August 12, 2019

How to Create an Instagram Creator Account

In this week’s blog, learn more about Instagram’s new feature for business accounts – the Instagram Creator Account!

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By Devon
June 3, 2019

How to Run a Conversion Remarketing Campaign with Instagram Swipe Up Stories

Learn something new this week with this in-depth blog on how to create a conversion remarketing campaign with Instagram Swipe Up Stories!

Instagram Swipe Up Ads

Happy Momentum Monday!

Are you using Instagram? More specifically – Instagram stories?

Most likely, you are.

In fact, 400 million users utilize Instagram stories daily! Yup – you read that right.

Why not take advantage of the Instagram Story platform with conversion remarketing ads!

Conversion Remarketing allows your business to advertise to those who have already interacted with your business in some way. This means that the audience is already familiar with your business, thus increasing the chances of them converting into a customer.

In terms of Instagram Swipe Up ads specifically, these ads will appear between the stories of those that your audience already watches. From there, they will be able to swipe up to be redirected to the desired video/post/landing page to take the action that you want them to take.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Why not try it out for your business!

Read below for a step-by-step guide to creating a conversion remarketing campaign with Instagram Swipe Up Stories.

Log into Facebook

I know – we are talking about Instagram and telling you to log into Facebook.

If you didn’t know, Instagram is actually owned by Facebook. So, in order to run an Instagram ad, it needs to be created through the Facebook platform.

This platform can be accessed at business.facebook.com

Navigate to Facebook Business Manager

From this dashboard, navigate through the business ad accounts. If you manage multiple business’ social media, scroll until you find your desired business. If you are doing this for your own business, select your business’ name.

Once the business is selected, click on “Ads Manager” in the upper left-hand corner.

Facebook Ads Manager

Select “Custom Conversions” from this menu.

Navigating the Custom Conversions Tab

From here, you will find several great insights including…

Data Sources

Data Sources contains information about offline event sales, custom conversions, catalogs, and more! In our opinion, one of the most important things that this dashboard tracks is pixels.

Pixels track your business’ website activity via the Facebook Pixel. The Facebook Pixel is a small code that can easily be added to your website for Facebook conversion tracking.

Want to learn more about the Facebook Pixel? Read our previous blog to learn about what a Facebook Pixel is and how to use it.

We also love the Google Chrome plugin Facebook Pixel Helper. This plugin will track the Facebook pixels for your website and will be able to tell you if the Pixel is properly functioning or not. You can download the plugin here!

Custom Conversions

From this tab, we will create our custom conversion.

To do this, simply click on the blue button that reads “Create Custom Conversion” at the bottom of the page.

Facebook Ads Custom Conversions

For the case of our ad, a custom conversion will be considered anyone who schedules an appointment and lands on the website’s thank you page.

Let’s move on to creating our custom conversions.

Creating Custom Conversions

Once the blue “Create Custom Conversion” button is selected, a form will populate.

Facebook Creating Custom Conversions

When creating a custom conversion, you will need to set up unique rules that will categorize an action as a conversion.

The first rule will be to identify which URL the conversion page will contain, won’t contain or equal. These options allow you to insert/include/disclude things in the URL that you would like your target audience to end on for your ad to be considered successful.

To break these down:

  1. The URL Contains option means that the URL will contain certain phrases or terms.
  2. URL Equal means that the URL the person will land on will exactly match the URL you provide.
  3. Lastly, URL Won’t Contain allows you to exclude any pages, terms, etc. that someone may end up on that would not be considered a conversion for your business.

For this example, we will be using the “contains” option.

Once this is inserted, move on to naming your custom conversion. You will want this to be something memorable and easily identifiable.

There is also an option to add a description to the category if you, your team, or your client requires further information.

Next, select the category of your custom conversion.

Custom Conversion Ads Category

This list allows you to categorize the conversion by action, including actions such as add to cart, contact, and find location. For our custom conversion, we will be selecting “schedule” because our end goal is for the person to schedule an appointment with Phone Repair Philly.

Lastly, determine the value of each conversion. This will be unique to your business’ products and services. Entering this value allows you to easily track ROI for your ad campaign.

Select “Create” to create your custom conversion. Once created, you will receive a confirmation pop-up like the one below.

Custom Conversions Complete

This pop-up allows you to go straight into creating your ad or to leave the pop-up to create the ad later. To move onto creating the ad, select the “Create a Conversion Ad” option under “Next Steps.” To leave the window, select the “Done” button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Before creating the ad, we are going to create the ad campaign.

Creating a Conversion Ad Campaign

Navigate back to the Facebook Ads manager dashboard.

Once in Ads Manager, you will see a green “Create” button in the left-hand corner.

Create a Facebook Conversion Ad Campaign

Once selected, you will first be asked to determine your marketing objective.

Facebook Ad Marketing Objective

Here, you will select from three major categories: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

Awareness creates interest in your business, products, or services.

Consideration means that you would like potential customers to learn more about your business.

Conversions encourage customers to take the next step and purchase/use your product or services.

For our case, we will be selecting “Traffic” from the consideration column, because we are aiming to send traffic to a landing page for the customer to schedule an appointment with Phone Repair Philly.

Once your category is selected, you will be asked to name your campaign.

Facebook Traffic Campaign

As we have mentioned before, you will want this name to be descriptive and easily identifiable. It is also a good idea to add the date that you created the set to the end of the name.

For example, ours will be named “PRP – All Remarketing Sets – IG Swipe Up (5.23)”

From here, there will be two additional campaign options to enable or disable – Create Split Test and Create Budget Optimization.

We tend to always enable the “Create Budget Optimization.” This option allows you to optimize your ad budget across all ad sets. Once enabled, you can insert your daily ad budget max.

If you are doing remarketing, we recommend keeping a smaller ad budget. Of course, this varies with the size of your remarketing data list.

Once complete, select the blue “Continue” button.

Creating an Ad Set

After finishing the campaign, you will be redirected to a page for creating your campaign’s ad set.

Facebook Custom Ad Set

For Ad Set name, we will be inserting a description of the actual ad set. For example, ours will be “PRP All Video Views.”

Next, select where you would like to drive the traffic to. Here, you have the option of a website, app, messenger, or WhatsApp. For our campaign, we will be driving traffic to a website page.

Next, there are options to enable “Dynamic Creative” or “Offer.” Dynamic Creative means that the ad assets will be changed per audience. Offer means that you can create an exclusive offer for your target audience to drive more conversions.

For our case, we will not be enabling these. However, if your business could benefit from these options, feel free to add them to your campaign.

Moving on, it is time to select the campaign audience.

Facebook Ad Campaign Audience

If you have an ad set already created, like we do, select “Use a Saved Audience” to select the desired set. If you do not have one already created and saved, select “Create New” to insert the demographic information of your desired audience.

Next, you will determine your ad placement.

Facebook Ad Placement

For Placements, there is the option to have your ads display in Automatic Placements or to Edit Placements.

Because we are doing an Instagram Story placement, we will select “Edit Placements.” When selecting this option, you will receive a list of all potential placement options. If you only want Instagram Story ads, deselect every other placement option except “Instagram → Stories.”

This option also allows you to specify your ad by device. The options are: All Mobile Devices, Android Devices Only, iOS Devices Only, and Feature Phones Only.

For our placement, we will be selecting “All Mobile Devices.” Once done, select “Continue.”

Creating the Ad

First things first, name your ad. If you’ve been paying attention – you should know our advice by now. Our ad name will be “PRP – IG Swipe Up – 5.23.”

Next, move onto “Identity.” This allows you to select the Facebook and Instagram account that you will be running the ad from.

From there, you can select the “Format.” This is the type of ad you would like your audience to see.

Facebook Ad Format

For example you can select:

  1. Carousel which rotates 2 or more images or videos during the ad
  2. Single image or video allows you to select a single video or photo ad creative
  3. Select an Instant Experience ad for a landing page to automatically generate once the ad is interacted with

Next, for “Media” you can select your ad to be an image or a video ad. In this case, our ad is a video ad. Browse your device to locate the desired ad creative. If you are selecting a video, the video must be less than 15 seconds.

As that is uploading, complete the remaining fields.

The next section is “Links.” Here, select whether you would like to drive traffic to a website or a Facebook Event Page.

Running a Facebook Event? Learn how to create a custom Facebook Audience for Events.

Then, move onto inserting “Text” for your Ad. This text should be engaging, eye-catching, and worded in a way that makes your audience want to click to learn more.

There are two options under this for the ad – the option to edit the story background or the option to add an interactive poll.

Next, paste the URL you would like to send traffic to. Once the URL is inserted, there is an option to build a URL Parameter based off of the URL you have provided.

Facebook URL Parameter

Next, select a Call To Action and insert a display link.

Once this is done – this process is complete! Select the green “Publish” button in the bottom right-hand corner to complete the campaign.

Creating a Duplicate Campaign

Depending on your Ad Set, it may be a good idea to create duplicate campaigns that will target different people.

For example, we would like to target 5 main groups – those who have visited our website, those who have interacted with our Facebook page, those who have interacted with our Instagram page, those who have submitted their emails to our business, and those who have viewed any of our business’ videos in the past.

To create a duplicate of the Ad Set, find the one you have just created, wait for it to upload, and click on the name. Several options will appear beneath the name, including “duplicate.”

Duplicate Ad Set Facebook Ad

Once selected, a pop-up will appear. This pop-up is asking you what you will like to duplicate the ad set into.

Duplicate Ad Set

Select “Existing Campaign” to pull in the information from the Ad Campaign we just created. Select the correct Ad Campaign before hitting the blue “Duplicate” button in the lower right-hand corner.

Once the Ad Campaign is duplicated, the only thing you will want to change per ad set is the target audience. Here, you can either create a new audience or selected a saved audience (like we did earlier).

Save, Complete, and Repeat for all of the ad sets you’d like for your campaign.

Preview your Ad

In order to review your campaign, select the campaign from your ads manager dashboard. Once selected, hit “edit.”

Once the campaign loads, choose the ad and navigate to “Ad Preview” on the right-hand side.

Preview Facebook Ad

From here, you will see a small icon that looks like a box and an arrow. If you click on this icon, a pop-up will appear with options for the Ad preview.

Facebook Ad Preview

You can either share a link to view the ad or preview the ad on your personal device. For this, we will preview on a personal device to ensure that it looks the way we want it to.

This option will send a link via notification directly to the Instagram account. To view it, it is important that you have access to the account that the ad will be running on.

Once you view the ad on your device and confirm that everything looks that way you want it to look – your ad is ready to go!

You have successfully mastered creating a conversion remarketing campaign for Instagram Swipe Up Stories!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog! As always – comment below if you have any questions or if you’d just like to say hi!

By Devon
June 4, 2018

How to Grow Your Instagram with Social Buddy

Learn how to grow your Instagram Followers with the Social Buddy App!

Looking for a social app that helps you grow your brand? We found out about this Instagram Automation Application called Social Buddy which has allowed us to 2x our followers and engagement.

What is Social Buddy?

As I’ve learned from working with their system, they will:

  • Reply & CC emails with multiple assistants to provide maximum support
  • Calculate your most effective keywords and notify you in order to accelerate your conversion rate
  • Communicate with you monthly, asking many questions in order to provide the best plan going forward
  • Provide you with competitors, scripts and look-alike accounts in order to grow your following as fast as possible
  • A/B test your feed on your Instagram platforms to tailor a custom theme that works for you

Social Buddy has helped Momentum with several projects including PhillyDailyDeals , Ayala Magic Spice, and our current project Blockchain World Conference!

I’ve been very fortunate to work with the Momentum team as an intern, and thus far Social Buddy makes my job easier.

Social Buddy is great for Instagram management because the features help me juggle the work of ten- men with only a few clicks.

Who said being a lazy millennial didn’t come with its perks? It’s called working smarter and not necessarily harder to accomplish more with simple applications.

But for someone like me who is new to social media management, it’s ideal for getting my platforms to where they need to be. I get to grow my projects’ following, learn all the niches in the industry and impress my colleagues. I highly recommend it to my fellow digital marketing interns out there, this one’s for you guys. Have at it!

Although Social Buddy doesn’t come without payment, the prices are extremely fair to buyers.

They offer two plans: Lite and Pro.

As you can see, prices are affordable and considering the extreme amount of monthly growth, it’s actually quite a bargain.

I personally recommend to start out with the Lite plan because it’s smart to get the feel of it, master it, then when you’re ready, upgrade to Pro.

However, it’s also true that some individuals have better success with the cheaper plan. Not only because it’s cheaper, but these skilled Social Buddy members know this application plan in and out along with every gadget available to them. It depends on your business and how the company wishes to target an audience.

To determine your target audience, do some market research (this includes figuring out what things engage your audience), and generate an affordable strategy your team can workaround to create the best chance for growth. Stick to the old saying “less is more” when it comes to creating a plan for the team and the customers.

Social Buddy has helped with our recent project, Blockchain World Conference. With John McAfee as the keynote speaker, we needed to promote him and our conference as much as possible.

First and foremost, the support system with Social Buddy goes above and beyond the call of duty.

For Blockchain World Conference, this came in handy with our marketing strategy. Our goal for the conference is to sell as many tickets as possible. Social Buddy is ideal to reaching our ticket sale goals and it’s essentially doing half the work for our company.

If we can spend as little time on market research as possible and let Social Buddy take the wheel, we can spend more time using the data they give us to create better content for our following.

Bottom line, the more companies that use Social Buddy, the better. The amount of work that is done in order to improve each company is nothing short of spectacular. The incredibly helpful people at Social Buddy don’t just treat you like “another company we can profit from.” They truly do care about the success of your business. In retrospect, this is what makes this application so successful to users.

My name is Sean Boyle with Momentum Digital. I’m a digital marketing intern and my passion is to empower businesses, large or small, to be better digital marketers and have their business blossom too with applications like Social Buddy!

If you have any questions about Social Buddy, please shoot me a comment down below.

By Mac
May 21, 2018

Build a Brand on Instagram: The Ultimate Guide

Let's talk about How to Build a Brand on Instagram in this Marketing Blog!

By now everyone has witnessed a bunch of brands on their social media timelines.  Come on now, who hasn’t seen the classic attractive female posting about how she is extremely fit due to some cleansing tea product that she is getting paid to post? Or how about in 2016, when Kylie Jenner launched her makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, and sold out the entire product line in less than one minute? In today’s digital age you need to learn how to properly Build a Brand on Instagram.

build a brand on instagram

Streetwear brands cultivate a community that allows them to release a new season of clothing and sell out the entire line in hours.

Influencers have the ability to create product lines based of their following and sell products direct to their community.

People are now purchasing things like mattresses online from Casper & eyeglasses from Warby Parker.   It is quite mind-blowing how comfortable consumers have become at purchasing things online, which emphasizes even more why your spice company needs to be on Instagram.  If consumers are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a mattress without ever laying on that bed, they would be willing to buy a bottle of your $9 spice jar.

Whether we’re talking clothing industry, supplements, cosmetics, and anything in between, brands can have enormous success with sales by simply cultivating a community with their social media, and in particular, with their Instagram.

I know it sounds easier said than done, but if you are a business of ANY kind, you need to Build A Brand on Instagram.

Why? To increase sales…. Drastically.

With the revolution of the Internet and social media, consumers more than ever want to know the backstory about their product.  Adweek states “Eighty-one percent of shoppers conduct online research before they make a purchase.”

This makes complete sense.  

The Internet is a haven of information and has the ability to expose when brands are not being honest.  People want to know what diet the cow was on before purchasing a steak, or if there was any child labor that went into creating a product, and in some extreme cases, what are the political views of the company…. We all remember the #DeleteUber movement that was heavily influenced by politics.

So if 81% of consumers are doing the research before they purchase a product, this means more than ever, how your brand in represented on social media is absolutely critical for success.

Here are 5 things that you can control in order to represent your brand in the way you’d like online, which in turn, will generate your business more sales.

Grid Aesthetics

Instagram has such a uniqueness due to its aesthetically pleasing nature.  

What I mean by this is, if you go on other social platforms, for example Facebook, there’s a lot going on there.  There are tabs for all kinds of things like events, services, descriptions, etc.  Facebook also presents things like a status, or an event, or a post. What I am trying to communicate is some social media platforms can be quite busy, but Instagram, all you see are photos.

That’s it. Right to the point. All about the aesthetics.

This is huge for your brand reputation because when an individual comes across your Instagram, you want to communicate what you’re all about right away.  You want the consistency of photos, colors and designs so nothing looks random or out of place.

Here’s an example of a clothing boutique, where you can easily see what products they are selling, the color schemes are similar and the style of photos are consistent as well.  Consistency is key, so before taking photos take into consideration the colors of the brand, how the colors in your photos will impact the vibe of your brand, the appearance to each post and how it will look to the consumers eye.

Creative Captions to Build a Brand on Instagram

This description I will keep short and to the point, cause the title says all you need to know.

In today’s day in age, there are posts coming at everyone all time the time, so why should I stop on your photo and stop scrolling?  Well if you have captivating captions that make people think, evoke emotions or are funny ones, people will begin to see a pattern and are more likely to engage.

People will remember they laughed at your caption before and are more likely to stop scrolling the next photo they see of yours to catch another quick laugh.

Captions are also a great way for friends to tag other friends because the caption evoked a thought or an emotion that individuals felt their friends must-see.  These captions can create a sense of community and a place where consumers can engage with your brand.

Word of mouth is always a great form of advertising, therefore if a friend of yours says a place they went to had great tacos, you’re more likely to go to that restaurant because you trust your friend’s opinion on the restaurant’s food.

Same applies to social media.

If you’re friend says an account always makes them laugh, you’re likely to check that account out and give them a follow.  If they tell you a certain account always makes them think or they constantly learn new cooking tips from an account they follow, you’re more likely to check that account out.

Therefore, captions can go a long way in building community and increasing engagement when you build a brand on Instagram.

Link Instagram Products in Photos

The fastest and most efficient way for people to buy products is simply to see something they like on the photo, tap the product and be brought to a page where they can purchase that exact product.

Linking your products in the photo to the location on your website where they can purchase that product takes away any searching people will have to do.

I’m sure everyone can attest to seeing an article of clothing they’d love to wear from a brand and then had to do an internet search and could find related products, but not the exact one they were looking for.  This is such a frustrating thing.

Make the buying experience as easy as possible.  Tag all of your products in your photos.

If you have any questions as how to do so, here is a great explainer article.

Create A Branded Hashtag

Creating a branded hashtag is such a great way to get free exposure of your products/brand as well as monitor how your customers are interacting with a specific product or your brand as a whole.

You can simply create a hashtag that has relevance to your brand and incorporate the hashtag in your bio as well as majority of your captions.  People will begin to see the hashtag trend and whenever the take a photo with your product they can then use that hashtag.

It is a great way to see how your consumers are interacting with your products.  This will allow you get some amazing feedback, allow you to engage with your consumer, build an online community as well engage with your consumer to thank them for their support.

You can search your hashtag in the search section of Instagram and get a sense of the captions your consumers are using, you can see what other accounts they follow, you can see trends evolving, you can find a bunch out but more importantly this is free advertisements and gives you the ability to reach out to the customer and thank them personally.

Location Posting

This one is also straight to the point, but whenever you create a post you should always tag your location!

You never know who randomly comes across a post of yours and would like to receive more information in terms of location.  This is one of those convenience factors that will go a long way.

brand instagram

At the end of the day, the success of your brand or business will always be about the quality of your product or service as well as the user’s experience.

You might not be able to drastically increase your business with Instagram, but you can easily make a drastic error if your profile is not up to par.

If you or anyone is interested in growing their brand or business by taking Instagram and social media as a whole a little more serious, please reach out to myself!  Here at Momentum Digital we can help create an authentic and aesthetically pleasing feel to your brand’s Instagram and help take you to the next level. Thanks for learning how to build a brand on instagram!

By Mac
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