May 7, 2018

Birds of Prey Artistry Interview for Small Business Saturday

Please watch our Small Business Saturday Marketing Interview with Bird of Prey in Philadelphia.

Momentum Digital is back with another episode of Small Business Saturday, where we highlight a deserving company in the greater Philadelphia area. This Saturday we sat down with Tara Lynn, the founder and CEO of Birds of a Prey Artistry.

Birds of Prey Artistry – Mircoblading

Today we are talking Eyebrows!

Have you heard the term Microblading ? This new term is a cosmetic surgery women receive when they suffer from hair loss. Microblading is a semi/ demi permanent tattoo. (this sounds more painful than what it really is)

I was very fortunate to meet Tara Lynn the founder and CEO of Birds of a Prey Artistry, According to Tara her artistic background happened pretty organically.

In the past 15 years she has worked as a master aesthetician, makeup artist and educator. Tara happens to share a passion I share brows! I think every women can agree with me when I say brows can help shape a face. With brows being a passion of Tarra’s she decided to take her career to the next level by entering the world of permanent makeup.

As I sat down with Tara, she explained how she loves being able to empower and help everyday women, women who are pre or post-chemo, even those suffering with apolcecia and trichotillomania.

I am a very curious person and wanted to give Microblading a try, and wow can I just say I am in love!

Check out the process and how my brows were transformed in a blink of an eye!

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