January 7, 2019

How to Optimize Instagram Direct Message for Your Business!

In today’s day and age, “sliding in the DMs” is such a common phrase.

Optimizing Instagram Direct Message for Your Business!

So known in fact that it’s a negative connotation! Sliding in the DMs would mainly refer to trying to talk to your local Insta hottie and seeing if you’d want them to come over and “Netflix and Chill,” with you…. but that’s a story for another day.


Optimizing Instagram Direct Message for Your Business!

I’m here to tell you that using Instagram’s Direct Message is a great thing, and should be used entirely to nurture your leads and execute on your sales pipeline. Today we will Learn How to Optimize Instagram Direct Message for Your Business!

Our partners at HubSpot define lead nurturing as “The process of building relationships with your prospects with the goal of earning their business when they’re ready”.

Using the Direct Message feature on Instagram makes it easier for your business to capture inbound leads and turn them into sales in a jiffy.

Here’s an overview of the 4 topics I’ll be addressing — scroll down for more context.

Lead Generation

  • By using Instagram (link) posts and stories to show off your business, direct messaging the people who engage with your content can be extremely valuable to generating quality leads

Sales Execution

  • Knowing your sales pipeline in relation with your DMs will give your business the ability to close at a high clip


  • Regardless if that contact doesn’t become a lead, you can still add them to your contact list for collaboration and referrals


  • Now that your content team understands the importance of connecting with their ideal persona, they’ll take the time to produce content that provides value to your future customers

Learn more about these topics below!

Lead Generation

optimizing instagram

Of course, we’ve used Instagram in its entirety for our personal use, so why don’t we use it for new business? Quite possibly, like most professionals, they’re afraid of being too “unorthodox” in their outreach.

To which I say, they’re simply afraid of taking the chance to be successful. They’ll never go for it!

Kevin Gibbons with State of Digital sums it up well, “Everyone wants to be innovative, but no one wants to make mistakes – those two things don’t go hand in hand.”

Us digital marketers are always looking for new ways to be successful, but how can we find success in new areas if we’re afraid to fail in new avenues of business?

The answer is…we can’t!

Not to be clique…but did Jordan stop when he got cut from his high school basketball team, or Edison when he found 10,000 ways not to make a lightbulb, even Elvis didn’t quit when he was told he “couldn’t sing.”

If they can do it, you can do it.

Here is a step-by-step process on how to get more leads via Instagram DMs for your business! 

  1. Post an engaging post/story on your Instagram timeline that drives engagement
  2. From the engagement shown on your content, determine which genuine profiles match your ideal persona
  3. Compile a list of all the profiles that fit your ideal persona criteria for this one specific post
  4. Once you have a detailed list of profiles, start contacting them via Instagram DM! Your script should mirror something like this:
  • “Hi! Thanks for liking our picture. What did you like most about it”
  • “Do you have any questions on our new offer we’re giving out this week”
  • “What do you think our team could do to make our profile better for you?”

Pro Tip: All of these scripts will give you data that your lead gen team can use for future business, and more importantly, the person you’re talking to gets the genuine vibe that you truly care for them and their opinion.

  1. Once you’ve received feedback, you can start implementing changes in your lead gen strategy to generate a higher conversion rate!

Check out our video showing you how to engage, and monetize leads with Instagram.



Sales Execution

This is where the fun begins.

Finally, you have compiled a proper list of your future customers. Now…it’s time to put that to use!


At this point in the HubSpot Sales Process  your future customers should be in the Consideration Stage. They understand what your company does and who your audience is. The lingering questions they’re now faced with are…why should they buy from you? Do they even have a problem for you to solve?

Now depending on each customer, this is different. It’s important to continue to use the power of Insta DM to help with this.

So what’s next? You’ve gotten their attention, whether they replied back to your lead gen strategy or not. The next steps are essential to creating a solid pipeline.

Here’s what you need to do…

Track their future engagement

  • Make a mental note on who continues to like and comment on your content, and who simply only liked your post once out of curiosity. This is where you find your true audience

Those who continue to support, thank them!

  • You don’t have to go all salesy yet…first thank them for the consistent support and love on IG! Without them, your page wouldn’t have the popularity it does today. Take the time to thank them.


  • After thanking them, make sure you follow up with questions like “Do you have any questions on our current products? Have you been involved with *Your Niche* for a while now? Do you love it? What problems do you have now?”

Empathy first

  • Once you find out about the person and their likes/dislikes with your industry, empathize with them! Tell them you’ve been in their shoes and that’s why you took the time to develop a product that does everything you need it to! Now…you need to understand you’re playing with fire. If you come off as fake, you could be blocked and even go as far as receiving a bad review on Google! Always be sure to act genuine and take an interest in what your future customer is saying. After all, like your Instagram popularity, where would you be without your paying customers?  Nowhere!

Then Cash the Check

  • Now that you’ve built a strong relationship with your future client, you know their likes/dislikes, hobbies, you’ve arranged to get drinks this week and also be the best man in their wedding…kidding of course. The connection doesn’t have to be that dep obviously, but the more you’re connected with them, the better. Finally, this is where you ask to schedule a meeting, give them a promo code, ask them when they think they’d order your magnificent beauty cream, etc! This is where you go in for the kill and cash the check. Going in for the kill isn’t the right phrase…the better phrase would be to help them with whatever problems they had to begin with! Bingo!

Use these helpful tips and you’ll be on your way to Insta DM sales heaven! 



Now sadly, sales aren’t all that glamorous as we know. You get told “no”, “I’m not quite ready”, “I need to talk it over with the husband” too many times to count.  You’ll accept the sad reality that most people won’t buy your product..and that’s ok! It’s not that you or your company are bad people, those people simply don’t need your product! They already have a solution to the problem you’re trying to solve, and they’re happy with it. Sure, you can keep trying to convince that person your product is better, and it might be, but at the end of the day, it’s what the customer wants, not you.  At the end of the day if you still have no sales, don’t walk home defeated! Look for the opportunity in failure. One of the biggest parts of the business is networking. Use your failed sales attempts to turn the business relationship into a casual one! Add them on Insta! Facebook? Sure! Twitter? Oh yeah, meme city! The more people you know at the end of the day, the better. Why? Because they can refer you to people that could possibly want to buy from you! Ultimately, your network is your net worth…so make new friends! Using Insta DM is so easy because you don’t even need to talk to people face-to-face! So from those introverts out there, I don’t want to hear it. There are no excuses!

Take it from J.K. Rowling in this Huffington Post article, who talks about the possibility of Harry Potter never having been written!   

“I had been writing almost continuously since the age of six but I had never been so excited about an idea before. To my immense frustration, I didn’t have a pen that worked, and I was too shy to ask anybody if I could borrow one.”  -J.K. Rowling

Despite your own fears…there is always a way to grow your network, even if you’re shy.



Now throughout this article, I’ve talked about a lot of things that you can do to connect with your customer. What’s better than that? Giving your customer something…for free! That’s what your company is doing with each Instagram post and story you send out. First and foremost, the value is your top priority whenever you post. If your first inclination is to think about how many sales you’ll get from this new post, you’re not thinking for your customer, you’re actually being quite selfish. The true way to “get sales” is to actually provide valuable content to your customer. Whether that’s a podcast, quote, cool design…make them love what you post! Help your audience in the industry you’re in! It’s simple..if they have a problem..work with them to help them solve it! You’ll be going the extra mile with them and providing them with actual help instead of asking with your palm out what the CCV of their card is. In fact, if you overemphasize and triple-down on providing value…the leads and sales will take care of themselves!

Just to review…here are the 4 topics I mentioned to optimize your business!


Lead Generation

  • By using Instagram posts and stories to show off your business, direct messaging the people who engage with your content can be extremely valuable to generating quality leads

Sales Execution

  • Knowing your sales pipeline in relation with your DMs will give your business the ability to close at a high clip


  • Regardless if that contact doesn’t become a lead, you can still add them to your contact list for collaboration


  • Now that your content team understands the importance of connecting with their ideal persona, they’ll take the time to produce content that provides value to your future customers

To those who made it to the end, thank you!!!


My name is Sean Boyle, Sales & Business Development Manager at  Momentum Digital. Follow me on LinkedIn and Instagram for more information. Leave any comments and questions below for more details!

December 17, 2018

Small Business Saturday- MOM’S Mobile Oil Change.

This week, the SBS team introduced our brand new podcast series! Much like our Small Business Saturday video series, Small Business Saturday founder, Mac Frederick, will be interviewing a different small business owner in the Philadelphia area each week on the podcast. We will be releasing a new podcast episode three times a month in addition to our once a month video episode.

momentum small business saturday


For our very first episode, we were excited to interview Tyreese Burton, founder of MOM’S Mobile Oil Change. MOM’S Mobile Oil Change is a traveling small business in the area. MOM’S consists of a fleet of fully equip service vans able to handle all automotive needs on the go. MOM’s changes your car’s oil anywhere you request in 30 minutes or less! With MOM’S, you’ll never have to stress about scheduling an oil change again. They also offer a number of other automotive services – performed at your location – such as windshield blade replacement, tire rotation, and front brake pad replacement.


On the podcast, Tyreese discussed how MOM’S got started, how it gained traction, and how the company continues to stay relevant. Tyreese knew he was passionate about the automotive industry and that he wanted to help people. He did his research and, instead of joining an automotive franchise, discovered that he could do exactly what other companies are doing better and cheaper on his own. MOM’S is actually an acronym for “mobile oil management.” Tyreese wanted a name that was not only catchy but all-encompassing of what the business’ services are. Tyreese completely bootstrapped the company with all of his savings in order to get it up and running.


Once it was created, Tyreese used guerilla marketing tactics to gain new customers, such as handing out flyers and business cards to people as they were arriving/leaving their workplaces. You can hear Tyreese’s full story on our podcast!

Make sure to listen HERE and share it with your friends!

More information about MOM’S Mobile Oil Change can be found online on their website. They are also on all social media platforms. Make sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

March 12, 2018

How To STOP WASTING MONEY in Adwords & Facebook

How To STOP WASTING MONEY in Adwords & Facebook

Many businesses come to us with poor advertising results. They say “oh, we tried Adwords, it didn’t work, oh we tried Facebook ads also, didn’t work, we got no return on our investment.”

In pay-per-click advertising you must make the user experience as seamless as possible. Make the user have zero doubt when going through your online sale funnel. Achieving this is quite simple, but also very unknown within this large industry of digital advertising. This is why Google & Facebook are cashing in on your poor performance.

The US Digital advertising spending on mobile is expected to hit a whopping $83 billion by the end of 2019, according to eMarker.

Google and Facebook make up 57% of U.S. mobile spend.


What happens when your pay-per-click ads suck?


The costs get so prohibitive that you stop doing it. And no number of free $100 coupons will save your bad marketing practices.

Bad marketing will always fail. But if you’re doing good marketing for a good product or service, yet not quite achieving the success you want, then you will be ahead of 98% of the marketing world by the time you finish this post.


You’re not applying the two rules of a successful PPC campaign:

Rule One – Attention Ratio

Rule Two – Message Match

I don’t care how good you are at AdWords or Facebook management or ad writing.

If you don’t understand attention ratio and message match, you are doing it wrong, and your ads are under performing as a result.

PPC Success Rule #1 – Attention Ratio

Attention ratio is the ratio of links available other then your primary CTA. On a homepage this is regularly around 40:1 implying that there are 39 diverting actions and 1 desired action. A focused landing page has an attention ratio of 1:1. One focus to convert traffic into leads.

A homepage can have up to 57 links on the page. If the campaign you’re promoting with your PPC ads is “Promo 2” (highlighted in red below) then not only will it be hard to find amidst all the clutter (the attention ratio is 57:1), there are so many competing elements that your prospect will either hit the back button or click on another promos.

Attention ratio of a homepage:

What’s wrong with them clicking another promo? Surely a sale is a sale. NO. If they don’t interact with the campaign you’re promoting your AdWords statistics will reflect a failure as “Promo 2” wasn’t the one that converted.

Next, let’s take a look at the landing page below. It’s very clear that there is only one thing to do here, so the attention ratio is a perfect 1:1.

Using a campaign-specific landing page for your ad campaigns is the first step to success, but in and of itself, it will only improve the attention ratio. If you don’t improve the message match you will still fail, just not as much.

PPC Success Rule #2 – Message Match
Message match is a measure of how well your landing page headline matches the call-to-action that was clicked to arrive on your landing page. For paid ads, this is the headline of the ad.

Another aspect of message match is what’s known as design match. If your ad is visual, such as a display ad or a Facebook ad – that has a graphical component to it, you need to follow the design of your ad through to the landing page. The stronger the design of your landing page matches the design of the ad, the stronger the design match will be.

Follow through on your ad’s promise. Maintain the scent. Match the message.

The 2 Impacts of Good Message Match:

  1. More successful campaigns: Sounds overly simplistic to say “more successful”, but when visitors are instantly reaffirmed that they can get what they came for – because the headline matches the link (or ad) they came from – they are more likely to remain on your page.Think of it like an elevator pitch. Your headline is the foot in the door you need to allow you to pitch your product. If it’s a strong match to your ad, your visitor will proceed past your headline and on to the rest of your page content: the elevator pitch itself. This will lead to higher conversions and, as a result, a higher return on investment (ROI) for your marketing campaigns.
  2. Better UX : User Experience is positive, meaning better ad price and position. The success of your campaign also leads to lower ad prices and better ad positions. This is because Google starts building a history of your success. With poor message match, there will be a higher bounce rate which is interpreted by Google as a poor user experience – which you get dinged for. The stronger your message match is, the better the user experience is – making your account history more positive, lowering your costs.

Following these two simple rules will help your advertising budget (ROI) tremendously.

If you would like to a Free PPC audit for either Adwords or Facebook please email me at [email protected]

January 8, 2018

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips For Real Estate

The real estate industry is becoming more competitive as time goes on. It is becoming increasingly difficult for real estate companies to establish a strong digital presence. Everyone wants to increase lead generation and appear in the top of the Google search results. In this blog post I will be going over my top 5 digital marketing tips for real estate that will help give you a competitive edge in an ever-changing digital world.

  1. Develop A Responsive Real Estate Website

Building a website for your real estate company is one of the most important things you can do. If done correctly, you will generate more high quality leads. Whether you are running paid ads for social media or Google, a well built out website is the first step towards success. That’s why it is so important to have a visually appealing, easy to use, mobile friendly website.

When you look at your website make sure you see the following:  

  • Landing pages with strong calls to action
  • A lot of relevant content/useful info.
  • Strong keyword usage throughout site
  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly and optimized
  • Lots of photos (360-degree photos/videos are best)

Since this isn’t a blog post about web design, I won’t go into detail about each point. These points are very important if you want to increase quality lead generation and rank higher in search engines.

One point I did want to talk more in detail about is using relevant keywords throughout your site. Keywords are the building blocks of SEO. It’s crucial to target the most relevant keywords in order to create an effective strategy for SEO.  For example, if you are a home buyer you should have keyword phrases like “Sell Your House Fast In Philadelphia”. This allows your website to populate organically for people who are using these search terms in Google.

Below is a perfect example from Keller Williams Realty Inc. This screenshot was taken from their website. It shows that they are using the proper keywords to target certain areas where they buy and sell homes. They also have listed feature properties within their location which will help their site populate organically for local searches as I mentioned earlier. This will not only improve their SEO but also capture quality leads. If you have time check out their website, they are a great example of what a proper real estate website should look like.

  1. Become A Source For Information

People have so many questions when it comes to real estate, whether its buying or selling a home. This is a perfect opportunity for you to provide helpful content that people can use. This will not only lead them to your website and turn them into prospective customers, but also provides you the chance to build brand awareness and trust.

A great example would be to create a blog page on your website. Make the title of the blog posts questions people would typically want to know about real estate. For example, a title for a post could be “Should I Trust Zillow To Determine My House Value In Philadelphia?”. Answers will differ based on location, so make sure to include landmarks in you posts (also helps with SEO).  

More examples would be to create YouTube videos, create infographics and even post tips on your social media channels. Once you begin to optimize your content, you will start to rank higher in Google’s search results.

  1. Paid & Organic Search

Google AdWordsSEO

Since the majority of prospective customers will be using their phones or computers to search for real estates, it is very important to have quality campaigns for PPC (pay-per-click) and SEO. Regardless of what your company does in real estate, people will be searching keyword phrases related to your services. Location is extremely important when it comes to search. If you think about it, it is very likely that someone will type into Google “real estate agent [city]”. This is something to keep in mind when bidding on keywords.

When it comes to SEO, everyone wants immediate results. The simple fact is SEO is a marathon, not a sprint! Although, using the correct methods can save time and increase lead generation.

While I can write a whole article on SEO for real estate, I’m going to keep it short and list out some important points you can use:

  • Get listed on directories (Trulia, Zillow, Homes.com)
  • Target local keyword phrases ([city] real estate)
  • Consistently create useful content
  • Optimize for on-site/off-site SEO
  • Know the difference between local & national SEO
  • Use lots of photos/videos on site (necessity for real estate)
  • Optimize site for mobile

For example, when using Google AdWords keyword planner tool, in Philadelphia there is an average of 22,200 searches for the keyword phrase “houses for sale”. This shows how many people are using Google as a resource to find houses for sale, and the potential customers you can capture if you properly optimize your website and paid ads.

  1. Social Media Marketing

In an ever changing digital world, social media is a must for your real estate company. You can now share new listings and updates of what’s available instantly with all social medias. Best of all it’s FREE!

I believe the 3 must have social media accounts for your real estate company are LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. You must be posting on these accounts consistently, while posting on other social media platforms such as Google+ and YouTube less frequently.

It is great for real estate because you get to post images as often as you want. People respond best to 360-degree photos and videos. Being able to view a whole house without leaving their computer puts you at a huge advantage! If you can hire a professional to create a 360-degree virtual tour of your properties, this will help differentiate you from the competition. Facebook now allows you to post these 360-degree photos and videos, which is an amazing feature for your real estate page. Whether you are buying or selling property, it is great to have a place to post pictures where potential customers can discover your company.

I am going to give 3 example of successful realtors that use social media to their advantage:

Brittany Nettles, a successful realtor at Keller Williams Realty Inc., is using social media to brand and market herself in the local Philadelphia market. It is important for anyone working in real estate to use their own personal social media accounts to build a strong brand for themselves, so they can build trust and close more deals. If you take a look at her Facebook page, you will see that she is posting pictures of the newest listings and taking advantage of the free marketing social media has to offer.


You can also brand yourself as an entrepreneur to increase your social media following. Julian Bradley, who is an entrepreneur and real estate investor, is a great example. If you take a look at his Instagram he is building a brand for himself, therefore he will begin to build trust and ultimately close more deals.


My last example is Ed Stulak. He is a successful realtor that is branding himself as an entrepreneur. If you take a look at his Instagram, his posts include the most recent listings and life related events. He is not only building a strong reputation as a realtor but as an entrepreneur. As his social media following continues to grow, he will continue to gain recognition in the New Jersey real estate market.


From a company standpoint Keller Williams Realty, Inc. has all social media channels properly built out. Thier
Facebook page even links out to their Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages (Sceen Shot Below). Keller Williams would be a great example to follow for your own real estate company. They are posting daily to each account, all of their content is informative and they are properly marketing all new listings via each social media account.

Keller Wiliams Realty Inc.

  1. Develop A Specialization

Differentiating yourself in the real estate is critical due to the competitive nature of the industry. You need to set a tone for what you do well and stick to it.

A good example would be real estate agents who only sell certain homes in specific areas. You want to be very clear with the type of homes, areas, and price ranges you deal with. You don’t want to be vague with details of what you do on your website, otherwise you will get many useless leads.

It is important to be explicit with what you do for obvious reasons. Remember to embrace what you are best at and people will begin to notice. This is what’s going to make you stand out from the competition.


There are many ways to build a strong digital presence for your real estate company. It can be overwhelming, but if you take it step by step you will notice more high quality leads filling up your inbox. My advice would be to first focus on your website then move on to the next steps like paid ads and social media. With these 5 steps you will a develop a stronger brand and drastically grow your business.

My name is Dave Lacamera and I’m a Paid Search & SEO Specialist here at Momentum Digital. If you have any questions about digital marketing tips for real estate feel free to contact us at any time!

Also, a big shoutout to successful realtors and entrepreneurs, Brittany Nettles, Julian Bradley, and Ed Stulak for allowing us to use their social media accounts as awesome examples to follow. You can reach any of us at the email or Instagram handle below.

David Lacamera: [email protected] or @davidlacamera

Brittany Nettles: @shemovesphilly

Julian Bradley: @julianbradley23

Ed Stulak: @edstulak

December 4, 2017

So what is Small Business Saturday?

This past week (following the actual Small Business Saturday), we met with the social media team from Visit Philly, the largest and most well known media source for all of Philadelphia. The meeting took place in our WeWork office in Center City, and it went incredible well. Below we cover some of the discussion that took place about our main nonprofit initiative known as “Small Business Saturday”.

Well, this idea actually stems from the original Small Business Saturday by American Express where they help promote shopping small the Saturday after Black Friday. Their initiative started back in 2011 as a marketing campaign and a way to give back to local businesses that want to offer local deals the day after Black Friday. Most of these businesses can’t afford to compete with the big box retailers on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so AMEX made a day just for them, and it’s grown organically from there. Below you can see a YouTube video for the 2017 Small Business Saturday promotion. Also, as a small business you can sign up and partner with AMEX to get Free marketing material and support. To me, as an entrepreneur and small business owner, this is incredible….

So I started thinking …..  why stop there? Why just one day per year? We wanted to take this to the next level by helping small local businesses in Philly EVERY Saturday, not just one day a year.  The reason behind this is because, here at Momentum, we truly believe in the American Dream. In fact, most of our services encompass helping small business entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are the backbone of this amazing country!

According to Fundera, small business accounts for 99.7% of all businesses in the US. Crazy right? The problem though, is that these business owners don’t have the time, money or resources to stay competitive in this digital era. The main problem they face is digital marketing. So, that being said, our goal is to highlight, film and promote a small local business in Philly every Saturday, completely for FREE. Not only do we aim to showcase what makes them unique, but we also help promote their business through our own digital and social platforms. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you can see our weekly posts. Our long term goal (Spoiler alert!!!) is to create a massive following on YouTube and Facebook to have this weekly channel where people look forward to and watch out show.

That being said, we do post weekly to YouTube, so PLEASE SUBSCRIBE 🙂
small business saturday youtube

So how and why did you start Small Business Saturday?

So 3 years ago I was working at Google as a consultant for a lot of small businesses, and what I realized was that most of these owners were amazing people with cool companies, but had NO idea how to perfect digital marketing. Consequently, this forced them to spend a lot of money on unsuccessful marketing campaigns. These people weren’t dumb, they just didn’t have time to learn digital marketing. Naturally, as a digital entrepreneur, I asked them about their other marketing and advertising initiatives. Having a small business myself, I was curious if I could help give some advice about their website, SEO, social media, and more. However, this interfered with Google’s agenda and I felt conflicted because I love being able to help other people using my knowledge of digital marketing. After consulting a few people and having conversations with agency owners and entrepreneurs, I realized that I had what it takes to start my own company, a digital marketing agency where we provide this digital momentum for small businesses.

small business saturday

So, not long after I decided to follow my passion and skillset to leave Google and start this agency so that we could truly help the people who need it the most. From there Momentum was born. Having met so many people that previous year, it made starting out a bit easier. I already had a book of leads to call to offer my encompassing digital services and consulting. Now, in order to grow the company we of course have to charge for our services, but a lot of small businesses couldn’t afford us and it was really discouraging. As I grew the agency (I started Momentum in August 2015) I realized I wanted to start an initiative to give back to small businesses for free. In doing so, I knew I would meet and help a lot of great people, while also spreading the name and awareness of Momentum.

So this year we decided to launch a non-profit initiative to dedicate 20% of our time and resources to what we call Small Business Saturday, so that we can help really cool local businesses completely for free.

So how does a business get involved with Momentum?

To be featured on Small Business Saturday all you have to do is reach out to us on our website or social media and just start a conversation. Tell us how you found us and what makes your business unique. We tend to only work small local businesses that really fit the culture as to what this mission stands for, but please don’t hesitate to try. All that we ask in return is that you return the favor by sharing your story by re-posting the video on your social networks, and by also telling another business owner who this could benefit.

Also, a big shoutout to our SBS Leader and Momentum’s content manager, Austin Dunhour, for helping lead this initiative. You can reach me or Austin at the emails and instagram handles below. 

Mac Frederick = [email protected] → @MacFrederick

Austin Dunhour = [email protected]@adun80

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