April 15, 2019

Cedar Street Barbell Club Marketing Interview

Please watch our Small Business Saturday Marketing Interview with Cedar Street Barbell Club in Philadelphia.

During this week’s episode of Small Business Saturday, we sat down with Nick Pasquariello, owner and founder of Cedar Street Barbell, the only fitness club in the city to focus specifically on barbell strength training.


Cedar Street Barbell small business saturday

Nick founded the Cedar Street Barbell Club was founded in May of 2018. He felt stuck in his 9 to 5 job – there was no passion behind his work and he wanted something more.

After finding a fitness routine he loved, Nick wanted to share his passion with the world. Cedar Street Barbell was built completely from scratch by Nick.

Nick had always been big into fitness from the time he was a wrestler in high school. After high school, Nick joined a few different commercial gyms but was not finding the fitness plan and structure he needed there.

Feeling lost, he tried a few different types of fitness trends, such as Crossfit, but the overall Crossfit routine was not satisfying his fitness needs. One part of the Crossfit workout Nick really enjoyed was the barbell strength training, specifically the snatch, the clean, and the jerk, common weightlifting movements. So, he decided to pursue that.


Cedar Street Barbell Club interview

During his Crossfit experience, Nick learned what a barbell club was. While looking for gyms exclusively offering barbell strength training, Nick only came across one gym in Philadelphia – North Barbell Club.

This club changed Nick’s life. Barbell strength training gave his fitness journey the direction he was so desperately seeking. After 4 years of training at North Barbell, Nick decided to open Cedar Street Barbell Club.

To Nick, having the idea for the business and having its grand opening is easy. The hard part is the business’ maintenance and the day-to-day business operations.


A Unique Barbell Club is Created


Cedar Street Barbell Club

So, what makes Cedar Street Barbell Club different? Cedar Street specializes in training and mastering the barbell strength movements.

When joining Cedar Street Barbell, you will learn how to successfully perform the barbell squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, and power clean. Cedar Street only trains barbell strength movements.

Coming into Cedar Street, Nick coaches everyone to teach you how to perform all of the barbell movements. Once you reach a certain level, you are placed on a structured strength program to build your strength. The Club never graduate from this program – they set their own goals for themselves on their journey.


Cedar Street Barbell Club wants all its members to grow as a person, build their confidence, and increase their overall strength. Cedar Street is an all-inclusive, safe, and supportive environment for anyone looking to get strong and transform their lives.

For more information about Cedar Street Barbell Club, check out their website at www.cedarstreetbarbell.com. You can also follow Cedar Street Barbell on Facebook and Instagram.

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Cedar Street Barbell club small business saturday

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