Something you should know about Momentum:

We both know you care about results. Having a good marketing agency is important, but at the end of the day you want to hire someone to grow your business. Am I right?

Momentum is an agency for entrepreneurs and by entrepreneurs. Our founders are small business owners just like you. Yes, Mac Frederick, our Founder, used to work at Google. That’s definitely something that makes us unique.

More than anything else, we care about your business and your results. That’s why we started the Small Business Saturday initiative as a way to give back for free to small local business owners who can’t afford marketing or hiring an agency.

Core Marketing Skills

Local SEO Focuses on the following:

  • Helping small local businesses rank at the top of Google locally
  • Optimizing and managing your Google Presence
  • Creating, optimizing and managing local listings, citations and backlinks
  • Creating and publishing more local content
  • Driving more traffic, phone calls and leads.

Website SEO Focuses on the following:

  • Increasing your website rank on Google for your products or service terms
  • Optimizing and managing your website SEO to be search engine compliant
  • Creating and managing your content and keywords
  • Creating and publishing backlinks
  • Tracking keywords, data and traffic

Can include the following:

  • Local SEO Audit
  • Website SEO Audit
  • Web Design Audit
  • Social Media Audit

Cost = $200

Review some of our marketing service offerings:

Grow Your business by starting with a Free Marketing Audit of your choice. Give us 24 hours to get back to you with an in-depth audit with next steps.

The audits provide a complete analysis related to your digital footprint. Use this audit to learn more about your weaknesses online and what to do to improve your overall digital presence, especially related to SEO.

Call us or schedule a call if you have any questions!

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“My name is Mac and I used to work for Google. Now I help small businesses grow online and rank higher on Google”