January 7, 2019

SBS Podcast Welcomes a New “Co-host: Delilah Dee”

In 2019, we are taking our brand new Small Business Saturday podcast to the next level. To do this, we are getting more expertise, advice, and business experience by welcoming a co-host! During this week’s episode of the Small Business Saturday Podcast, we introduced the newest member of the SBS team – Delilah Dee. Delilah is a Philadelphia local, born and raised in North Philadelphia, who specializes in branding and events. She is young, energetic, and passionate about helping as many local small businesses as she can.

In this week’s episode, Delilah and Mac discussed their backstories and different challenges and successes they have had as entrepreneurs. They also gave more background about the Small Business Saturday project, how your small business can get featured on the podcast and future plans for the SBS podcast series. Make sure you listen to the full episode on Youtube, Anchor, Spotify, Google Play or iTunes!

The Small Business Saturday podcast began as a passion project for the team at Momentum Digital. The SBS series started out as a blog series that talked about cool and unique small businesses in Philadelphia. The series then moved to weekly video promotion. However, it began taking up too much time, energy, and resources for the team. From there, it was decided to transition the series to a podcast episode weekly and a video episode monthly.

Delilah and Mac are both entrepreneurs who actually met in college at Penn State. However, their entrepreneurial journeys are very different.  Delilah currently runs a digital content and events agency that works with both local and national brands. Her business aims to push people, specifically people of color, from being dreamers to being doers. All of Delilah’s business knowledge is self-taught. Her business dreams were bootstrapped and formed while she was working other jobs.


SBS Podcast New "Co-host: Delilah Dee"
Mac has been an entrepreneur since college, taking part in multiple start-up initiatives before transitioning to a career at Google. He is very passionate about the “American Dream” and helping out all kinds of small business owners and entrepreneurs.


SBS Podcast New "Co-host: Delilah Dee"
This a podcast for anyone who is a small business owner, entrepreneur, dreamer, creator, or doer. During this podcast series, we want to share the stories of local business owners – both their successes and failures – in hopes that hearing someone else’s story can help you on your business journey. SBS aims to create a space that will give small business owners and entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed in the small business/start-up world.

If you are a small business owner that would like to take part in the Small Business Saturday series, please feel free to reach out to us! There is no restriction with who can apply. However, we do try to highlight businesses that have been in business for over a year, has an interesting backstory, and has a unique small business.

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December 31, 2018

Small Business Saturday – Beyond the Seams

This week, Small Business Saturday we highlighted Beyond the Seams. We released the second episode of our new podcast series! During episode two, we chatted with Idalia, co-owner and co-founder of Beyond the Seams. Beyond the Seams is a boutique art gallery located in North Philadelphia.  It is a space that acts as a “blank slate” for local artists. It’s main function is to host galleries and showcases of different artists, but BTS also hosts workshops, sells work and items made my local artists, and runs their own silkscreen printing service. Beyond the Seams is a brand new company – they have been working out of their storefront location for about four months now.

During the episode, Mac and Idalia discusses everything from our education system to Meek Mill. Idalia has a background in education and interior design. Her husband, and business partner, Yasin, has a passion for business and apparel art design. When forming their business, they settled on the name “Beyond the Seams,” which means “more than meets the eye.”

As for getting their business up and running, Idalia stressed the importance of local outreach and grassroot marketing. Word of mouth, hanging flyers, and networking has been some of the key elements to their business’ success. Beyond the Seams also attributes the network of artists they work with to allowing their business to continue to flourish. When BTS hosts an artist gallery, they charge the artist nothing. They only ask for a small percentage of any sales they make during the gallery event. Idalia says this has kept artists coming back and referring their friends to the space.

Beyond the Seams relies on their screen printing services in order to make a profit. They screenprint for schools, sports teams, and any other group looking to have a custom t-shirt design created. In 2019, BTS hopes to continue to expand and reach more of the Philadelphia community.

Listen to our Small Business Saturday podcast to here to hear their full story!


For more information on Beyond the Seams, visit their website! They can also be found online on Facebook and Instagram.

October 1, 2018

Small Business Saturday Philadelphia- N2 Sweet Cafe

Small Business Saturday Philadelphia:
N2 Sweet Cafe

This week’s Momentum Digital Small Business Saturday, we sat down with Candice Williams, owner of
N2 Sweet Cafe to talk about her creamy nitrogen ice cream shop and cafe in Chinatown. Candice and her business partner traveled around to different parts of the country and tasted liquid Nitrogen ice cream and instantly fell in love with its creamy texture. When they came to Philadelphia they had never seen of anything like it in stores or, at other shops. There for, came the creation of N2 Sweet Cafe. Candice wanted to give Philly the same amazing experiance that she had been enjoying.

Why is nitrogen ice cream so different? For starters, there is nothing like it in the supermarket freezer section. But also, it’s unique because the liquid nitrogen that is put in the ice cream makes the ice crystal molecules so small that it creates a creamier custard-like consistency. N2 Sweet Cafe is giving you an experience that can’t be found anywhere else in Philadelphia. It’s not just about eating the ice cream it’s about the fun experience you get while watching the ice cream be made. Get blown away by the instant change in ice cream as it goes from a liquid to a delectable solid in seconds!

Candice’s mission is all about family and education. Because Candice is also a behavioral specialist, she has a love for children and knew when she opened the shop she needed to make it a family-friendly environment. It’s fun aesthetic is the perfect place for communities to come together and enjoy all the store has to offer. La Colombe coffee for the adults, and fun ice cream treats for the kids. N2 Sweet Cafe is a place for the whole family to sit down and enjoy a treat. A wide variety of flavors from strawberry to matcha green tea will have everyone satisfied!

Find N2 Sweet Cafe on Instagram, Facebook, and their website! Stop by soon for their new amazing fall flavors and Eagles promotional discounts (Wear an Eagles jersey on select days and get 10% off!)  Next time you’re strolling through Chinatown, make sure you stop by N2 for a unique, tasty, frozen treat. You won’t regret it. 

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