March 3, 2023

Contact Page Optimization: Tips & Tricks

Learn Contact Page Optimization Tips & Tricks with Momentum Digital

Do you want to create a stunning contact us page that persuades visitors to call? If so, use these Contact Page Optimization Tips & Tricks!

Contact Page Information

Imagine the following: You make every effort on your website to get customers to visit the contact page to send an email or message you on a social media platform. So far, so good. But what happens when they reach your contact page? Is it boring and off-putting? Or is it just as exciting as your other pages?

Contact Page Optimization Tips and Tricks
Contact Us Page Optimization Tips and Tricks

Contact Page Optimization

Contact pages are the final step in your marketing funnel. It’s a call to action (CTA) page that fills your marketing funnel with leads. Therefore, there are essential components you should include in your contact page to get the most out of it. 

Customers’ online behaviors are changing rapidly, and the importance of UI and UX on the web has increased tremendously. 

Content management systems such as WordPress Web Design, Drupal, Joomla!, and others, as well as a multitude of add-ons developed for these systems, have led users to no longer be content with those boring-looking, green-and-white, hand-coded pages. Sometimes it looks like the webmaster stayed in the Internet era of the 90s. 

They are looking for creativity and design and give you about 50 seconds to attract them or they leave! The same goes for your contact pages. How important are contact pages? Are there any tips and tricks for doing so? If you are interested in knowing the essential elements of contact page optimization, this article will help. Let’s take a look at the basic components of a contact page together.

Create a Well-Designed Layout

Remember that UI is important for contact forms. What makes it appealing? Users should find a familiar design for your contact forms. A Google-backed study showed that the size of the fields should match the length of the texts. Not too big and not too small, and if you put labels above the information fields, it will be easier for users to understand. Users avoid complex forms, so make your contact page inviting to maximize your contact page optimization rate.

Limit The Number Of Field In A Form

It is very tempting to add more fields to your contact form. Do not! Users get overwhelmed by forms that are not simple and clean. A recent study showed that forms with only three fields had a 25% conversion rate. With five fields, the rate dropped to 20%, and with six or more fields, the rate dropped to 15%. We recommend limiting the number of input fields to fewer than five. The order of the tabs is also critical. Your contact forms should look like a conversation with a user. One question at a time is sufficient. To avoid distracting users, you should place the contact forms on one page only.

Use The Best Form Placement

Do not make the mistake of placing your contact forms on only one page. Use them in multiple places. It’s better to put the first call to action above the fold. Make this area clean and simple so that users are drawn to your form. A landing page is another type of contact form that you can benefit from. Designing your landing pages to be visible to any screen size will make the page clearer.

Optimize Your Forms For Mobile

Another tip for optimizing your contact page is to not ignore users who visit your site with their cell phones. Over 90 percent of global internet users access the internet through a mobile device. This means that you need to optimize your contact forms for mobile gadgets, which emphasizes the rule for a clear and minimal contact form design.

Use These Tested Labels For Your Forms

What are you typing on your input keys? Did you know that the words you write on the little “submit” button also matter? Users click more when you write certain words on a button. The word “submit” was a bad choice! It resulted in a 3% drop in clicks. The better option was ‘Click here,” which increased clicks by up to 30%. 

The word “go” resulted in a 25% higher click rate than “submit”. Two other words you might be interested in are “download” and “register”, but they performed worse. Download” yielded 15% fewer clicks than “submit”, and “register” resulted in 10% fewer clicks than “submit”. Action words perform better; try using action phrases to get the best results for effective contact page optimization.

Use The Correct Color For The Button

What are the most common colors for your buttons? You are right! Red and green. Which one do you think is better for the audience? RED! This is true for any call to action button, including the submit button on your contact form. Hubspot’s A/B testing found that a red button outperforms a green one by 21%. Another study shows that you should consider color psychology when using CTA buttons and their background color.

Ask Only For Information You Need

People tend to give up less information online, so phone numbers and addresses should be omitted from your forms unless really necessary. Phone numbers are the biggest barrier to users submitting their information online. One reason for this could be that they want to prevent spam calls. The home address is another factor that causes most users to abandon their forms.

Using CAPTCHA Has A Negative Effect!

We use CAPTCHA to reduce spam in our forms. At the same time, it reduces the number of form submissions. According to a study, the spam rate dropped to 88% when CAPTCHA was used in forms, but the conversion rate dropped by 7.3%, over three months. Images and text can also be difficult to recognize, and the extra steps to perform math equations or answer questions can discourage users from proceeding. Compare the above values and use CAPTCHA wisely to optimize your contact form. If you really need to include CAPTCHA in your contact forms, an invisible CAPTCHA that users cannot see is the solution.

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Thanks for taking the time to learn about Contact Page Optimization!

This concludes our research-based tips for better conversion rates for your contact forms. You can also use the data for other forms you create. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for more customized tips.

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