December 17, 2018

How To: Add A Custom Mobile Call Button to your WordPress Site

Do you have a WordPress website, that uses Visual Composer, for your business or service and would like more calls to your business? A great way to solve this problem is by adding a sticky click to call button to the bottom of your page that stands out to your users. Luckily with a few lines of HTML and CSS, you can quickly create a simple call button that scrolls along with the user as they view your page. We will go through a few easy steps to creating and adding the button to a specific page.

This will be the end result.

The user will be able to scroll through the page
while always having the ability to call you.

Here are a few necessities to follow this guide.

  • WordPress
  • Visual Composer or any visual builder
  • A Call button icon, example: 

Setting the page:

The first thing you want to do is create a test page on your WordPress website and add in some dummy text from Lipsum to allow for page height. Add an element to the page and insert a full row. Within the row, add a simple Text Block and paste in your demo text.

Once you have your page created, make sure to save it as a draft so that you can hit the preview button and check your progress. Now we have a page to work within and test our first call mobile call button.

With your test page created you can now upload your icon image to the server. The image should be no larger than 80px as it will take up too much view space and will prevent users from reading the content underneath.

Make sure to copy the image code and save it in a text file for our next steps.

Setting the code:

With our new test page created and our icon uploaded we can now start working with HTML and CSS to add in our button. In order for the code to work, you must create a section within your page to add in Raw HTML code.

Once you have this section added, copy and paste in the code below. Within the code are a few sections that must be edited to ensure that you have the correct phone number and image link source for it to work.

<!—Start Here —>
<div class=”cbtn_wrapper”>
<div class=”my_call_button”>
<a href=”tel:YourNumberWithNoSpaces”><img src=”Call Button Image Source.png” width=”80″ height=”80″/></a>
.cbtn_wrapper {
width: 90%;
height: 100px;
background-color: transparent;
padding: 0;
position: fixed;
bottom: 0;
z-index: 1000;
margin: 0px auto;
.my_call_button a {
float: right;
@media only screen and (max-width: 720px){
.cbtn_wrapper {
<!–End Here —>

Copy and paste the code into the Raw HTML block as seen below:

That’s It! Once you paste in that code and hit Publish, your new call button should be seen within the mobile view of your page.

Now that you have a flashy new call button for users to take action on, just sit back and wait for calls. With adding this feature to your page, users will not hesitate to contact your business. With great user experience, your page will have a much better chance of converting as it requires fewer clicks to reach you.

December 10, 2018

5 Instagram updates you NEED to know about in 2019

The new year is all about new beginnings and Instagram is doing the same thing this time of year. Instagram has rolled out a few updates and with the new year approaching, they have no plans on slowing down. Have you noticed any of the recent Instagram updates?

Today we will review 5 recent Instagram updates, and 2 beta Instagram updates coming soon!

Lets dive into our instagram updates you need to know about in 2019.

ALT Text Descriptions:

Instagram Updates their images by adding ALT Text.  Have you seen or used the new instagram update? This update rolled out November 28th, and I have to say its about time! Users now can add their own custom alt text that can be read by screen readers.  I personally am excited for this Instagram update because it helps the 285 million people in the world who suffer from visual impairment. this update is very simple to utilize just follow the steps below.

Alt text can be added to photos by following the steps below:

1. Upload or open an existing photo on Instagram.
2. Click on edit on the image, then tap Next.
3. Tap ALT TEXT on the image
4.Write your alt text in the box and tap “Done”
5. Save it and Voilà!

ALT TEXT Instagram Update PIC EX

ALT TEXT Instagram Update PIC EX

Heres a screencast showing how.

Saving shoppable products:

Instagram has rolled out the shoppable post as well as stories but, have you taken a look at the

“save” products feature? Yes, you can save products just as you would on a normal website, when you save your products it will be labeled under “Shopping collection.”

Saving shoppable products can be added to photos by following the steps below:

Tap on a product tag in either Stories or their feed posts, there you will see the option to save the product– not just the post.

It’s like having your very own virtual wishlist that lives on Instagram and takes you right to your products when ready to purchase.

Instagram Update Shoppable images

Instagram Update Shoppable images


Check out this video showing you the latest shopping update!


Close Friend feature:

A few days ago Insta rolled out yet another feature called close friends. If your an Insta addict like myself you have definitely noticed this update. The feature allows users to share content with their “close friends”. Have you guys used this feature?

What are your thoughts? I personally haven’t used the feature and don’t think I will but nonetheless here’s a photo showing this new update.



Instagram Updates Profiles:

Instagram started testing and updating certain profiles. According to Instagram, the new update is a  way you can better express yourself and more easily connect
with the people you care about on your profile.

Over the past few weeks, you may have seen design features re-arranged at the top of your profile including changes to icons, buttons and the way you navigate between tabs, which Instagram hopes will make profiles easier and cleaner to use.  The good news is your photos and videos you’ve shared on your grid won’t change.

Instagram Update ALT text

           Instagram Update ALT text

“Inauthentic Activity”: 

Instagram announced in a press release, November 19th that “some accounts have been using third-party software to “artificially grow their audience. This takes away from Instagram true purpose, the “real” and “genuine platform users are looking to experience”. Insta believes users are looking for these factors, and they have started deleting inauthentic content. This new feature has affected many users some are losing follower counts while others a receiving a message from Instagram, stating their account has been removed. Instagram is cracking down and they mean business. Third party integrations no longer being tolerated, Instagram’s new API is able to detect the apps “spam activity” which will then trigger the “account Inauthenticity Process.

Instagram Update Announcement Inauthentic account

Instagram Update Announcement Inauthentic account Image Credit, Instagram

If you believe your account has been affected read more here.


Keep your eyes out for these Two NEW Beta Instagram Updates:

So at this point, I believe everyone knows insta is owned by Facebook. With that in mind, Facebook released their Beta program which will now be used as a test for Instagram in Analytics.

Instagram has their own native analytics platform, but it’s nothing compared to Facebook’s in-depth insights. Fortunately, for marketers Like myself, business or influencers this is excellent news!

According to the Instagram Help Center Facebook is currently beta testing adding Instagram to their analytics platform. According to Instagram, With the new analytics platform, Instagram business accounts will actually go beyond metrics like engagement, clicks, and impressions to look at metrics like retention rates and lifetime values.

According to the News center the Beta Update  will also users the capability to create audience segments and assess their value to you. Talk about stepping it up a notch? According to Instagram help center, This feature is available in beta-testing right now, but you need to request access. In order to access this update you will need to have your Facebook pixel set up first, (pixel to FB article) but once you do, you can request access here.


Instagram Updates beta version

                Instagram Updates

Beta Instagram update number 2 Promote Stories from Business Page:

We all have seen and understand what sponsored posts, Is this tools allows us to promote organic posts on Instagram so they can reach a wider audience without going through the full ad system. According to Instagram Soon, we may have promoted Stories, too.

What am I talking about you ask?

Instagram recently confirmed that they’re currently testing this story ad ability, which would allow business profiles to boost their organic Stories for maximized reach. Sound familiar? The tool will work just like the boost image tool. Just as post boosting users will be able to use the targeting criteria provided through Instagram sponsored posts. The goal is to allow the user to have control over who is seeing the ad, as well as the auto-target tool which will allow users similar to their current audience of followers to also view the ads.

                Instagram Update beta

                  Instagram Update beta


Have you requested access to the new beta updates? If so comment below on your thoughts. Thank you for reading! My name is Sara Lopez, feel free to contact me with an questions regrading Instagram updates. 



November 19, 2018

7 Steps to Maximize Your Facebook Ad Strategy Just in Time for The Holidays

The holiday shopping season is right around the corner! The excitement of “Holiday Advertising” for Black Friday and various holiday sales are about to break the internet. How is your brand different from other brands? We have compiled the seven best ways to maximize your Facebook Ad Strategy this crazy holiday season.

Keep in mind that only 1.79 out of 7 billion people worldwide buy their goods and services from E- Commerce businesses. The number is shockingly low because 95% of first-time shoppers leave E-Commerce shoppers leave sites without purchasing. We live in a society that loves to scroll but not purchase. This is your chance to leverage your advertising skills to turn scrollers into shoppers!

Consider the following questions:

  • Where does the excitement come from when you are waiting in line to try on the latest pair of shoes from Nike?   
  • How does the satisfaction of buying the latest Apple product alleviate the stress of waiting in long lines and fear of it being sold out once it’s in your hand?
  • What incites employees from REI to take action with the REI #OptOutside campaign on every social media platform like no other?

How do we make our brand compelling enough to be bought? Learn how to maximize your Facebook holiday ads with these seven helpful tips!

7 Facebook Ads Strategies to Maximize Your Holiday Advertising

Step #1: Determine Your Facebook Ad Strategy

Get ahead of the game and plan your pre-holiday brand awareness strategy. Your business should set goals that are specific to what your market and business needs. Make sure these goals are attainable and keep in mind that the holiday season is to meant to create product and brand awareness. By creating product awareness, you have the potential to introduce your brand to new holiday shoppers.


There is no such thing as not enough awareness. Add more value to the organization; Facebook offers an opportunity to improve brand awareness, and provide an easier way for audiences to shop. Consider increasing the quality of sales. To enhance the quality of sales, it starts with niching down your audience. As you do this, your business will better reach your target audience more efficiently (We’ll address this further down).


Step #2: Consider Using Additional Placements

Facebook has about 14 different ad placement types to give you the opportunity to put your ads in spaces like the Facebook Feed, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Messenger and more. When selecting your Facebook placements in your ad set, make sure to only check Facebook Feed, and Instagram Feed, they are the highest performing placements. A new rising placement for Ecomm stores is Facebook Messenger. Create a separate ad set and ad creation just for Messenger and be sure to speak to your audience depending on which products you are trying to get sales for. Offer them discounts, buy one get one, last min deals, hit them hard this week for black friday sales. Showing urgency will be your winning strategy during the holidays.

Step #3: Create Your Custom Audience

When customizing your audience put into consideration about people who have previously taken action on to your app or site.

Make sure to have at least these 2 custom audience set up for remarketing. Once you drive all your traffic this week for black friday and cyber monday, the shopping does not stop there.


Create a website traffic audience for those for added to cart but did not check out. Use Dynamic remarketing ads to show those people the same products they previously looked at.


Also create an engagement remarketing list for those who have interacted on your ad. Offer them a second chance to receive the deal, make sure scarcity and urgency is represented within your ad copy.

Use ‘Create a Custom Audience’

There are many custom audience categories available such as:

  1. Customer File. This utilizes your customers’ email addresses.
  2. Website Traffic. This targets people who have visited your website in the past.
  3. App Activity. These are people who have visited your mobile app recently.
  4. Offline Activity and Engagement. This allows you to see who interacted with your business’ content, such as video, on Facebook.

Utilize a custom audience filter to pinpoint who your ad is reaching. Custom audience filters help your business find better target audiences, which is better than targeting cold audiences created from only interests and basic demographics.  

Step #4: Design Your Facebook Content

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is just around the corner! To beat out other retailers, you should create a compelling offer that will make people stop and click your ad. Any discount on your products or services should be at a minimum of 20% to be effective.

If your business cannot profit with a minimum of 20%, try an alternative other than direct discounts. Look into where you can purchase items, such as scarfs, mugs, holiday bags in bulk so you are able to give them away for free to customers. By adding some sort of deal, this will increase traffic to your website and the likelihood that people will purchase items.


Try offering complimentary free items for specific purchases!

Consider the following examples:


  • For a jacket, offer a free scarf.
  • For gloves, offer a free hand warmer.
  • For ties, offer a free pocket square.


These are all items that can be purchased easily in bulk. This will help your customers see the use and worth your brand is offering.

Step #5: Schedule Your Facebook Content

Planning out your content calendar in advance increases the quality of your posts. This will result in higher organic engagement for your business. Planning out your content gives you a higher chance of reaching the audience you want to because it allows you to pick a specific time and day for your postings to go live.

There are social media management tools, such as eClincher, Buffer, Sprout Social, HootSuite, Sendible and more, that were created to help you stay on track with your content. These tools can help you set up a posting schedule for not only Facebook, but your businesses other social media platforms. Save yourself time and stress by planning ahead.


Step #6: Reminder: Check Your Ad Account Spending Limit

During the Black Friday weekend, your business could quickly reach it’s ad limit without even noticing. If things are going well with your campaign, you will be spending above your regular budget. Overspending can result in your campaign turning off until you clear your ad account balance.

Keep a close eye on your ad spend limit – you sure don’t want to spend over your limit!


Step #7: Track & Analyze Your Reports Daily

Staying on top of your campaign performance is vital to being successful this Holiday season. To do well this season, you need insight on what works this holiday season. I highly recommend you monitor your campaigns daily. Make sure you understand what needs to be changed or added to improve your blogs.  Especially since Black Friday is on a short time frame and so is the holiday season itself.

ReportGarden Facebook Ads Reporting can help you manage clients, campaign & reporting on a single platform.


To recap, don’t forget to follow these steps to maximize your Facebook Ads!  

Don’t forget to:

  1. Determine Your Facebook Ad Strategy
  2. Consider Using Additional Placements
  3. Create Your Custom Audience       
  4. Design Your Facebook Content
  5. Schedule Your Facebook Content
  6. Check Your Ad Account Spending Limit
  7. Track & Analyze Your Reports Daily

“The key is, no matter what story you tell, make the buyer the hero” – Chris Brogan

Happy Holidays from Momentum Digital!



November 12, 2018

How To Design for Conversion with Hero Images Part 1

Momentum Monday: How To Design for Conversions with Hero Images

Like many businesses, you want your website to look good, and generate sales.  Studies suggest that new visitors make a decision about the quality of your website within the first few seconds. That means you’d better make a great first impression. Don’t panic! In this Momentum Monday article, we’ll show you how to easily design hero images that will get you attention, and conversions at the same time (no experience required).

What Are Hero Images?

If you visit a website, often times you will see a large banner photo right at the top with a few words highlighting either a product, or the site’s purposeand some form of a call to action. See the following image of the front page of Starbucks as an example:

Let’s break this down so we can understand how (and why) Starbucks has used this hero image for their homepage.

The first detail you’ll notice is the bright red color they use to grab your attention, and to express the emotions of excitement and happiness.

Now that you’re looking, you see three of their products front and center. This lets the visitor know what they’re advertising without much guesswork.

Visitors will now direct their attention to the words on the right of the image, which encourages you to sign up for their newsletter to get “exclusive access” to deals.
Who wouldn’t click that “Send Me Magic” button?

The point of the hero image is to do two things:

  1. Grab your attention and win the favor of your eyes with an aesthetically pleasing photo.
  1. Quickly convert new visitors with a clear and accessible opportunity for action.

Let’s look at one more example before we dive into creating one ourselves.

Below is the front page of Dropbox:

Here, Dropbox reserves itself to a minimalist, calm, and focused tone. The image was chosen to communicate collaboration, with no other distractions in view.

Dropbox’s hero image is used to make a small pitch about exactly what their service provides. Though they have two calls-to-action to choose from, they use color to emphasize the free trial, indicating to your brain that it is the correct button you should click. In the last line, they mention that no financial commitment is required in an attempt to give the visitor the minimum information they need to allow them to confidently move forward with conversion.

Using a hero image like Dropbox’s is the ideal way to quickly capture conversions in an appealing, non-intrusive way.

Why Does This Work?

When a user visits your website, they need to immediately see the value on the page to continue moving forward. They need to know that what they came for is herewithout having to search for it. A hero image is a perfect way to communicate exactly what you want the user to do, while also ensuring that you make them want to do it.

Tailoring Your Hero Images

Now that we know what we want to make, we’re ready to create our hero image. In this example, I will make a hero image for a custom suitcase website. First, we need to ask ourselves what content we want to display. Here are some tips for choosing your hero text:
example hero image

  • Consider the reason why the user has visited your site instead of a competitor. What are you advertising that makes your product/service different than others? Make that apparent in the words you choose.
  • Rememberless is more. We do not want to overwhelm the visitor with too much information that they have not asked for. This may lead to confusion/frustration, and ultimately the loss of a potential customer. Narrow it down to a few short sentences at most that advertise your product or service.

Notice how I’ve used the positive action phrase of “Travelling in style” to assure the visitor that by making a purchase they are gaining something beyond the product itself.
Next, we need a call to action. It is important to make your button(s) attractive by either using enticing and playful language, or language that displays value (such as Dropbox highlighting their free no commitment trial). Your CTA should lead directly to a landing page that gives an opportunity for conversion.

example hero image 2Here, my call to action displays value by stating that pressing this button will allow the user to start customizing their suitcase immediately. Notice how I did not use generic words like “Start”, or “Go”, or “Buy”. Vague CTAs will lead to user doubt, thus lowering the chance of the visitor moving forward right away.

Finally, we need to add visual appeal. Here are some tips for choosing your hero background and colors:

hero image design

  • Choose a hero background that supports your text. If your text mentions offering “the most comfortable shoes”, you want to display the best version of those shoes to set a positive expectation of quality.
  • Consider how you want the visitor to feel when browsing your site. Your hero image will set the tone of the user’s perception of your site going forward. You can use color to evoke a given emotion from visitors (See this article to learn which colors correspond with different feelings) .

In the case of our custom suitcase site, we want to display the product we are selling on the forefront. Since we are advertising a personalized experience, we want to focus the attention on the product alone, with no distractions. By adding the color purple, the visitor will be inclined to feel like what they are seeing is unique. Hopefully that feeling will carry on throughout their time on our website.

Now we know the details of making a compelling hero image that is designed for conversion. You are ready to get started! If you take away one thing from this article, it is that you only have a few seconds to leave a good impression, make it count.

My name is Kazmuir Long with Momentum Digital. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we will use what we have learned here to make a hero image in WordPress using Slider Revolution.

November 5, 2018

How to Write a great Meta Description for your new WordPress Site

How to Write a great Meta Description for your new WordPress Site

On this week’s Momentum Monday, we’ll be focusing on how to write a great meta description for your new WordPress site. If you have just started a new WordPress website for your business, getting users to find your site on Google search can be tricky. A great way to get organic traffic for your new website is to write an amazing meta description for your site pages that perfectly describes your content. Users will then have a much better chance of finding your business in the first page of the search results.

The question is, how do you get started? The process of writing and setting your page’s keyword description is simple yet strategic. We will go through the necessary steps to getting your home and inner page keyword description set for search engine ranking.

What is a Meta Description?

To begin, we have to first take a look at the methodology behind a meta description to understand its importance. Sourced from Google, here is the information they provide as a standard to writing your description.

Take a look at the article written from Google themselves to get a deep knowledge of meta description. In short, you have to write amazingly eye-catching and incentivized descriptions for your site to get user’s attention. With this information, we know that each page must have a meta description written to describe its contents. Not only does each page need to be written out, but it must have unique and relative content that perfectly describes the page within the context of your business.

Home Page Description:

Here you can see the following descriptions for Nike that give you a great look into what the business is about along with what the page will pertain to.

About Page Description:

One thing to keep in mind is that Google will automatically fill the meta description of each page you do not fill out on your website. The contents of the description are automatically filled using any content Google can find at the beginning of your page. Content may derive from menu links and contact information present in your top header bar depending on the setup of your theme. With this in mind, it is imperative to have each page description filled out on your website as soon as possible.


Using Yoast SEO plugin

Fortunately, we are working with WordPress and only need to take a few easy steps to get the job done. Out of the millions of plugins within the WordPress marketplace, Yoast SEO plugin is a must-have within your arsenal of tools. With Yoast SEO, you can easily set the descriptions for each page while benefiting from the excellent suggestions provided by the plugin.

Here you can see the plugin. Within each page will be this section for Yoast SEO which allows you to edit the snippet. To start, click on the “Edit snippet” button which will expand the necessary fields.

You can click and modify your meta description now with ease. The description and title box will have a bar which represents the recommended word count for the title and description. Yoast will signal with a green bar once you have the optimal amount of words in your description.

While typing your meta description, the bar will expand and turn from orange to green depending on your word count. If you do not have enough content or too much content, the bar will be orange. Having a word count of around 155 will render a green bar to confirm you have the optimal amount of content to describe your page.

Now that you have written your first description you can start filling out the descriptions for your inner pages. If you have blogs or products you might want to let them inherit the description from the content of the page. For the main inner pages such as About, Contact, and Support you must have unique meta description content. This will allow users to easily reach your website in search engines.


Writing your descriptions

The goal for writing great descriptions is to give users a well-written representation of the link shown in the search results. If you do not write out the descriptions for your pages, Yoast will automatically default your Meta descriptions as content sourced from the top portion of the page. If this happens, your audience may not be able to find your website when searching for specific pages or services.

With well-written descriptions, your audience will have an easy way of finding what they need on your website. Google will then start to boost your score in the ranking system.  As your organic traffic grows, the trust factor on your domain will also grow. This will further improve your overall site score and rank.

The important factor to remember is to write original and exciting descriptions for every single page. Doing the hard work, in the beginning, will prove to be successful in little to no time. Exposure of your business within the search engines will improve while contributing to the growth of your overall user base.

At Momentum Digital, our goal is to help businesses grow and scale with a strategic plan that works. To grow your business, you need to start with the right team who can consistently reach your target audience. Take our SEO audit for a quick view on how to expand awareness of your business. We hope you enjoyed and learned how to write a great meta description for your new WordPress site.

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