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September 11, 2017

Team Dental | Small Business Saturday

Team Dental
has been servicing patrons in the South Jersey area for more than a decade, but thankfully for us they opened up a second location in Northern Liberties a few years ago.

Their motto is “Patient Centered, Team Oriented”, meaning they’ll do whatever it takes to make their clients feel like a part of the family.

With services ranging from fillings, to dentures, and even oral cancer screenings, Team Dental is your go to company for all your dental needs.

So give them a call at 215.598.5100, visit them online at, or see them in person at 992 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123.

September 11, 2017

Optimizing Local Reviews For Your Small Business

In business, reputation has always been one of the biggest factors in a customer’s buying process. Even before brick-and-mortar stores were built, traders and merchants were known to be fair and good or deceitful and unscrupulous. Before internet age, restaurants were written up on a weekly basis by newspaper critics that could seal their fate as a hot place for a bite, or a low-rent establishment to avoid at all costs.

No matter the time period, the industry, or the location, consumers have always looked towards each other for more information and suggestions about businesses they have yet to go to. Today, how people speak about businesses to each other is one thing and how people review businesses online is a whole different animal. To take advantage of local search, business owners must learn how to deal with the hundreds of review sites, how to interact with those reviews, and how they can be proactive before having to be reactive.

Review Sites

The amount of different review sites on the internet is staggering, each catering to a different industry or a niche group of people. Learning how to manage incoming reviews and interacting can be very overwhelming in itself, but a necessary evil for all business owners. People can be ruthless online, slandering your business and giving it 1 star for very small instances of bad service or experience, which is detrimental to how you appear online to potential new customers.

The first thing a business owner should do is claim all of their listings on review sites and take the wheel moving forward, you can’t help yourself by being a passive bystander.

Next, turn on review notifications on all of these sites and deal with each review as they come in. Positive, negative, or neutral, feedback is everything; tell your happy customers you’re happy they had a good time, and most importantly, show your unhappy customers you care! Don’t stoop to their level by telling them they’re wrong about you, put yourself in their shoes, show some empathy, and try to work through the issues.

In some instances, unhappy customers may even take down the review because of your response. On top of helping out your image, search engines take these interactions into account and will boost your local presence for being an active participant in the community discussion.

Being proactive

Responding to reviews and working with unhappy customers is a great place to start with local reviews, especially if you’re an established business taking the reins of your online presence. However, there are plenty of ways to get ahead of negative reviews and manage your reputation with offense instead of defense. Let’s work with the example of an established local restaurant.

You’ve been around for a while, have a had your fair share of good and bad experiences over the life of the business, and are located in an active community. Use that to your advantage! The best way to get ahead of bad reviews is to have your listing flooded with positive ones from your customers. Reaching out to past customers or regulars are the first people you should look to help you! Surely, they have helped you via word-of-mouth, but ask them to leave you a review on your Yelp page or a Google review.

After talking with friends, family, and regulars, go through your email and remarketing lists, if you have them, and begin reaching out. If it makes sense for your business, offer a discount at the time of purchase or at their next visit! Remember to always get legitimate reviews and not to fake them from ghost accounts or “bots”, these will be flagged quickly by any site and can result in your account being banned or, worse, real legal action. The point of review sites is for an open and honest conversation, not a place to plant fake stories.

At the end of the day, being passive only gives the control away to those who want to hurt your business, being active on review sites allows you to take control of your business’ narrative online and reaps rewards in terms of SEO.

If the idea of managing your local presence seems overwhelming, there are plenty of tools out there to automate the process and give you more ease of use. Our agency recommends Yext & Moz to help manage local listings and reviews across the web. Both platforms partner with a wide variety of directories and review sites, notify you when any reviews go up, allows you to quarantine bad reviews to work with customers, as well as providing custom insights about your business.

Using this information to help your business in the long run is where things can begin to get tricky, if you have any questions about managing local reviews and taking advantage of these resources, the Momentum Digital team is always here to help.

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September 11, 2017

Interview with Lance Bachmann 1SEO

Can You Name the Top People in Your Profession?

Think for a second about one name that comes to mind when you think of the top dogs in your industry. If nobody comes to mind then you’re not setting your sights high enough. When I think of SEO (what is SEO?), I think of 1SEO and my new friend and mentor, Lance Bachmann. Maybe these names don’t ring a bell, but I bet you’ve seen one of their billboards along I-95.

Having mentors in your industry is paramount. To be the best you have to be around the best and think like the best. For the past decade Lance has been hustling in the digital marketing space to create a name and brand for himself, and boy has it worked. During my interview here you get a chance to see into the perspective of his life and how he started and grew 1SEO to the beast it is today. Just recently 1SEO was named by INC 5000 as one of the Fastest Growing companies for the 4th year in a row. Not too shabby.

Why did I interview Lance?

Well, to be honest I was truly curious as to not only how he started the company, but I also wanted to know how he was able to grow it and persevere over the past 10 years. 96% of businesses fail within the first 10 years, and that number is even higher for digital agencies. What you notice within the agency world is the amount of agencies that have trouble growing. It’s difficult to control your revenue streams and align it with a talented workforce that can help grow with you. Some of the main concerns I have going into my 3rd year into the agency world with Momentum Digital are around growth and hiring. It’s difficult to grow the business if you don’t have consistent revenue and the right people to complete your digital team. Being able to ask Lance these questions was important not only for me, but for every marketing entrepreneur. So that’s why I decided to videotape the interview, as well as go Live on our Instagram and Lance’s Facebook.

How did I get the interview?

Sometimes all you need to do in life is ask. That’s all I did. Granted, I put myself in the right position by going to a Philadelphia Internet Marketers Meetup hosted by Viral Ideas Marketing at the WeWork in Northern Liberties (where we actually have our office). My friend David Feinman puts together these awesome meetups in which I always attend to network and meet other local digital marketers. David specifically told me I needed to attend this event in July because Lance was speaking, and knowing that I run a similar digital marketing agency, he knew I would want to ask questions and meet Lance. This wasn’t my first time meeting Lance though. I actually met him a few times before, the first of which when he spoke at the Philly Tech Week in 2016. Since that day he’s been on my radar as someone to look up to and learn from. Believe it or not, I actually reached out to 1SEO as a prospective business in need of SEO using my company Phone Repair Philly as the lead ‘interested in their services’. His team member Bill reached back out to me and we chatted about SEO and what they could do for me, not knowing that I was just doing some recon on his sales and operations process. When I revealed my true angle they were cool about it and we still joke about it to this day. THIS is is the type of stuff you need to do as a small business when researching your competition.

Anyways, at this most recent marketing meetup I spoke to Lance afterwards and exchanged information. The next day I sent him a short email asking to meet and come by his office to shoot a video interview. To my surprise, Lance obliged.

Talking more about the interview …

Well, before the interview I actually got a chance to tour the 1SEO office and kick it with Lance for a bit. He’s a really laid back and humble guy, but you can tell we’re both entrepreneurs and hungry for success. He came from a humble upbringing and has been grinding it on his own since high school. Not only is 1SEO extremely successful, he has many other ventures and investments, along with a great family and team around him. This guy is a role model, not only for us marketers but for entrepreneurs in general. Okay, back to the interview ….. So as we went live I began by asking Lance how he got started. His answer was after leaving more of a corporate sales job with Yellow Pages he started 1SEO with two friends in his house with nothing. They began cold calling and learning of the fly. The first year they only made a few thousand dollars. Curious at this point, I asked, “what next, what did you do to grow past that point of difficulty?”. Lance went on to explain the importance of adversity, hard work, and vision. They knew from the beginning what they wanted and how to get there so he simply outworked everyone else. From there, as you can see, the video goes on to talk about his thoughts on the current digital landscape, digital growth, hiring people and more. Overall it was a really smooth interview as Lance is really easy to talk to and never shy to tell his story.

“My first year as an agency, I was 35 years old, I made $8700” – Lance Bachmann

Key Takeaways

Something that surprised me the most is how he knew a lot about not only digital marketing, but business and entrepreneurship as a whole. I mean, this guy gets it.  He’s also not afraid to take a chance and go all in for what he believes. Understanding how to sell something is pivotal for any business, and necessary for keeping the leads coming in to convert to residual revenue for the business. If I could stress one key point it would be to keep learning at every point in life so that you can grow and innovate your business. Lance also explains the power of people and having a good team so that everyone can focus what they’re best at.

Wrap it up!

Find a mentor! Do it today. Sometimes all you need is to learn from someone who has done it before you. Learn from their mistakes and don’t be afraid to try new things and admit when you are wrong. Nobody is perfect and most of the successful people didn’t get their on their own! They had mentors too, and people they learned from, along with team members, family and friends. Being an entrepreneur is lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. Take this time today to reach out to someone new, someone in your industry, and someone you look up to. Who knows, they might get back to you and soon be a mentor you can call your own.

September 11, 2017

Introducing Facebook Chat Bots

A well oiled digital marketing campaign can do a lot for a small local business. Once you have a content plan, paid search strategy and organic SEO plan in place, you leads will start rolling in. From mobile car detailers, to dental clinics – your business can explode overnight with differing levels of inbound interest that you may not even be able to handle. This is where Facebook chat comes in to play.

Getting engagement and leads through the door is definitely one step, but making sure you can properly handle and close the leads coming in from every channel is another challenge.

One of the easiest ways to track and improve the handling of inbound is call tracking, which we can implement on any campaign for you. Knowing exactly when the phone is ringing, from what source, and how your staff handled it via a recording is a an amazing level of transparency to have for your marketing efforts and business in general.

However, you need to monitor and capitalize on ALL possible inbound channels, including inquiries your Facebook page.

Introducing Facebook Chat Bots

Facebook has now opened up their Messenger chat API to developers – meaning you can now get a custom bot programmed to deal with common customer inquiries.

The simplest and easiest way to implement a chatbot would be to use a service like which simplifies all the nerdy stuff and allows you to construct a bot that can handle and convert the most common requests based on user input and make sure they have the best chance possible at converting.

Realistically, if you are pushing customers through Facebook ads or content marketing your page needs to be handle any possible queries and convert them to sales ASAP.

Furthermore if you’re doing any type of retargeting (which you definitely should be), losing out on sales through the Message feature on your page is an easy thing to fix with Facebook chat bots.

facebook chat

Real Life Examples? Let’s Take A Look

Using a friends business as an example, let’s see how Facebook chat bots can be used to squeeze out a few more easy sales on a weekly basis.

TEKU Inc is an on-site, on-demand solution for broken iPhone, iPad and even Android devices. You break your phone, need it fixed ASAP, their technicians come out to you, fix your screen or battery and you’re good to go.

With that said, they get tons of inquiries through every possible channel, which is understandable. No one plans on breaking their phone and frantic phone calls or messages on every channel need to be followed up on or directed somewhere where they have the best chance possible of converting.

The Facebook Page app for iPhone is good, but most inquiries from the page are repair related, which can be directed to the site automatically.

TEKU has a pretty good site that makes it easy for customers to book their repair…most repairs are booked online without any need for a customer service rep. So the goal would be to capture the user on Facebook and send them back to the site which is mobile friendly, easy to navigate and book from, and loads fast.

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September 11, 2017

Don’t Be Another Statistic – Why Entrepreneurs Fail

Small Business Fail Rate

You may have heard that data suggests 90% of businesses fail within the first two years they’re open. That might be a bit misleading, but we’re here to help you avoid becoming another statistic. While it may be a bit of an exaggeration to say 90% of businesses fail, there have been multiple studies that indicate around 90% of small companies are not cash flow positive within 24 months of opening. In this blog post I would like to briefly point out key concepts entrepreneurs must implicate along their road to success.


I was able to start two businesses when I moved here in April of 2015, both with under $1000 in startup capital. I sold my side business I was running in Michigan, plus I had a few pennies saved up from my time at Google, but I didn’t have the type of money to pay the highly skilled labor force I needed. So, instead of taking a small businesses loan, I rolled up my sleeves and the did the work myself. Of course this meant many 17 hour workdays and a terrible work-life balance, but I’d rather grind than suffer the consequences of loan interest rates. What I lost in sleep, I gained in revenue. I was able to grow Momentum Digital by 3000% and my other company Phone Repair Philly by 6000%. In order to maximize your profit margin and avoid falling into the red, you must be prepared to absolutely dedicate your life to your business. It doesn’t sound sexy, but when you want it as much as I do, you have to be willing to bust your hump every single day.

Pivoting Your Marketing Strategy

Unless you’ve been living in total seclusion for the past 10 years, you will have noticed that nearly everybody’s life is run by their mobile device. Whether you’re talking about a middle schooler or my grandmother, everybody’s face is buried deep in their smartphone. So deep indeed that their attention can hardly be reached through conventional advertising methods anymore. If your business doesn’t have proper digital exposure such as a visually stunning website that is also mobile compatible, you are losing my friend.  However, you may fret not. Momentum Digital is here to lead you into the new age of marketing!

Please stay tuned as we begin our weekly blog series, explaining how you can grow your small business and increase your ability to thrive in this technology-driven era.

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