October 19, 2022

10 Steps to Designing a Marketing Brochure

10 Steps to Designing a Marketing Brochure That Will Capture Your Audience

In this article, we will look at the 10 Steps Your Business Should Take When Designing a Marketing Brochure That Will Capture Your Audience!

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Creating Your First Marketing Brochure?

1) Start by considering who you want to reach with this brochure.

What is their desired outcome? Who are they in comparison to other people? For example, if you’re marketing a new workout class for seniors, the brochure’s intended goal would be different from an ad for teens considering volunteering at a food bank.

2) If you want to reach an audience of teens, think about their interests.

Make design decisions with the assumption that only people in this age group will be looking at it—for example, changing the colors within the brochure. Did you know that colors play a large role in how people decide what impression they get from your work?

3) Determine a color scheme.

Use complementary colors, in this case, a complementary color is a color that is directly opposite another on the color wheel. By using these colors together they tend to stand out and work well with one another, so if you choose blue and orange, your brochure will be easy on the eyes.

Blue is a calming color, so it gets your reader’s attention without being aggressive. Orange is an attention-grabbing color that helps to maintain the audience’s focus.

Who do you want to reach with this Marketing Brochure?

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to consider your audience targeting. Who is your perfect customer? What is their industry or niche? What are their interests, demographics, age, income level and more.

These are aspects of your targeting you’ll need if you plan on pushing this brochure in Facebook Ads and other digital advertising options.

4) Determine what you want people to do when they see your brochure.

For example, call, visit a website, search for something specific, create an email to be sent later?

5) Determine what emotions you want them to feel when they see it.

A brochure that is meant to elicit feelings of pride would have a different design than one used for drawing attention. The former might contain pictures of the company’s executives with simple text, while the latter might have bright colors, an eye-catching logo, and attention-grabbing text.

Designing Your New Brochure

Your graphic design skills are essential here. Don’t skimp out by using an intern or someone overseas. Use your best designer to use Adobe Photoshop or Canva to create something spectacular. These platforms have TONS of free stock templates you can use to design something incredible. Just customize a theme or template with your logo, graphics, branding and content. These design softwares also offer free trials to test your skills!

6) Make a rough sketch of what you have in mind before starting to create your brochure.

This will help get the creative juices flowing while also helping you make sure that the pieces all fit together properly. Determine how many pages you want in your brochure, what information you want on each of those pages and how big the text should be. Sketch out headlines and ideas for images that would work well with your overall piece. You can also get a rough sketch done by a professional designer if you’re not confident about doing it yourself.

7) Consider what format your brochure should take.

Brochures are available in many different styles, including pamphlets that fold in half vertically or horizontally and gatefolds that open out into a larger piece. Once you have decided on the content you want to include in your brochure, it will be easier to determine how many pages you need for each section of the brochure.

8) Do some research on what types of fonts will work best with your audience and content.

Most people are familiar with the standard print options available in Word, but there are many others you can use that will help create a certain impression or show that your materials are different than everyone else’s. However, whatever font you use must be readable.

9) Determine the best images to include in your brochure.

The right images can greatly impact how well your efforts are received while poor choices can damage your credibility and message. Research shows that people tend to remember a figure’s face better than other elements of an image, so consider using people when possible. Keep in mind that you want to show listeners what your message is about and avoid gratuitous images unless they add something positive to the copy.

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Review Your Design and Start Marketing!

10) Once you have finished designing, don’t just print one copy of your brochure!

You want to determine how many pages you have and how many brochures you need to print in order to meet your goals. Make sure that you are using a reputable company for your printing needs.

One bonus tip to make brochures easier is to use Venngage — an online brochure maker that offers a wide range of brochure designs for everyone. Here are some brochure examples from their website!

This platform is also widely used for beginners and premier designers. Make sure to put your absolute best foot forward when Designing a Marketing Brochure for your brand or for clients. Do not take shortcuts or sell yourself short.

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Grow Your Business with Design Services!

Thanks for taking the time to review our Top 10 Steps to Designing a Marketing Brochure! We hope you found this informational and valuable to your overall marketing efforts.

Remember, a fantastic way to showcase your knowledge is by providing educational content, such as tutorials and webinars, not just visual designs and brochures!

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