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Digital Marketing for Cryotherapy

Do you need help with Cryotherapy Marketing? Are you looking to get more customers for your Cryotherapy center? It’s tough, we know! Not everybody even knows what Cryotherapy is, or why they need it.

Here at Momentum Digital, not only do we focus on helping small businesses, we specifically focus on local health and wellness services businesses — Yes, that means YOU.

Fortunately, we were able to team up with Cryo Philadelphia in our hometown to produce a case study where we DOUBLED their leads from online traffic in just one month!  (read more below.. 👇🏽)

Everybody wins when they focus on what they do best, right? You’re probably great at customer service and running the business…. so, let us do what we do best and get you more customers! Keep reading to find out more about how we help cryotherapy companies grow their business!

Your Leads are colder than the Chamber 🥶

Cryotherapy Marketing Process

Data + Market Research + Industry Experience = Better Results

Momentum combines our passion for health and wellness with our knowledge and experience with digital marketing, to produce quantifiable results for our clients.

  • Google — The first major step is getting your business properly optimized for Google to rank higher to increase calls and leads. From there we will create a Google Ads account and make sure your accounts are linked and working.
  • Facebook — Next we will focus on optimizing your Facebook and Instagram pages for when we then create the Facebook Business Manager and Ad Accounts.
  • Data & Audiences — The last thing we will do is setup pixels and tracking, and then start our data collection. We will be collecting 3rd party data and resources to have a pipeline of potential clients to serve ads.

Cryotherapy Marketing Case Study

Learn How We Grew Cryo Philadelphia’s Leads 100% in 1 Month!

A few months ago we decided as an agency that we wanted to focus a lot on the health and wellness service industry, especially for small local businesses. After doing some research I then decided to try Cryotherapy for myself. Within minutes of trying it I could feel the impact it was making on my body, especially as an athlete. So, I decided to have a conversation with Dayhna, the owner of Cryo Philly, to see if we could help there business!

At first, Dayhna wasn’t convinced, so we nominated her businesses for a Small Business Saturday Video (see below) to learn more about her business, and highlighted her on our marketing series! (see the video below 👇🏽)

Research — The first major step is getting to know you and your business. Every business and every market is slightly different. Also, not only did we research Cryo Philly, we actually filmed a Small Business marketing interview with them 📹👉🏽

Strategy — After meeting their team, we personally tried their Cryotherapy services. In order to learn about the industry, we took some time to research more online to then come up with a strategy. We created a thorough gameplan covering every marketing tactic and next steps.

Proposal — The last thing was putting together the proposal and timeline. This included who we were going to target, how we were going to target them, how much this would cost, how many leads to expect, and over what timeline! The proposal is quick and easy to review and understand.

We customize a solution for EVERY Cryotherapy Center!

Watch our Interview with Cryo Philadelphia!

What is Small Business Saturday?

Learn more about our Small Business Saturday initiative and how you can get involved as a local small business owner!

Convinced yet? If not, that’s fine! Keep reading as we review our process and case study showing how we doubled the leads for a single cryotherapy company in one month!


Research & Strategy

Detailed data collection and research on your target market in order to create a proper strategy for obtaining more customers using cryotherapy marketing.


Buildout & Launch

Then, our marketing team builds the necessary assets such as websites, landing pages, SEO content + GMB, and PPC Advertising using Google Ads & Facebook Ads.


Optimize & Report

With tracking and analytics, we are able to use our data to optimize where needed for lower cost conversions to your business.

Initial Meeting

Learn about your goals, business and service details. Who to talk to and contact information. Form relationship and trust.

Audit & Information

SWOT and competitor analysis. Website, SEO, Social Media and Advertising.

Build Profiles

Setup Google Folder and Social Profiles for your business.

Market Research

Demographic, geographics, interests, services, best sellers, best margins, where and when people come.

Digital Strategy

How to get more clients. Targeting, platforms, messaging, budget, ads, and more.

Marketing Proposal

Timeline, cost, benefits, details and next steps.

Kickoff Meeting

Get more information, explain the process, get logins, get last information.

Content Creation

We collect and create pictures, images, designs, videos, testimonials, and more during this stage.

Pixels & Tracking

Setup the pixels and tracking on the website, landing pages, Facebook, and Google.

Account Setup & Structure

Getting access and building out the ad accounts and campaigns.

Tracking and Linking

Setting up the call tracking, analytics tracking, conversion tracking, and account linking necessary for launch.

Testing and Confirmation

One last check to review the accounts with the client, make sure everything is linked and working, and getting ready for launch.

Are YOU Ready to Grow Your Cryotherapy Business?

Stop waiting for the “right time”. This never gets easier unless you find the right people to help. Every investment is a risk, except when you use data-backed decisions!

Call Momentum Digital to help with all your Cryotherapy Marketing needs!

mac frederick

Mac Frederick

Founder, CEO & Google Guru

My name is Mac Frederick, the founder and CEO of Momentum Digital. I will be walking you step by step through setting up, building out, and launching your new marketing account for your Cryotherapy Center.

Customer Review

“Mac is literally a blast to work with. He was extremely savvy when it comes to digital marketing, especially with his knowledge about Google, but I was even more appreciative of his willingness to learn more about our business, and how to attract new customers for the services we focus on the most.”

Momentum Digital worked with Cryo Philly to help with their cryotherapy marketing during 2018-2019 and grew their online leads by over 100%.

Please contact us if you want to learn more.

Cryotherapy Marketing Packages & Pricing

Lead Generation

Google, Facebook & Instagram Ads
$1495 per month
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • Google Ads Account Setup
  • Ad Management & Optimizations
  • Facebook/IG Ads Account Setup
  • Digital Ads Management & Optimizations
  • Landing Page Creation & Testing
  • Strategy, Reporting, Consulting & Growth

Now is the time to grow your business!

For more information about Cryotherapy Marketing tactics and lead generation simply give us a call or schedule your Free Consultation with our team.

Momentum has been helping small businesses with their digital marketing and online advertising for over 4 years, and with a specialized team of trained marketers.

Not only do we focus on the health and wellness vertical for marketing, our marketing team is actually comprised of young motivated individuals who believe in the mission, and practice health and wellness as well.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

YOU Focus on the experience ..

WE will focus on the customers!

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