November 4, 2022

8 Benefits of Advertising with Google

Top 8 Benefits of Advertising with Google Ads

In this article, we will explain our our Best 8 Benefits of Advertising with Google Ads to Grow Your Small Business!

Benefits of Google Ads

If you’re new to advertising online, then read this article to learn our Top 8 Benefits of Advertising with Google Ads.

My name is Mac Frederick and I’ve been running Google Ads since 2011. When I started my first company in college I used Google Search Ads to get website leads and traffic to increase revenue. When I graduated I was hired by Google and worked in the ads department. So I’d like to share some of my tips and knowledge as many of you reading this might be new to advertising online. Google Ads has been around since 2000, and has changed and increased in cost many times since.

What are Google Ads?

Let’s reference this Wordstream article to learn about Google Ads (previously called Google Adwords).

Google Ads is the name of Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform, which allows businesses to gain visibility across Google’s properties. The most common type of Google Ads ad is the search ad, which appears on the search engine results page (SERP) for searches relevant to the advertiser’s products and services—but businesses also use Google Ads to run display ads, shopping ads, YouTube ads, and more.

What are Google Search Ads?

Below is an example of a Google SERP containing ads. There are two sections of paid results: one above the nonpaid or organic results, and one below.

Google Ads is the name of Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform, which allows businesses to gain visibility across Google’s properties. The most common type of Google Ads ad is the search ad, which appears on the search engine results page (SERP) for searches relevant to the advertiser’s products and services—but businesses also use Google Ads to run display ads, shopping ads, YouTube ads, and more. Google search ads Below is an example of a Google SERP containing ads. There are two sections of paid results: one above the nonpaid or organic results, and one below.

Google Ads Overview

There’s nothing better than efficient Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns in digital marketing. The trick is to understand everything you need to know about Google Ads and of course, your business, and to then incorporate it into a well-organized marketing strategy that drives juicy, targeted traffic to your website. Remember that you need to have a high conversion rate for this to be effective.

To make sure you have everything you need, you should develop a well-optimized Google Ads strategy to help your business convert and grow. We’ve put together this guide on the key benefits of Google Ads for beginners, intermediate and experienced advertisers that answers the most important questions marketers have.

In layman’s terms, AdWords, better known as Google Ads, is a system that allows businesses to bid for advertising space in Google search results and on other Google-affiliated properties.

When you Google something, the first results are usually not just because of their good SEO status. They are usually landing pages of companies running a Google Ads campaign. With Google Ads, businesses pay to show an ad to customers who search for relevant keywords in Google Search and Google Maps. With Google you can effectively and quickly promote your business, increase awareness, help sell products or services, and drive traffic to your website.

Below are the greatest benefits of Google Ads:

Benefits of Google Ads

These tips are incredibly important for businesses who want to know the Top Benefits of Advertising with Google Ads.

#1 Google’s Massive Reach

Merriam-Webster dictionary or Google? What is your first choice when you want to look up a word or phrase or have a question? For most people, the answer is Google. 

Google handles over two trillion searches a year, or over 5 billion searches a day. Among them are users looking for solutions to your company’s problems. And if your products or services are useful, they will choose your company over your competitor. This is indeed one of the most important benefits of Google Ads; you can literally sell your products or services to people looking for them from buying those keywords.

#2 Potential for A High ROI

Unlike other advertising methods, Google charges advertisers a predetermined amount only for the ads they click. If you’ve optimized your Google Ads strategies, you can achieve a higher ROI that’s much more noticeable than other advertising campaigns. However, this requires time and education. Learn more about some Google Ads Marketing agency best practices.

How can you figure out what’ll ultimately bring your business the best results? You need to review, track and change your campaigns constantly. And Google Ads offers you an ideal way to monitor this progress. We suggest getting Google Ads certified or hiring a Google Ads PPC Specialist like Momentum Digital. 

#3 Faster Than SEO

One of the main advantages of Google Ads is that it works faster than search engine optimization. SEO and Google Ads are marketing strategies that deal with search engines (especially Google) to generate more traffic and leads. However, the latter can help your business reach the coveted first place in SERPs much faster.

But which is generally better – Google Ads or SEO? SEO is better in the long run; if budget is a deciding factor and time is not, then SEO is the answer. If you want to be on the first page of search results immediately, say next week, Google Ads is the way to go. In the beginning, you can focus more on Google Ads to get first-page results quickly; then, as your e-commerce SEO ranking improves, you can lower your Google Ads budget accordingly. If you need quick and immediate sales and leads then we would suggest Google Ads instead of SEO services.

#4 Harnessing Intent

There’s a big difference when you reach people through your Google Ads versus when you find them, or they find you through other forms of advertising, which is their intent.

For example, people don’t want to see ads on social media. For example, when they’re on Facebook, they want to see pictures or videos entertaining them. They don’t want to see business-related posts that remind them of problems they’re dealing with right now. They want to escape these things and forget about them – at least temporarily. 

Some even say benefits of advertising with Google ads is the inbound marketing because of the search intent.

So what’s the difference between inbound and outbound?

While inbound marketing is where customers see ads when they search for a product the company offers, an outbound marketer finds customers, starts interacting with them, and delivers information to them in the form of messages, regardless of their interests.

#5 Increased Leads & Customers

Google Ads is one of the best marketing strategies for lead generation. If you set up your ads campaigns properly, you will get targeted and qualified leads for your website, and a proper set-up indeed requires using negative keywords

Additionally, Google Ads helps a business focus on people looking for what they want. You can continuously refine your campaign to reach your target audience more efficiently. These users are ready to buy a product, fill out a form, or sign up for a service.

#6 Increased Brand Awareness

The market is becoming increasingly competitive, so building brand awareness, visibility and customer loyalty are more important than ever. Compared with building a brand on social media, one of the biggest advantages of Google Ads is that it can increase traffic, clicks and conversions quickly and effectively. It is also an efficient way to get your brand known. You can run your ads on Google Search, Display Ads (other websites), YouTube Ads, Banner Ads, and Gmail Ads. These mediums provide tons of branding, traffic and awareness.

#7 Measuring Your Performance Consistently

It is very difficult to measure the result of traditional advertising methods like newspapers, radio, television, billboards, brochures, etc. Besides, they are much more expensive than advertising with Google. Moreover, you do not know the source of leads from these media unless your customer tells you. Consequently, it would not be easy to calculate ROI from traditional media.

But one of the most significant benefits of Google Ads is that you will know exactly what happened to the campaign. You will know:

  • Who clicked on your ad?
  • How many leads were generated?
  • How much traffic did you get to your website via AdWords?
  • Which keyword generated the most traffic and leads?
  • How much does it cost you per lead?

Did you know that you can connect Google Ads to Google Analytics? That’s great, isn’t it?

#8 Tackling Your Competition Better

If someone searches online for something related to your product or service, and you do not run ads, but your competitors do, that spells trouble for you. You will lose business almost instantly.

You need to keep a close eye on your competitors and their marketing strategies. Find out how they promote their business, what ads they run and so on. Google Ads’ transparent system will help you do that. Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way and stand out from your competition.

Types of Ads on Google

RECAP -- 8 Benefits of Advertising with Google Ads

With its reach and authority among other search engines, Google Ads is one of the best advertising tools a business can use. It’s faster than SEO techniques, and you should use it if you don’t have a limited budget.

For more information about setting up a Google Ads account and the optimization process for maximum traffic generation, contact us today and schedule a consultation with our team of experts.


Thanks for taking the time to review our Benefits of Advertising with Google Ads. We hope you found this informational and valuable to grow your business!

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