June 3, 2019

D’Oliva Evoo Pizza & Grill

Any other pizza lovers out there? ✋🏼 Based on our past Small Business Saturday features – like Joe’s Pizza Philly – we are huge pizza fans. If you’re anything like us, D’Oliva Evoo Pizza & Grill, a brand new pizza spot, is bound to be your new favorite place.

During this week’s episode of Small Business Saturday Philadelphia, we sat down with Calogero Zito from D’Oliva Evoo Pizza & Grill. Located in Northern Liberties on the Liberty Walk, D’Oliva is an Italian-American Pizzeria. The pizzeria is owned and operated by fresh off the boat Italians. At D’Oliva, they aim to create recipes where Italian flavors meet American taste.

D’Oliva – The Story

You may recognize Calogero from a previous Small Business Saturday feature – Dolce and Cafe. This was Calogero’s first business. However, he has opened a brand new business only a few blocks away from Dolce and Cafe. D’Oliva Evoo Pizza & Grill is hitting the ground running in Northern Liberties!

D'Oliva Evoo Pizza & Grill

Calogero and his family have been in the pizza business in New Jersey for many years. For them – it was like second nature. Being Italian, pizza is a huge part of Italian culture and cuisine. 5 years ago, Colagero moved to the U.S. from Italy and opened Dolce and Cafe, an authentic Italian espresso bar. After the success of Dolce and Cafe, Calogero decided that it was time to bring his beloved pizza recipe to Northern Liberties.

D’Oliva – The Pizza

At D’Oliva, they change out their slices daily. They make pies depending on which fresh ingredients they have in stock. This ensures that all of the pizzas are high quality, fresh, and ready to serve. The slices available depend on what people are ordering, so it is always what is most popular on the day and time that you stop in.

D'Oliva Pizza

Their most popular pies?

The Nona

This pizza’s toppings include chunky tomatoes, fresh basil, burrata, and delicious mozzarella.

The Pugliese

A white pizza topped with fresh sausage, roasted garlic, mozzarella, and Brussel sprouts.

D'Oliva Pasta

Buffalo Chicken

A classic pie – their buffalo chicken pizza includes mozzarella, grilled chicken, and buffalo sauce.

D’Oliva only tops their pizzas with portobello mushrooms and true, Italian pepperoni.

Is your mouth watering yet? Ours sure is!

D’Oliva also specializes in other Italian dishes. The menu includes fried eggplant, Italian-style salads, and homemade pasta. All D’Oliva dishes are family recipes that have been passed down to Calogero throughout the years.

D'Oliva Pizza

“With our menu, everything is fresh. We make everything – from the broccoli and garlic to the chicken and eggplant – fresh.”

– Calogero Zito

If you want fresh food that tastes like it’s right from Italy, D’Oliva Evoo Pizza & Grill is your go-to place!

For more information about D’Oliva Evoo Pizza & Grill, check out their website at https://philadelphia.dolivapizza.com  – You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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