January 14, 2019

FREEZE – CRYOTherapy at CRYO Philadelphia is so good that it will give you shivers

During this week’s episode of Small Business Saturday, we sat down with Daynha, owner and founder of CRYO Philadelphia. CRYO Philadelphia is a premier CRYO Wellness Center. The team at CRYO Philadelphia offers CRYOTherapy sessions along with several other CRYO healing services. CRYO Philadelphia has been serving the Philadelphia region for several years now, and is located in Center City Philadelphia. Watch their FULL SBS episode on YouTube!

The business was started a few years ago in order to find alternative treatments to chronic aches and pains. Daynha knew she had to share this treatment with everyone she know after she had her first experience with CRYOTherapy. Daynha has always been interested and passionate about wellness and holistic healing, so she jumped at the opportunity to try it out. During her first session, Daynha, much like her usual first time customers, could not wait for it to be over. However, once it was over, she truly felt its healing properties begin to soothe her body.

During a CRYOTherapy session, your blood is literally cleansed. Due to the aches and pains you are feeling, there are inflammatory properties located in your blood. When your body’s temperature is brought down so drastically during the session, it forces your blood to rush to your body’s core. This, in turn, alleviates the inflammation and creates natural healing. CRYOTherapy can be beneficial for a number of things, but it is mainly used to treat pain from injuries, joints, and other wear and tear. The most frequent CRYOTherapy patience are athletes, runners, and sufferers of common bone and joint diseases.

CRYO Philadelphia has frequent customers ranging from Sixers players, to Phillies’ star Ryan Howard, to your next door neighbor. They believe that their process and experience can be enlightening for everyone.

Book your first CRYOTherapy session at CRYO Philadelphia today! You can reserve a time on their website or contact them via email or social media to schedule. At CRYO Philadelphia, they care about you and your healing process. They want to empower all of their CRYO customers to take the driver’s seat in their body’s natural healing process. They truly believe that incorporating a holistic healing routine into your life will improve it 10 fold. The team will be with you every step of the way, holding your hand and answering any questions you may have about the process.

You can find our friends at CRYO Philadelphia online on their website. Their full list of holistic healing services can also be found there. Make sure to follow them on social media! They can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
You can connect with Small Business Saturday Philadelphia on Instagram and Facebook. Until next Saturday!

August 27, 2018

Small Business Saturday Philadelphia- Dolce & Caffe

Small Business Saturday Philadelphia: Dolce and Caffe

This week Small Business Saturday Philadelphia, Momentum Digital’s Mac Federick sat down with Calogero Zito to talk about Dolce & Caffe , a  cozy Italian cafe nestled on 2nd Street in Philadelphia. Everyone needs a go-to coffee shop to work, meet up with friends, or simply relax and Dolce & Caffe has all your coffee aesthetic needs. The generations of Italian experience has built up to mouth-watering gelato, panini, cannoli, and simple bites. Beside their decadent treats, don’t forget to enjoy their Lavazza Coffee and premier espresso bar.

After moving from Italy to America five years ago, Calogero knew that the first thing he wanted to do was open an authentic espresso bar. He fell in love with the location and beauty of Northern Liberties and decided that after looking around Philadelphia, that it would be the perfect place to start his cafe.

Nothing beats the originality, authenticity, and delicious Italian imported ingredients that make Dolce & Caffe pretty much unbeatable. The menu is limited but the quality is beyond amazing with melt in your mouth pastries, fresh sandwiches, and amazing espresso. It is the perfect location to start your day, take a lunch break, or treat yourself for dessert.

Transport yourself from the U.S to Italy by experiencing a truly European-styled caffe. Expand your palate through experiencing the finer things with items such as cannolis imported from Palermo and burrata imported from Naples.

Anyone who visits Dolce & Caffe, instantly falls in love. Calogero talks about his regulars who come in for coffee, lunch, dinner, dessert or all three! Don’t forget to follow them on social media, and check out their website. Stop by and indulge in Italian’s decadent treats made by people who know best.

Make sure to check out their Facebook, Instagram, and website to stop by for some delicious goodies and amazing coffee that is undeinably good. 

March 19, 2018

How to Balance Your SEO and PPC Strategies in The First 6 Months

In the early days of any business, one of your primary objectives will be to bring as much relevant traffic to your website as possible. As you already know, there are two main ways to accomplish this: having a great SEO strategy, and using paid advertising. However, an easy trap to fall into is the belief that these approaches are mutually exclusive.
Long story short, they’re not. In fact, if used correctly, SEO and PPC can be combined to give your business a significant head start in its opening months. To help you get going, here are a few tips on balancing your marketing strategies and getting the most out of both your paid and organic traffic.
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Set Shared Goals
While SEO and PPC have unique strengths, they can be used in tandem for many common marketing aspirations. This means each strategy supports the other, fast-tracking you to your goals, and decreasing the overall investment to achieve those aims.
For example, say you want to boost web traffic by 20 percent, running some targeted PPC ads can be a great way to reach more people, and point them to your website. However, optimizing your web pages to show up more often in search results will also increase the likelihood that the right people will find your store.
However, while using both strategies may see some overlap in audiences, it gives you an even greater boost to your overall visibility. Furthermore, by integrating the two approaches, if someone sees your ad and then decides to look you up, your SEO efforts will make it far easier for them to find you.
Having shared objectives for your campaigns means you can refine your marketing efforts to be complementary. Not only will this reinforce your brand message, it also helps to build a sense of consistency and familiarity which can greatly enhance consumer trust in your brand.

Combine Your Data
Your SEO and PPC campaigns will both yield valuable data that can provide extensive insights into the habits and preferences of your target audience. So rather than having two completely separate teams acting on their associated data alone, it makes sense to pool your resources. This means that you can form a more complete picture of buyer habits, and enable your finding to influence your SEO and PPC efforts simultaneously.

  • Data from onsite searches can help you narrow down keywords for your PPC ads.
  • Success of individual PPC ads can provide insights into the sort of aesthetics and copy that are most popular with your target audience.
  • Targeted ads on social media can provide granular detail about specific demographics, helping to build better buyer personas, and refine your SEO.

Another important reason to pool your data is that it can help to highlight discrepancies. If your paid ads are attracting an entirely different demographic to your organic search results, then you need to know why, and to use this knowledge to optimize your approach.

Optimize Landing Pages
Whether users find their way to your website via search results, or paid ads, having a great landing page is essential if you want to turn that visitor into a customer. Naturally, your SEO efforts will increase your site’s authority, and help these pages to show up in search results. However, if you have a unified strategy for SEO and PPC, these pages will also complement the paid ads that drive traffic to them.
The benefit of this is that users who click on your ads will feel like they have come to exactly where they expected, rather than having to navigate from your homepage to whatever inspired them in your advert. In fact, AdWords allows you to link individual product pages to your PPC ads, which is fantastic for driving impulse sales and creating a highly streamlined experience for your customers.
Test Organic Keywords
Finding the best keywords and key phrases for your marketing campaigns can be a difficult task. Even after reviewing your options using tools such as Wordstream’s keyword finder, it’s really a matter of trial and error to find the exact combinations that work for your business.
This is essential for getting the most out of your SEO, but you should also implement your findings in your PPC strategy. In fact, by reviewing the performance of individual paid ads, you can even use your PPC efforts to determine which keywords are most viable for your organic efforts.
Top tip: if you use an ecommerce host like Shopify to run your online store, you can claim $100 in Google Adwords credit when you spend $25.

Double Your Odds
A final point to remember when weighing up the viability of PPC versus SEO for your marketing approach is that by employing both, you can actually double your presence in search results. For example, if you manage to rank on the first page of search results for a given keyword, and your paid ad also shows up, the user is presented with two immediate options for visiting your site.
This increased visibility will also cause your website to seem more and more familiar over time, as it continues to show up in results. So while many web users are in the habit of ignoring paid search results, this doesn’t mean they don’t scan through them and remember the websites.
Then, if your site also appears in the organic search results, it is already recognizable, and presents the user with an alternative means of reaching your website, without feeling like they’ve been lured their by an advert. This means they arrive with greater trust in your brand, which in turn increases their likelihood of conversion.
                                                                          – Credit: Pixabay
As you can see, there is a lot to be gained both from paid advertising, and from improving your SEO. These two strategies are each powerful in their own right, but become infinitely more impactful when used together as part of an integrated approach.
While it is certainly possible to incorporate either of these tactics into your marketing strategy at a later date, it will always be most effective to implement them from day one. By doing this, you build your campaign upon a foundation of consistency, making it far easier to develop and optimize your approach over time.
Your first few months in business can be hard work, but that attention and diligence will pay off. Put the time and effort in now, and before long, you will not only have built an ecommerce brand to be proud of, but you’ll also have acquired invaluable marketing experience that will benefit you in all your future endeavors.

 Victoria Greene
is a branding consultant and freelance writer. On her blog, Victoria Ecommerce, she shares tips on ecommerce and how companies can improve their brand representation. She is passionate about using her experience to help brands improve their reach.

February 14, 2018

Small Business Saturday | The Kettle Black

Momentum Digital is back with another episode of Small Business Saturday, where we highlight a deserving company in the greater Philadelphia area. This past Saturday we sat down with Mark and Claire, a husband and wife team that recently opened The Kettle Black on 2nd St in Northern Liberities where they are serving up the BEST French bread and coffee roasts in Philly.

Mark, who is a self-proclaimed “import” from France, handles the baking, while Claire handles the diverse range of coffee roasts and specialty beverages. Together, they make a formidable dynamic duo that is taking Philadelphia by storm.

Growing up in southern France meant Mark and his family always had access to some of the best baguettes, brioches, and country breads (Pain de campagne) available. However, when he moved to Philadelphia, he was completely underwhelmed by the selection. So the two decided to take matters into their own hands, and start a coffeeshop/bakery that excelled in classic French baking.

The Kettle Black has been able to get a strong foothold on the market based on their amazing Instagram content, which is all thanks to Claire and her eye for photography. Although they don’t run any paid ads yet, Claire is doing her best to create buzz around the very new business.

Lucky for them, 2nd Street has become a desirable destination for all sorts of new, eclectic businesses, which leads to more foot traffic and obviously more customers. They said they had been waiting for about a year for a location to open up on 2nd Street, and their patience is paying off for sure!

Make sure to stop by for your morning bread of choice as well as a hot and fresh espresso, cappuccino, latte or tea. Their address is 631 N 2nd Street, but you can find out more by visiting their website or following them on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to check the fan favorite black bagel, which has a smokey flavor from the charcoal used in the baking process!

Until next Saturday.

September 11, 2017

Team Dental | Small Business Saturday

Team Dental
has been servicing patrons in the South Jersey area for more than a decade, but thankfully for us they opened up a second location in Northern Liberties a few years ago.

Their motto is “Patient Centered, Team Oriented”, meaning they’ll do whatever it takes to make their clients feel like a part of the family.

With services ranging from fillings, to dentures, and even oral cancer screenings, Team Dental is your go to company for all your dental needs.

So give them a call at 215.598.5100, visit them online at http://www.teamdentalpa.com, or see them in person at 992 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123.

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