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January 28, 2018

Small Business Saturday | South Fellini

Momentum Digital is back with another episode of Small Business Saturday, where we highlight a deserving company in the greater Philadelphia area. This Saturday we sat down with Johnny Zito and Tony Trov, co-founders of South Fellini in South Philly.

If you know anything about Philadelphians, which I don’t, you’d know that they like to poke fun at the general perception of our city and the people that live here. So, co-founders Johnny Zito and Tony Trov decided to take that and run with it, in the form of hilariously ironic and sarcastic t-shirts and other apparel.

They certainly didn’t set out to be clothing entrepreneurs, however. In fact, they originally started writing comic books and became very successful, even going as far as to be nominated for a prestigious Harvey Award for their newest comic La Morté Sisters.

Tony and John are also experienced film makers. They both attended Temple University where they studied film and together, produced the horror movie American Exorcism which is set to come out this Fall. Make sure you check out the teaser trailer on YouTube, just make sure to do it during the day, with people around… because it looks terrifying.

With both comics and films comes merchandise, which lead the South Fellini crew to make connections with a local screen printing companies and eventually sparked what is now a full-fledged brick and mortar establishment at 1507 E. Passyunk Ave.

At this South Philly establishment, you’ll find some of the most amazingly ironic Philadelphia based t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as their new line of hats that just came out late last year. One of my favorites is the ode to the beautiful beaches in North Philly, then there’s also the one they’re probably most famous for which mixes two staples of Philly culture, Wawa and the word “Jawn”…. classic.

You can shop their full line of clothing on their website, but also make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latests gear that is sure to make a statement at any party or social gathering.

Thanks for reading… Until next Saturday!

January 23, 2018

EASY Portrait Editing in Lightroom

In this day and age, the iPhone X has made everyone a photographer. But can you take that regular image and really make it pop? My name is Austin Dunhour, and I invite you to watch as I show you step by step how I edit portraits in Adobe Lightroom.

I’m not really sure why kids still go to college anymore. Literally EVERYTHING you need to know is on the internet. Most of the time, in the form of a YouTube video… and for the last 7 months, I’ve tapped into that wonderful well of knowledge more times than I care to remember. Some people binge watch Netflix, I binge watch Peter McKinnon.

So why, you might be asking, have I had my head buried so deep into my computer screen? Well, because 7 months ago, it would have taken the utmost of my ability to even turn on the damn thing, much less produce anything worthy of people paying me for it.

You see, I was never given any lessons, I never took any classes in high school or college, and I really didn’t have anybody here in Philadelphia to study under. So I did what any standard millennial is expected to do, I turned to the internet… and boy did she deliver! You would not believe the amount of photography tutorials you can find online.

I suppose the place to start is with a simple video on camera settings. There are of course three basic building blocks of photography: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. The purpose of this blog is certainly not to patronize you by going through what all of these mean… I guess I’m more or less trying to explain where to start if your fresh into the game like I was, but those three settings certainly need to be ingrained in your mind before you start anything.

Alright let’s fast forward here a little bit… say you find a model – or a friend that is willing to go through this undoubtedly awkward first shoot with you – and you are in location ready to shoot. It’s very important that you ease the mood, because most people tense up whenever they’re in front of the camera. For some people, they just have this natural calm aura about them. For people like me, just play music… it usually works ;).

I was extremely lucky for this particular shoot. Brigitte is a great person to be around and pretty much a vet when it comes to the modeling game. I didn’t have to pose her once, which is good because the extent of my knowledge on that subject is confined to this tutorial here. <– it’s actually really good you should watch it. Her natural beauty and amazing instincts made it really easy for me to capture some great shots.

The lighting for this shoot was almost perfect. We got really lucky for that as well, because it had been overcast and cold in Philly for the past week. In fact, I even rescheduled the first shoot because of the gloomy forecast. We managed to get the last two hours of daylight on a sunny fall day. This, of course, is known as golden hour. I used to make fun of my coworker because he had to leave early one day for his engagement pics so they could capture golden hour, now a year later I’m planning my whole day around it. Anyway, the idea is to shoot during times when the sun is less harsh, which means not during the middle of the day. If you do find yourself with a ton of harsh light, try to use a reflector.

After you’ve captured these amazing photos of your gorgeous subject, go ahead and copy them onto your computers hard drive or an external hard drive. Open them in Adobe Lightroom and then my video will take you home from there. I would love to further explain the process via type, however I think the best way to get a full understanding of the process is by watching and doing, not by reading.

My name is Austin Dunhour. I am the Content Director here at Momentum Digital. I love learning and being self-sufficient… after all, I ditched my career in the golf industry about a year ago and I’m currently in the process of becoming the next Ridley Scott… one YouTube tutorial at a time.

January 23, 2018

Small Business Saturday | Philadelphia Barber Company

Momentum Digital is back with another episode of Small Business Saturday, where we highlight a deserving company in the greater Philadelphia area. This Saturday we sit down with Andrew Sherman, co-founder of Philadelphia Barber Company in Northern Liberties.

Have you ever been to an old school barbershop? I’m talking like, straight razor, barber pole, old dude’s just chillin’ in the back talking smack type of place. Well, neither had I until this past Saturday when I went to this dope spot under the El in Northern Liberties called Philadelphia Barber Company.

Two friends, Andrew Sherman and Ken Cairns started this place just two months ago with the intention to bring back that neighborhood hangout feel to the barbershop. They wanted a place where barbers from around the city could come collaborate and feed off each other’s energy.

I think they achieved just that.

Trevor and I were welcomed by Angela, one of the most engaging and warm individuals certainly to ever grace the streets of North Philly. Ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but Angela, if you’re reading this, you’re the best and we love you. She keeps a close eye on the front of the house, and an even closer eye on the liquor bottles (more on that later).

The other part of this dynamic duo of women is Andy. Don’t let the tat sleeves full you, Andy is a bit reserved. Or maybe that was just here way of saying, “get that f***** camera out of my face.” Either way, guys from all over the city should be lining up out the door to get cut by this beauty!!

But in all seriousness, Andy I will marry you… no questions asked.

So that just leaves the two founders, Andrew and Ken. These guys are both savvy veterans in the game. They’ve both been refining their skills for nearly a decade, with much of their finer years coming right here in Philadelphia. Andrew told us it was their vision to start a modern shop that delivered the finest, high end haircut one could hope to experience.

This is the type of luxury that Philly has been lacking for a long time, however, Philadelphia Barber Company is rejuvenating the neighborhood barbershop scene in North Philly.

Check them out at 1106 N Front St or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Until next Saturday!

January 15, 2018

Facebook’s News Feed Change For 2018 Will Affect You In More Ways Than One

On January 11th, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took to his own Timeline with a long-winded message about changes to the platform in 2018. This change would bring about a $3.3 billion loss to Zuckerberg’s personal net worth as a result of stock price decreases according to a Forbes calculation.

mark zuckerberg article

“One of our big focus areas for 2018 is making sure the time we all spend on Facebook is time well spent” began the 33-year-old CEO. Zuck’s entire diatribe vaguely depicting the changes coming to Facebook can be read here on his Facebook Timeline. However, you’ll have a tough time Google-ing “Facebook” without coming across hundreds of posts screaming bloody murder about the changes coming to the world’s largest social media platform. At over 2 billion active users (yes, with a B), Facebook’s News Feed change will impact over a 4th of the world’s population (source: Satista)

Here’s what you need to know.

Zuckerberg and the Facebook executive team rarely ever divulge exactly what will happen with new algorithm changes to Facebook or Instagram, so there’s only so much we know for sure at the moment. Only time will tell us for certain.

In Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Facebook post, he mentions that:

“Research shows that strengthening our relationships improves our well-being and happiness.”

Fair enough. Not too much to argue here…

“But recently we’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content — posts from businesses, brands and media — is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.”

So, here’s where things can get a bit subjective. I’m not sure if “feedback from [the] community” means a couple users in a focus group or a statistically significant portion of the user base and I’m certain the Facebook top brass won’t tell us.

Facebook newsfeed

Facebook for Everyday Users

Zuckerberg continues with: “We started making changes in this direction last year, but it will take months for this new focus to make its way through all our products. The first changes you’ll see will be in News Feed, where you can expect to see more from your friends, family and groups.”

Right. So, the general idea here seems to be that Facebook wants you to see more of what IT thinks you want to see: your friends and family. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m very active on Facebook and sometimes the last thing you want to see on your feed is the kid from your high school still trying to become a rapper.

Facebook is not just a social network.

It’s a way to absorb and convey all types of information, whether it’s current events, posts from pages you like, or even memes and humorous content. Some users genuinely get their news from Facebook. They shouldn’t, but they do. You can read all about Facebook’s issue with “fake news” here, but that’s for another post.

Others log on to Facebook to get the latest from a page they follower, or perhaps a brand they really engage with. Some users blatantly don’t give a damn about what their “friends” are up to and just aimlessly scroll the newsfeed to find some interesting viral videos to consume.

To get to the point, not everyone on Facebook is concerned with engaging with their friends and family. Personally, If I wanted to engage with a friend or relative, I’d shoot them a text or give them a call. Contrary to Facebook’s belief, my relationship with a person is not indicative by how many times I comment on a photo of their sushi or cute picture of their dog.

Remember when Facebook and Instagram changed the News Feed to sort from chronologically to what it thought you wanted to see? Users, influencers, and brands were livid at the thought of having their hard work be pushed down the feed and engagement drops across the board.

Moving on, the Facebook CEO addresses the direct change in the News Feed: “As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard — it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.”

Ah, there it is. Fewer posts from businesses, brands, and media. But, Mr. Zuckerberg, what if some of us actually enjoy these often informative and engaging content? Are we still forced to see the statuses and updates of the people on our Friend’s List?

No offense, Johnny, but I couldn’t care less about your trip to Arkansas. Show me the content from pages I liked myself so I can see the content that I customize my News Feed to project. The News Feed is the first thing a user sees when he/she logs into Facebook and perhaps the place where they spend the most time browsing.

What happens when you change something that wasn’t broken and replace it with “curated” content that doesn’t stick? Your daily active users will drop like flies.

What Happens to Facebook Ads?



However, perhaps the absolute biggest change here are the fewer posts from public profiles like businesses, brands, and media. Less exposure in the News Feed means a direct (and probably substantial) drop in engagement for these companies.

Boo hoo, right? The big bad corporations might have a few less likes on their organic media. But it’s not just that. Aside from the fact that there are users who genuinely enjoy and engage with the content put out by these pages, this change shows us a bit more as to why Facebook could be making this change.

We’ve seen this before with the Instagram Feed. Moving to a “curated” Feed pushed brand content down. To make up for lost engagement, these companies had (and still have to) resort to paid ads, which makes Facebook money.

I believe we’re seeing a similar change to the primary Facebook platform itself. Facebook Advertising keeps the social media free to every day users. It only makes sense for the company’s executives to push for changes that generate more boosted posts, more targeted ads, and more general ad spend.

But wait! John Hegeman, A Facebook Vice President said in an interview that advertising on the social network would be unaffected by the changes. Are you so sure about that, Mr. Hegeman? I can’t imagine how filtering out organic brand posts won’t impact advertising on Facebook, but only time will tell!

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Give me the honest truth because I would love to hear your thoughts on this change. Let’s start a dialogue. Leave a comment below or fill out this form and we get go over these changes in more detail, and maybe even feature you on our next blog.

By Frank Tkachenko

[email protected].

January 13, 2018

Small Business Saturday | Stripp’d Juice

Momentum Digital is back with another episode of Small Business Saturday, where we highlight a deserving company in the greater Philadelphia area. This Saturday we sit down with Khoran Horn, the owner of Stripp’d Juice in Old City and Fishtown.

Khoran originally went to culinary school at Johnson and Wales in Norfolk, VA. After graduating from that prestigious program, he worked in hospitality for a few years. However, like most people working in hospitality, he started to hate it… so he worked for Apple of all places for the next 8 years.

His passion for food was too much to sequester, and it eventually called him back. He attributes his love of cold pressed juice to a trip to LA he made shortly after leaving Apple. Like most things in LA, he noticed the price of juice was crazy inflated… but people were still buying the stuff by the gallon (not really). So he decided to try out the idea back here in Philly.

What separates Stripp’d from the competitors is Khoran’s dedication to his culinary background. He started with cold pressed juices, like the Jala At Ya Boy which incorporates red grapefruit, jalapeño, kale, and blood orange, then saw an opportunity for more.

Inevitably, he hopped on the açaí bowl train. With his simple 5 ingredient recipe, Khoran was able to win “Best Açaí Bowl” in Philly last year and has no plans on slowing down. His blend starts with frozen strawberries and bananas, then he adds local raw honey, peanut butter, water, and of course ground açaí powder. Once it’s blended, he adds granola, to give it a bit of texture, and finally finishes it with a variety of toppings, including more fresh strawberries, bananas, mulberry grains, hemp seeds, cacao, and so on.

Be sure to check out his website to see all of the menu items, as well as follow Stripp’d Juice on Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to try one of these delectable bowls, you can find him in either Old City or Fishtown.

Until next Saturday!

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