August 1, 2023

Digital Marketing for Home Contractors

 Digital Marketing for Home Contractors Blog and Video by Momentum Digital.

Today, we dive into an in-depth analysis of how a home contracting company can effectively leverage Digital Marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Home Contractors

Digital marketing is an essential role for scaling a Home Contracting business. Today, let’s delve into an in-depth analysis of how a home contracting company can effectively leverage these strategies.

We recently conducted a full Digital Marketing audit for a home contracting company, located in New Jersey. We analyzed their website, metrics, and social media presence, and provided insight on how their marketing can be improved.

Auditing the Website

When auditing a website, the primary focus is on its content. The quantity and quality of the site’s content significantly impact its Google search ranking. For our New Jersey contractor, we noticed the website’s content was sparse, which provides limited opportunities for ranking in Google search results. Remember, if your website doesn’t have a lot of useful and engaging content, you won’t be able to rank for keywords related to your business, which  will reduce the traffic from Google. A website filled with relevant and appealing content is crucial step for  digital marketing strategies for home contractors.

Creating individual pages for each service offered by your business is a basic way to provide content and increase engagement. This not only gives potential clients detailed information about each service but also provides an opportunity to rank for additional keywords. Similarly, having location landing pages for all the areas serviced can help dominate local search results.

The Importance of a Google Business Profile

Having an optimized Google Business Profile for your Home Contracting business is vital. For many Local Service businesses, their GBP can be what provides the most natural leads. This is why its important to have a consistently updated profile with glowing 5 star reviews.  In our audit, this business had a limited landscape—there was a lack of extensive descriptions, Google posts, photo/video content, and keywords. Improving these areas will not only improve their Local SEO, it will also provide potential clients with details, pictures and reviews to influence them to give your business a call.

The most important factor for Digital Marketing for Home Contractors is ranking at the top of Google Local Search results with your business. Having a fully optimized, managed, and updated GBP profile is essential for beating your competition.

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Leverage Google Ads

When it comes to digital marketing strategies for home contractors, Google Ads are one of the most important steps for lead generation. Google offers two types of ads, Google Guaranteed Ads and standard Google Ads, both of which can be utilized by a home contracting business. Google Guaranteed ads are particularly beneficial as you only pay when you receive real leads, making them an excellent return on investment. On the other hand, standard Google Ads allows selective bidding on  keywords to appear first in Google Search.

Google Ads Marketing can be a game-changer for home contracting businesses seeking more leads and customers from Google. With targeted ads, businesses can reach potential customers precisely when they’re searching for “home contractors near me” and much more. By selecting relevant keywords, geographic targeting, and demographics, home contracting businesses can showcase their expertise to the right audience. Google Ads also allows for budgeting, cost-effectiveness and conversion management. The platform’s performance tracking enables businesses to optimize campaigns in real-time, fine-tuning strategies for maximum results. With Google Ads, home contractors can increase visibility, drive qualified traffic, and ultimately convert more leads into satisfied customers.

Climbing the Google Local Search Results Ladder

Getting your business to appear in the top three Google local search results (3-pack) is a game-changer. Most search traffic gravitates towards these top 3 listings. So, if your business isn’t in the top three, you’re missing out on most of the market on Google. Fortunately, with frequent Google posts, photos, content, reviews, and keywords, your spot in the 3-pack can be achieved.

We can’t stress enough the important of ranking your GBP profile with reviews and content as a key aspect to Digital Marketing for Home Contractors in this day-and-age.

Boosting SEO Score

A high SEO score and domain authority indicate when a website has the potential to rank high on Google search. These scores can be achieved through optimizing website pages and gaining backlinks.  Our audit of the Home Contracting business showed a low domain authority and minimal organic website visitors per month. Meaning, this website is not ranking high, and no one searching on Google is seeing it. This will need work in order to generate leads through Google Search.

Rea more about Local SEO Optimization strategies and tactics to incorporate into your digital marketing strategy for home contractor businesses.

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Implementing Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

Using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics is another important tool to improve digital marketing for home contractors. These tools provide valuable insights into website visitor behavior, which enables the business to make informed decisions and optimizations to the site. These tools can show which pages attract the most visitors, encourage engagement, and stay opened the longest. By using these analytics, you can figure out what makes a page thrive and how you can make the rest of your pages similar.

Leveraging Social Media

Expanding your social media presence to platforms like Instagram and TikTok can be beneficial to build an engaging and trustworthy brand. Potential clients might want to check out your social profiles for pictures of your Home improvement results. Creating engaging content, like DIY projects and before-and-after videos, can also generate interest and potential leads.

Don’t worry about being perfect. You can find what other successful home contractors are posting for photos and videos on social media and copy their playbook by recreating that content for your social media marketing.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, digital marketing for home contractors can significantly boost business growth. Improving online presence through search engine optimization, leveraging Google Ads, and creating engaging social media content are just a few effective strategies.

Other Marketing Tips!

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