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September 24, 2018

Small Business Saturday Philadelphia- Baba’s Brew

Small Business Saturday:
Baba’s Brews

On this week’s Small Business Saturday, we sat down with Olga owner of Baba’s Brews, a healthy kombucha company in Phoenixville to talk about her organic small business. Olga’s inspiration for her business came from her childhood. Growing up in Siberia, Olga used to drink her Baba’s (grandmother’s) kombucha. Every time Olga would have an ache or pain her Baba would reply with a simple phrase: “Have some kombucha”. She grew up loving the taste without knowing about the special health benefits the fizzy drink has to offer.  When she left Siberia and moved to the United States in 2000, she started to crave the taste she grew up loving but only found few brands that didn’t have the same amazing taste her Babe would make.

Olga wanted to make a brew her Baba would be proud of. She quickly learned how to brew this unique tea often referred to as ‘mushroom tea’ or kombucha and began giving it to her friends to enjoy. Soon after, the word about her kombucha had gotten around and in 2015, she started her company, Baba’s Brew.

Since 2015, Baba’s Brews has immensely improved. They now offer five delicious flavors and cater to stores all over the East Coast. All the ingredients are 100% real made out of fresh fruits and herbs such as blueberries, lemon, rose petals, tulsi basil. When you pick up a bottle of Baba’s Brews you can guarantee it will be from farm to bottle.

The five thousand square foot farm produces 800 gallons of kombucha a week and distributes to 221 places across the east coast. If you’ve never heard of kombucha before, you should know that it’s far from your average beverage. It is low in calories and sugars and is also loaded with probiotics and enzymes to help digestion.

Olga’s organic Kombucha farm is far from other producers because of her wholesome story behind Baba’s Brew and her ability to make the drink fully organic and high quality. Make sure to check out Baba’s brew on Instagram, Facebook, and their website!

September 17, 2018

Small Business Saturday Philadelphia- Love City Brewing

Small Businesss Saturday Philadelphia- Love City Brewing


On week’s Small Business Saturday in Philadelphia, we sat down with Melissa and Kevin, owners of Love City Brewing Company to talk about how their small business on Hamilton Street in Philadelphia. Love City Brewing is all about bringing the simplicity back to drinking a good beer.  “Good people, good beer, and a good way to cap off the day”. Love City Brewing Co is your new place for a solid, high quality beer that you know will be the perfect end to a long day at work, or the start to a fun night out with friends. Stop by for a drink and sip on the fresh, crisp taste of something made only 100-feet away from you. What more could you possibly ask for?

Melissa and Kevin met about 13 years ago over a keg at a mutual friend’s house party, ever since that night they haven’t stopped talking. With Kevin’s brewing background they knew their common dream of owning a brewery in Philadelphia wasn’t too far out of reach. Together they have created an array of beers made for every type of person who may roam into their doors.  

 Love City Brewing Co is a bar that is one of a kind. Melissa and Kevin’s  hip, minimalist-styled warehouse bar is located right in between Northern Liberties and Old City. A step into Love City Brewing Co will change your perspective on how and where to drink beer. The bar holds many events such as hosting a number of food trucks from Thursday to Sunday right inside the bar and supporting local nonprofits. Each quarter, Melissa and Kevin team up with a charity and brew a beer where a portion of the profit goes towards their cause.


Walking into Love City Brewing Co is meant to be a comfortable experience for everyone. There is space for everyone whether your in a wheelchair or walking or if you love beers or martinis. Love City also had gender neutral bathrooms to make it known that everyone is welcome inside the walls of their warehouse bar. The diversity and beauty of this bar make it the perfect spot for parties or small gatherings.

 Melissa and Kevin’s small business is unique because of their amazing business model and ability to stick to their core values throughout their 13 years in the brewing industry. Follow their Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and visit their bar the next time you need to go out for a drink with friends. Not only should you enjoy a beer that feels like it was made for you, but take the time to enjoy the amazing atmosphere around you.






September 10, 2018

Small Business Philadelphia- United by Blue

Small Business Saturday: United By Blue

On this week’s Small Business Saturday Philadelphia we went to  United by Blue, an eco- friendly Coffeehouse and Clothier located on Race St in Philadelphia. We talked with Brian Linton, owner of United by Blue, to get more information.  Not only should
United By Blue be recognized for its amazing location but, also its top quality clothing and delicious treats and top-notch coffee. After hearing Brian’s story, we couldn’t help but appreciate his entrepreneurship and idea to combine his passion for helping the environment with his business model. Brian has truly made an impact on the Philadelphia community by taking a hands on approach to cleaning up ocean waters. United By Blue has so much to offer and it goes beyond the merchandise (even though their products are pretty awesome).

Brian first started his first business at his undergrad at Temple University in 2006. Back then the business was focused on ocean water conservation through money donations. When Brian started United By Blue , Brian wanted a more tangible impact on collecting trash from our ocean waters. United by Blue rolls up their sleeves (litterally) to tackle environmental issues. For every product sold, United By Blue cleans up one pound of trash. So far, 1,104,472 pounds of trash. That’s definitely a mission we can all get behind.

New products are constantly being produce and their well made quality outdoor gear is essential to nature lovers or those who aspire to be. Check out their trendy house decor, high quality blankets, and amazing all-weather hiking boots. Not to mention the cozy- cabin like store aesthetic with a spectacular view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge is any Philadelphians’ escape. Enjoy a cup of coffee and bakery item while saving the environment at the same time.

What’s better than supporting a small local business, shopping for high quality gear,  as well as  removing pounds of trash from our oceans? Not much. Check out United By Blue on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Stop by Race St and join the #bluemovement.

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