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My name is Mac Frederick and I’m an entrepreneur in Philadelphia who owns and runs a few different brands that are hiring for a Digital Marketing Internship.

We are looking for a few up and coming marketers and entrepreneurs looking to make a difference and build something with us. Their focus needs to be around marketing, social media, and sales.

This is an opportunity to build a business with an up-and-coming digital marketing agency. Momentum is partnered with Facebook & Google. We were recently voted Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses in Philly and Won Best of Philly.

We will be selecting very few applicants from a handful of hard-working, ambitious, and digital-focused entrepreneurs over the next few months.

We want highly motivated hard-working individuals who are able to learn quickly online and remotely. Some great ways to educate yourself would be to utilize Google, YouTube, Udemy & Lynda.

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Tell us more about yourself, your expertise, and why you’re a good fit for our digital marketing internship or other careers.

Most Digital Marketing Account Manager Jobs include part-time remote work. We have an office in Philadelphia that can be used as well, but most employees and contractors work from home on their own schedules.

We Are Always Hiring for Part-Time Digital Marketing Internship Jobs at Momentum Digital.

Our parent company is Momentum Digital, and we are located in Philadelphia, and we allow entrepreneurial individuals to apply for an opportunity to build their own business. We will be hiring multiple people for this Digital Marketing Internship role.

You can choose from 3 areas of focus:

1. Digital Marketing & Social Media

2. Photography & Video

3. Sales & Business Development

You might be confused….. so let me explain.

A few main things you might learn involve….

– Branding, Marketing & Lead Generation

– Software, Technology & Marketing Automation

– Google & Facebook Ads

– Photography & Design

– Entrepreneurship, starting a business, the hustle

Experience Needed:

This person must have a higher-level understanding of digital marketing with some background and experience with advertising and marketing online. We also prefer sales or management experience because it will help you be more organized, hungry, and successful.

Tangible Skills:

– Social media marketing (running and building social media accounts)

– Basic Design Skills

– Basic Email Marketing Skills

– Basic Sales & Management Experience

– Time Management

– Understanding of Social Media Marketing (Facebook Advertising)

Intangible Skills

– Understanding and use of technology

– Extremely good communicator (verbal, non-verbal, and using technology)

– Creative mindset

– Very strategic thinker and problem solver

– Team-oriented and fast-paced learner

– Entrepreneurial, self-starter, motivated

Values (this person must have these shared values)

– Hard-working

– Passionate

– Friendly and kind

– Team player

– Consistent & Committed

– Respectful & Responsible

– Honesty & Transparency

– Communication

Let me make this very clear, you WILL LEARN a lot. You will be partnered up with other entrepreneurs in the area. You MUST be local, and willing to learn. This Digital Marketing Internship is very unique and unlike anything out there.

Skills you will learn:

1. How to start a business

2. How to build a website

3. How to grow social media channels

4. How to Increase SEO

5. Facebook and Instagram Ads

6. Social Media Marketing

7. Web Design

8. Google and Bing Ads

9. Analytics and Reporting

10. Account Management

11. Sales and Business Development

12. Networking and Communication

If you are still reading, please be aware of the following…

1. Spots are VERY Limited. You must apply and prove yourself.

2. You will NOT be given an immediate job. You must earn your opportunity.

3. There is NO guaranteed salary or pay (until you start managing accounts)

4. There is also NO CAP (no limit) to how much money you can make.

5. This is not a standard role or employment.

Hiring Process:

1. Apply with resume and why you want the job

2. Tell us why you are perfect for this opportunity

3. We review resume and application

4. Video recording of why we should pick you

5. Phone screenings

6. Full Video Interview

7. First in-person Interview

8. Second in-person interview (with team)

9. Shadow for a day

10. Onboarding


We have dozens of mentors who are specialists in all aspects of the digital marketing business who will be providing in-person and online trainings. If selected, you will be given every resource and opportunity to create your own digital marketing agency within Momentum — that you can make your own.

Must sign an NDA, W9, Non-compete, and contractor agreement.

If you think you are up for a challenge, then apply now and impress us.

For more information please follow Momentum Digital on Instagram or send us an email to


  • Flexible schedule
  • Professional development assistance


  • Remote, online, and flexible
  • Self-determined schedule

Supplemental pay types:

  • Stipend
  • Bonus pay
  • Commission pay

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