December 4, 2020

How to Add A New Account Manager to Facebook Ads

This week we will walk you through How to Add a New Account Manager to Facebook Ads

Welcome back to another Momentum Monday Marketing blog! If you have a business and Facebook Business Account or Run Facebook Ads then LISTEN UP. At some point you’ll be wondering How to Add a New Account Manager to Facebook Ads.

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Getting Started with Facebook Business Manager

To get started, you want to log in to your Facebook account. Once logged in, take notice of the left sidebar that contains your account’s interactive features. 

You can locate and choose the Pages feature, or simply scroll down the sidebar until you find the business page that you want to manage. After selecting the Pages feature, scroll down to and select the page that you want to manage.

Adding a New Account Manager

When you’ve successfully landed on the page that you want, scroll down to the Settings feature on the left sidebar. Within the Page Settings, navigate to Page Roles. This can be found on the left sidebar as well.

Under Page Roles, find the option to “Assign A New Page Role”. Here, you can enter the name of the Facebook user of who you want to add as a new manager. Specify that you want to add them as an Admin using the drop-down feature to the right. When ready, simply select “Add”

Once you’ve added them, that person will be able to go to their business manager account, and they’ll be able to request access to the page. Notify them that you’ve added them as an admin and be sure that they follow through to successfully become a page manager.

Requesting and Approving FB Ads Manager Account Access

They can also request access to an ad account. In order for them to do this, find out what your ad account ID number is. You can find this by going to your business account settings here. You will see your ad account ID at the top of the page. Make sure you’re under the right ad account if you have multiple accounts.

Give the ad account ID to the person requesting access. They will paste the ID into their form submission. Once they’ve requested access, you, as the owner, will be able to approve their access in your business settings. Make sure to approve their request so they can successfully manage the account.

When approved, you should be able to see that person in your business page roles.

Approve FB Ads Manager (1)

There are various ways you can setup and approve a new Facebook Ads Account Manager. Sharing the FB Ad Account ID then approving their Ads Manager request is probably the smartest and easiest method.

Thanks for Learning How to Add A New Account Manager to Facebook Ads

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