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E-commerce Marketing Case Study

jewelry marketing case study

E-Commerce Jewelry Marketing Case Study

E-Commerce Marketing Goals

Stagnating sales and lack of traffic and SEO and brand growth lead to Alex Mika Jewelry hiring Momentum Digital for their e-commerce expansion to increase their overall revenue.

e-commerce jewelry marketing case study

Drastically increased SEO & Sales:

  • From 2016 to 2017 = Sales were stagnant from $142k to $143k = 1% growth
  • From 2017 to 2018 = Sales increased a lot from $143k to $216k = 51% growth
  • From 2018 to 2019 = Sales increased a lot from $216k to $288k = 33% growth
  • From 2019 to 2020 = Sales increased a lot from $288k to $487k = 70% growth
  • From 2020 to 2021 = Sales increased a lot from $487k to $594k = 22% growth

E-Commerce Marketing Results

AMJ hired Momentum Digital in 2016 to help build their brand and online sales. This e-commerce jewelry marketing case study shows the data and performance below as to where their SEO numbers started and where they ended up after 4 years of running their e-commerce jewelry marketing for their brand.

Beginning 2016

  • Domain Authority = 5/100

  • Backlinks = 224

  • Organic Monthly Traffic = 108

  • Ranking Keywords = 302

Ending in 2021

  • Domain Authority = 35/100

  • Backlinks = 2408

  • Organic Monthly Traffic = 1800

  • Ranking Keywords = 3337

Traffic and SEO has declined 40% since they ended their contract

E-Commerce Marketing Solutions Provided:
  • Implement robust Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to drive sales to new prospective customers
  • Structure CPC campaigns for both branded and generic keywords
  • Create multi-layer, omnichannel digital marketing funnel from top funnel cold traffic acquisition to lower funnel retargeting and retention
  • Reconfigure Alex Mika website to create a more compelling customer journey
  • Optimize organic social media postings with additional layers of manual and automated actions to drive further sales from brand Instagram and Facebook pages

E-Commerce Marketing Services Provided:

  • Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads campaign management.
  • Google Ads paid search campaign management.
  • Organic social media marketing, consulting and engagement automation
  • Website design, building and structuring new pages and e-commerce product SEO.
  • Business outreach and lead generation for both B2B and B2C clients.
e-commerce marketing
E-Commerce Marketing
E-Commerce Marketing Results

4th of July Sale

We worked with the Alex Mika team to devise a full-funnel Facebook/Instagram marketing strategy to capitalize on the shopping buzz surrounding America’s Independence Day. With holiday-themed ad creative, copy, and product collections in place, we took to our analytics data to devise and segment different target demographics. We were absolutely thrilled with our success for this campaign!
  • $313 total ad spend
  • 341 new users introduced to the Alex Mika brand
  • $5,625 of product sold – a 1794% return on investment!

Memorial Day Sale

With Memorial Day serving as a empirically low-performing holiday for Alex Mika, we approached this campaign with a more data-driven strategy, leveraging engaged website visitors and additional first-party data in favor of Facebook’s traditional targeting methods.
  • $313 total ad spend
  • 341 new users introduced to the Alex Mika brand
  • $5,625 of product sold – a 1794% return on investment!


It’s been and continues to be an absolute pleasure working with the Alex Mika Jewelry team and we’re excited to continue our business relationship going forward. Working with an ecommerce client with such a deeply-rooted affinity for social media required the Momentum team to rethink our typical approach, but we were happy to find a partner with such a talent for content generation. Leveraging the phenomenal content produced for Instagram by the Alex Mika team allowed us to experiment heavily with creative and ad copy permutations, bringing to light the best messaging for our prospective and existing customers. As we continue to revisit and refine our past and current ad campaign strategies, we constantly strive to uncover new opportunities to advertise Alex Mika products to new and existing customers.
alex mika jewelry marketing
Alex Mika


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