March 7, 2023

DIY Web Design: Pros and Cons

Should you hire a professional to create your website, or should you Do It Yourself? In this article, we will go over the Pros and Cons of DIY Web Design!

DIY Web Design: Is It a Good Idea?

Do-it-yourself web builders are available for every major hosting platform. DIY web design services provide users with the tools they need to create and launch their own websites on a budget; They usually feature appealing templates and are beginner friendly. these services suggest that they will save time and money for both small and large businesses.

A professional web design agency, however, can provide you with a customized and premium website, that can also have special features which DIY platforms do not. 

Let’s delve a little deeper into the pros and cons of DIY web design to determine which choice is best for you and your brand!

What You Need To Know About DIY Web Design

DIY web design has many of benefits. The affordability of DIY, makes it a popular choice. Though, many beginners may run into problems when trying to create their website on their own, and would benefit from getting one professionally made instead. For example, if you are not technically skilled, you may find yourself spending a lot of time trying to get the website to work correctly. In instances like this, it would be more cost-effective to have an agency create one for you.

Here is a complete breakdown of DIY web design and an outline of the alternatives.

DIY Web Design Pros

DIY web design has a number of benefits, including

DIY Web Design Is Cheap

DIY web design is free or low cost, so you can create a website for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional web designer. This means that you can save money on web design and still get a decent-looking website.

Technically speaking, you can code any website yourself completely for free by learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But this route is outdated, since there are plenty of website building platforms which are user-friendly and, more often than not, look better than anything made from scrap. For instance, you can use free website builders such as WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace to create a professional looking website using templates, though you will have to pay a monthly fee.

While it is true that you can save money by designing your own website, sometimes you may not end up with a page that is as good as you imagined. For instance, if you use a free template, you may not be able to customize the design enough to make it stand out from your competitors. It’s like trying to build a house without the help of a skilled carpenter or contractor. You can do it yourself, but you won’t have the same quality of construction as you would with an experienced professional.

DIY Web Design Are Easy To Use

When it comes to DIY web design, users can customize their websites to their hearts’ content and enjoy the array of options provided for them. For instance, while some web design platforms provide a basic selection of themes, others offer a library of templates and customization options. 

Furthermore, most website builders are user-friendly and often have drag-and-drop features, making the process of designing a website easier and faster. However, not all website builders are created equal and require more technical knowledge than others.

DIY Web Design Are Quick To Set Up

If you’re a quick learner and have gathered all of the content you want to include on your website, you can create a website in a single day. On the other hand, some people prefer to build their websites slowly.

Designing a website is like painting a picture – some people prefer to take their time and do it slowly and methodically, adding layers and details bit by bit until their masterpiece is complete. Remember, generating long-lasting sales and establishing authority in your field requires more than blindly launching a website with generic content.

Upon hiring a professional, you will receive a custom website tailored to your specific needs. Your site will mirror your brand in the most appealing way possible. You’ll have access to an expert with years of experience, creative ideas, and technical expertise. Experienced web designers manage all the design and tech while you concentrate on your business.

DIY website platforms
DIY Web Design Cons

There are also many drawbacks to DIY web design, some of them being:

DIY Web Design Is Time-consuming

It is important to understand that even though DIY web design services are pretty straightforward, the setup still requires a learning curve. This is particularly true if you are launching a website for the first time. 

While It is always beneficial to learn a new skill, some small business owners or brands might not have the time to master web design. Their time might be more valuable to running there business and making sales.

Since you will end up saving time, energy, and usually end up with a better looking results, it could be a better decision to hire a professional in many cases.

DIY Web Design Has Restrictive Designs

A free or inexpensive template is an excellent option for hobbyists or sole entrepreneurs. The downside is that as soon as you want extensive control over the design of your website, and sometimes even the color scheme, you will find it frustratingly limited. For instance, many free templates have limited support for customizing fonts and font sizes, making it difficult to create a truly unique look for your website.

Additionally, free templates may also contain intrusive advertising or require you to link back to the template’s website, which can be seen as unprofessional by your clients.

DIY Web Design Has Minimal Functionality

Most free or inexpensive templates don’t offer extra functionality. Ultimately, multiple functions do not conform to the cheap-and-fast selling point of DIY web design. In order to build anything more than a simple contact form, a photo gallery, or a shopping cart system, you will need a powerful and flexible solution.

Your long-term success will be based on a digital strategy that has been carefully thought out and thoroughly researched. Professional web designers will keep your objectives in mind as they design for your target market and take your business strategy into consideration.

Poor SEO Performance On DIY Web Builders

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to increasing a website’s visibility in online search results for a particular business category. DIY web design have its perks, but limited SEO tools are built into free or inexpensive templates, and only basic instructions are available to guide you. SEO is the most important work you can have done for a business website, because without an optimized website, potential customers and clients will never be able to find it!

DIY Website Speed Issues

A professional web designer will be able to reduce image sizes, combine files into bundles, and remove unnecessary code to make the website as efficient as possible. A faster loading website is not only more convenient to any visitors, they are also preferred by Google’s Algorithm.

Plus, when it comes to DIY web design services, you’ll notice that they tend to use shared servers for hosting. The result is a reduction in bandwidth and a slower loading time for your pages. For example, if your website receives a spike in traffic from a popular blog post, your site will likely slow down or go offline due to the strain on the shared server.

Reduced Security On DIY Web Design

The importance of security cannot be overstated when using online website builders. For example, some website builders do not adequately protect against the use of malicious code on websites, which can lead to data breaches and other security issues and the potential hijacking of your website!

Servers hosting hundreds or thousands of other websites are often the target of  hackers who could gain entry to your site if passwords are leaked!

There Is No Guidance Available In DIY Web Builders

No one can correct your mistakes or guide you strategically when you use an online website builder. Cheap platforms do not provide an expert’s perspective on your business. For example, an online website builder can’t provide you with the necessary advice on the best design and layout for your target customers. 

Furthermore, they lack expert input on everything you should consider before starting, such as website structure and usability, to avoid additional expenses in the future. 

DIY Web Design, Is It A Good Idea?

DIY web design is a good option to establish an online presence if your business or brand is just getting off the ground, you have plenty of free time but not much money, and you only need a brochure website or a few pages listing your services. Any website is better than no website. Often many small business might use a DIY build temporarily, while while they wait for their web designer to create fully functional website, which is the digital representation of your company. 

But it’s best not to depend on these low-cost layouts in the long run. It may even be more cost effective to get one made professionally, then paying the monthly fees associated with popular DIY platforms. 

pros and cons of diy web design

Keep A Long-term Perspective

We’ll be honest with you: hiring professional website designers is a slower, more expensive process. No doubt about it.

But the process is slower due to its careful consideration, painstaking planning, and strategic nature. It is more expensive because it is specifically tailored to your business, your customers, and your future development – with plenty of room for growth.

Whether to use a DIY web design or hire a professional web designer is the decision that each business has to make for itself. It all depends on your needs, vision, and long-term goals. In case you are still unsure, please feel free to contact us and let us weigh in on your options.

If you found this article helpful, check out our blog for more guidance on SEO strategies. Or, contact us today to get customized SEO tips for your needs.

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