March 5, 2023

Best Content for Local SEO: Tips and Tricks

What is the best content for local SEO? Learn more about local SEO and how to produce content that gets attention and promotes your brand!

Best Content for Local SEO: Tips and Tricks

Local exposure is critical for every business, small or large, to thrive in today’s marketplace. In a saturated market, you need to be more visible than your competitors to come out on top. Creating content can that stands out, with proper SEO, can give you an edge over other businesses.

According to statistics, about 93% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. For this reason, focusing on content that improves local SEO will have a positive impact on your business, and rank it higher in your area.

Certain content can improve visibility in local search results more often than others. As the saying goes, it’s best to work smarter, not harder. In this article, we will go over the best content for local SEO and provide techniques that can help you reach more local customers.

What is Local SEO, exactly?

Local SEO content includes blog posts, images, and videos that will appear on local search engine results pages (SERPs). This content can appear on your blog, your company’s social media account, or on your Google Business Profile.

While SEO boosts your ranking in global search, local SEO focuses on results for a specific location. This is important to attract local customers to your products/services, and especially if your business benefits from local sales.

How to Improve Your Local SEO Status

The majority of rules that apply to SEO also apply here, but there are some key points you need to keep in mind:

Use Local Keywords

Keywords play a critical role in determining the audience you are reaching, you probably already knew that. You will certainly benefit from local SEO if you use keywords that are popular in the area where you operate. Google Keyword Planner is an incredible, free tool; regularly search for relevant keywords in your area and sprinkle them into your meta description, URLs, etc.

Points of interest in the region are another set of helpful keywords. You can highlight your region with phrases like “just a stone’s throw away” or “not far from” a well-known landmark in your area.

Create Content For Mobile Search

Mobile-friendly content will bring a lot of visitors to your online pages; 82% of shoppers use their smartphones to search for local businesses. No one will take a second look at a website with weird image proportions and inappropriate font sizes; regardless of how good your content is, if your pages aren’t mobile-friendly, you’re not going anywhere.

Make sure your site is easy to navigate on mobile devices, and don’t forget to use images that catch the eye, not just stock photos.

Write In a Talking Tone

As smart speakers become more popular, many are using voice search to retrieve information. When using voice search, customers tend to use long-tail keywords. For this reason, you should write as you speak. That way, you’ll be on the radar for longer voice search queries.

Essentials to Include in Your Local SEO Campaign

Now you have probably figured out your local keywords and your site is optimized for mobile search. The question remains, what other elements should be included in your local SEO campaign? Here’s a list that can help you develop a top-notch local content strategy.

Google My Business Profile

When customers search for businesses in their area, the first thing they come across is Google My Business. The digital giant sorts business profiles and displays them at the top of the SERP, along with a range of useful information that customers associate with your business.

To improve your Google My Business profile, you can:

  • Post regularly i.e., Google Posts. Be sure to use locally relevant keywords in your content)
  • Geotag your pictures and posts to your area using Geoimgr
  • Keep your information up to date
  • Most importantly, encourage  your satisfied customers to leave 5 star reviews and respond to them.

Blog Posts

If you haven’t yet created an engaging and interesting blog for your business, now is the time to do so. Keep up with popular local news, activities, and events and incorporate them into your posts. Create linkable posts, such as stats or master lists related to your location, to gain backlinks.

Regular posts on your blog will keep your content relevant, engaging and refreshing. Be sure to use lots of relevant keywords within the blogs, to get more traffic to your website to boost local SEO!

Ultimately, your blog posts should provide valuable information to your local audience. You can find out what type of content is missing from your blog by researching local search queries related to your business.

local seo tips and tricks

Local Landing Pages

Local landing pages will house all your local information and lots of localized images and content. 

The key to an optimized landing page is – you probably guessed it – local keywords. Mention your location and important nearby landmarks along with other keywords that came up in your research. If your business operates in multiple locations, you should create a separate landing page for each one and design it accordingly.

Customer Testimonials

Nothing encourages new customers to visit your company like a few positive reviews. Email your customers after their purchase and ask them about their experience. Not only will this help you engage with your clients, but it will also do wonders for your business’ accessibility. It is possible to use positive customer testimonials on your website or in your promotional materials.

Take advantage of websites that are set up for this purpose. Customers can post reviews; you have the opportunity to respond to their comments and lend credibility to your business. Other sites like Yelp, FourSquare, and LinkedIn work similarly to help your visibility and local SEO.

“Best of” Guides

Master lists are very popular on the internet. People are always looking for content that will summarize their options and explain their advantages. You can create local “Best of” lists suggesting the best spots in the area, and conveniently place your business at the top! 

Add your customer testimonials, videos, and images of your products with the proper meta description to the mix, and the result is the easy promotion of your establishment.

Social Media Posts

Recently, Google has been giving more attention to social media activity. Stepping up your social media game will boost your visibility and promote your business. You can share your content and link your Social Media Accounts to your Google Business profile to gain relevancy. 

These are the best social media platforms for businesses! Mastering each social media platform can be tricky, but it’s by no means impossible; Like any marketing strategy it takes time and effort, but it will pay off beautifully.

Pro Tip: Post the same content you post to your social media, on your Google Business Profile! This will save you time and keep your Profile up-to-date. Google’s algorithm loves original content and frequently posting profiles! Learn more here.

Other Steps You Can Take

So far, we’ve looked at the elements that drive local traffic to your website. But improving your local SEO isn’t just limited to your content; be an active part of your community.

Spread the news about your business to your neighbors, friends, and family! Especially if they live locally!

You can also enlist help from other local businesses and websites. Guest blog posts are a proven way to reach new audiences and gain backlinks. There are always global blogs looking for guest writers as well, create something interesting and they can reward you with a high quality backlink!

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You're Ready to Start Creating Content!

Your business cannot grow without a powerful local SEO strategy;  it helps display content to local users who are interested in your work.

You can use landing pages, blog posts, visual content, etc. to further promote your business on a local level. You can also use social media, guest posts, and local events to showcase your brand.

If you found this article helpful, check out our blog for more guidance on SEO strategies. Or, contact us today to get customized SEO tips for your needs.

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