March 11, 2019

Eclectic Learning Network Podcast

Listen to the Eclectic Learning Network Small Business Marketing Podcast

During Episode 10 of the Small Business Saturday podcast, we sat down with Maleka Diggs, Founder of the Eclectic Learning Network.

Eclectic Learning Network is a secular, Black and Brown centered home education network. ELN empowers families and learning spaces through community, connection, and awareness to support the cultural and interest-driven needs of young people. Eclectic Learning Network aims to connect life, diversity, race, and inclusion into at-home education.

Maleka is always trying new things, but creating the Eclectic Learning Network is the first thing that actually called her. She never expected to be a business owner; Maleka founded ELN out of necessity. Maleka never intended to homeschool her children, but she changed her mind after a not-so-friendly interaction with a local education institution. From then on, Maleka decided that she could do better for her daughters. So, she began her homeschooling journey.

Maleka’s incident with the local public school prompted her to rethink what education really was. Throughout her journey to ultimately creating ELN, she not only got to know and understand her children’s needs better, but she got to know herself even better. ELN is against compulsory education – meaning that the children progress and learn on their own terms with ELN.

ELN focuses on the children’s interests and needs, allowing children to explore who they are. The network goes against the conditioning that we learn during traditional/formal education experiences. Instead of focusing on specific subjects, ELN’s lessons are centered around the interests of the children.

Currently, ELN offers a range of services, programs, and events. Eclectic Learning Network assists its members in everything from starting their homeschooling journey to Equity, Inclusion and Diversity training. Over the past 4 years, ELN has offered more than 300 programs to the Philadelphia community.

Listen to Maleka’s and Eclectic Learning Network’s full story on episode 10 of the Small Business Saturday Philadelphia Podcast.

You can follow Eclectic Learning Network’s journey on Facebook and Instagram. Their website has more information on ELN, their events, and how to get involved.

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Phone – 267-603-7509

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