August 18, 2022

Changes Made to the Instagram Algorithm in 2022

blog changes made to the instagram algorithm in 2022

Yes, they did it again! Learn all about changes made to the Instagram Algorithm in 2022 and how to apply your social media strategy.

VIDEO: Changes Made to the Instagram Algorithm

What were the changes made to the Instagram Algorithm in 2022?

Instagram has changed yet again its algorithm. Here’s two important changes made to the Instagram algorithm in 2022.

In July of this year, the social media powerhouse made changes to its algorithm in order to “improve user experience” and give emphasis on video format.

Some changes caused users to lash out against Instagram. For one, trying to push branded content on feeds, moving to the bottom of the queue organic content from non-creators and wanting to copycat TikTok aesthetics on the feed.

Big name creators and celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian joined in by sharing posts requesting to “Make Instagram, Instagram again”.

celebrities lash out against changes to the instagram algorithm

The platform was forced to revert some of the changes made to the Instagram algorithm in order to prevent further outrage.

“I’m glad we took a risk – if we’re not failing every once in a while, we’re not thinking big enough or bold enough,” Mosseri said in an interview with tech newsletter Platformer. “But we definitely need to take a big step back and regroup.” – USA Today

The changes were not good for users who want to interact with friends and family. “It’s not a good redesign. I refuse to scroll down my feed now because I see more videos of pages I don’t follow instead of my own family and friends,” said Erika Cazares, a project management company owner from Texas to The Guardian.

One permanent change announced, all videos posted on Instagram will become “Reels”.

Why does Instagram changes it’s algorithm?

Instagram has been trying out a number of changes including increasing the amount of videos in users’ main feed, introducing a full-screen mode for viewing posts and pushing more videos from accounts a user does not follow.

Adam Mosseri, head of the platform, said Instagram would reduce the amount of videos being pushed from accounts users do not follow and would stop trialling a full-screen Reel-like mode for viewing posts.

The adjustments on Instagram focus on two areas: the rise of video and an algorithm deciding what you view.

Early Instagram was dedicated heavily to filtered photos of food and duck faces, shared by the users social circle within the platform.

Throughout the years, formats, emphasis on video and other many changes have been made to determine what, when, and who you see on the feed.

The resistance to these changes is not new. Many creators complain of decreased reach and smashed engagement rates.

Video has slowly taken over the platform, starting with the option to add video clips as a post to your profile, then introducing new tools such as Stories (copied from Snapchat) and Reels (borrowed from TikTok).

So here are permanent changes that made the cut, and you should focus on.

1. The Acclaimed Chronological Feed is Back!

Finally! Instagram has decided to bring the chronological feed back, but only as an option within your settings.

There’s been much criticism to the switch from their original chronological feed to an algorithm based heavily on a mix of curated content from creators and brands.

You can now choose to see the feed in chronological order, by favorites, or by Instagram’s own algorithm.

By using Instagram’s Algorithm on your feed as the home setting, the platform gets to decide on what it is showing you, and will push video format from account users not necessarily follow.

2. Ability to customize your feed

Yes, the acclaimed chronological feed is back, but you have to change the settings to do so every time you log in or launch the app.

You can now choose to see the feed in chronological order, by favorites, or by Instagram’s own algorithm.

  • From home, click on the Instagram logo on top of the screen.
  • You will see a dropdown menu with two options:
    • Following
    • Favorites
  • Select your preferred mode and tap on the back arrow to return to the original feed or exit the app.
3. Reels are the most important type of content to focus on

Instagram has announced yet again that it will continue emphasizing reach to video format content, but more specifically, Reels.

Reels have recently become very popular on the platform according to the latest data, but now will undoubtedly be the most important type of content to focus on.

The platform will not only pay attention to quantity, meaning that blasting out three Reels a day will not necessarily grant you more reach.

Instagram has decided to prioritize Reels that measure well within three metric:

  • Views
  • Average View Time (how long the video was watched)
  • Average Duration Views (how many views were in full length)

5. Takeaway: Learn to navigate new changes made to the Instagram Algorithm in 2022

Look at these changes not as hindrances, but as new opportunities to increase your organic reach.

With the push of video formats, specifically Reels, you can plan and execute a strategy that allows your business to thrive on Instagram with the new changes.

Therefore, use as much video in your content as you can, and post Reels regularly that are entertaining and can easily be watched in full length. Preferably multiple times.

Instagram has always rewarded accounts that adopt new features and changes.

So, jump in the new algorithm and enjoy the TikTok ride.

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