

Most of our roles require digital marketing related skills sets and experience. Various roles could include SEO, Web Design, Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing and more.

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    Marketing Careers with Momentum

    Use the form to apply for a position with Momentum Digital. Tell us more about yourself, your expertise, and why you’re a good fit for one of our marketing careers.

    Most roles are part-time remote work. We have an office in Philadelphia that we rarely use. Most employees and contractors work from home on their own schedules. It’s a very laid back in that respect, but we do demand the most when it comes to value and communication to your teammates and clients.

    We hire interns and students from local university co-ops all the time. Most interns are local students from Temple, Drexel or Penn.

    An intern has to take their first semester with us as an unpaid intern for credit. If you prove yourself then we put you on paid client projects. The 2nd semester we promote you to a part-time paid intern where you get paid hourly or project. From there we can promote you again to a part-time employee or contractor. We typically hire interns for the following:

    • Digital marketing, SEO, Facebook Ads, Web Design, Videography and Social Media.

    Other common hires for our marketing careers are for contractors. A contractor is someone who works on a per-project basis with Momentum Digital. They help facilitate and produce client work and internal projects. These hires work remotely on their own schedule and timeline as a subcontractor with our agency. They are not an employee do not get benefits.

    Most contractors we hire are for paid client work that we need help producing to get clients for customers from our marketing services. These roles are diverse but including the following:

    • Web Design, PPC, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Graphic Design, Videography, Sales & Virtual Tours.

    Another role with Momentum is for part-time employees. These employees are under part-time payroll either hourly or stipend. They also help facilitate and produce client work and internal projects. These hires can work remotely or in-office and track their hours and production.

    Part-Time employees have been effective as a stepping stone to their career where they get paid to learn and help our agency and clients. They use the experience from this job to help build their resume and marketing careers. These hires include:

    • Assistant work, Social Media, Web Design, Graphic Design, Admin work and more.

    We actually don’t offer many full-time roles with Momentum Digital. We believe this industry is changing rapidly. Due to COVID and other concerns, we don’t think marketing agencies will have many FT roles and in-person offices. We all work remotely now on our phones and computers — and you can too. Many people on our team have other jobs and work for other agencies as well.

    Full-Time employees work on many different client and internal projects. They have skin in the game and want to help themselves and our company grow. These employees are treated as family and royalty but must do everything they can to grow with us and be compensated accordingly with profit shares and bonuses. Some FT roles include:

    • Account Managers, Business Development, Marketing Directors, Sales Directors, & Partners.
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