February 8, 2023

Email Marketing List Building Growth: 16 Tips to Earn More Subscriptions!

Welcome Back! These are 16 Email Marketing List Building Growth Tips! Learn how to earn more subscriptions to your email list!

Today we will teach you 16 ways to market through email, using our best Email Marketing List Building Growth tips!

If you struggle to find success through email marketing, then follow these steps!

An email list for your business includes customers who have provided their email addresses and opted in to receive material and updates about your business via email.

Email lists, also called subscriber lists, can grow as you collect addresses through lead generation or decrease over time if subscribers unsubscribe. Your mailing list constantly changes as people switch jobs, unsubscribe from your emails, or give up an email address they used on your website. To fight this, you need to learn how to earn organic email marketing subscribers!

Here are some quick tips for email marketing list building if you’re unsure how to get started!

tips for email marketing

If you’re unsure how to get started, check out some of our other content to learn more about email marketing! 

Organize Campaigns to Revive an Old Email List

Organize Campaigns to Revive an Old Email List

One easy way to build an email list for a new project is to first create an attractive opt-in message. Send this message to all of the subscribers from any old campaigns, allow these contacts to opt back in if they wish. Remember to mention that you will delete all contacts who do not respond, so active subscribers don’t miss out!

We Recommend using these tools for Email Marketing:

Make Specific Email Lists for Different Buyer Segments

Once you have a large enough audience, think about creating multiple email campaigns to send specific material to certain audiences. This way, recipients will be more likely to open your emails that interest them boosting your sales and analytics. It’s important to understand your target audience to run an effective email marketing campaign and for list building growth.

Develop Original Email Content

Want to keep your current subscribers and enlist their help in building an email marketing list? Create original email content. Recipients on email lists might begin to become aware of the weekly updates they enjoy. They may also forward your emails to their networks if it’s something special. Educational and Entertaining campaigns are a great way to provide content worth reading. This will promote your profile and attract more subscribers.

Organize a Giveaway On Social Media

Use your social media profile to create a free giveaway event that requires contact information to enter. This way, your followers have an incentive to sign up for your email list. Afterwards, if you provide quality content, they will stick around whether they win the sweepstakes or not. Ask your followers to sign up with their email addresses. Give them the chance to win something they might be interested in! 

We recommend using these Social Media Platforms for the best engagement:

Offer a Product On Your Website For Free

Create an offer on your website that gives free access to a useful tool. This could be access to an e-book, audiobook, video, that is educational or rewarding. In order to download the item, the user must create and account with their email. This is a great way to generate passive growth for Email Marketing Lists!

Offer Free Supplementary Material to Your Audience

Website visitors do not find all proprietary content equally valuable. They may not want to sign up for anything, even if it is free. So, fill your website with free material that does not require an email first, to pique their interest. 

You can start with blog posts that provide useful information on a specific topic. Offer bonus material with further advice that readers can access if they provide their email address through a landing page.

Your Instagram Bio Can Include a CTA

A call to action (CTA) can draw the visitor’s attention to your email list and a link to the signup form can be included in your bio. This is one simple way to let your followers know you have a newsletter!

Your CTA text should encourage visitors to sign up by explaining the benefits, such as access to special offers and discounts, or an educational newsletter. Including the link directly in your bio will also save users time, as they can simply click it to sign up.

Share Posts That Encourage People to Click the Email Link in Your Bio

Now that your email marketing list is on your profile, you can create entertaining posts, pictures or Reels to reach new viewers who might want to sign up. While you might not share posts that directly ask for an email address, you can get results by sharing posts that encourage visitors to click the email link in your bio.

For example, create an entertaining post for Instagram, and point out that they can expect more of this by clicking the link in your bio. If you offer a video tutorial on using your products, you can convince visitors to subscribe because your emails contain additional information and instructions.

The Swipe-up Feature Can Be Used to Share Your Landing Page

Users can swipe up on your Story to see a clickable link if you have an Instagram business profile with more than 10k followers.

With this tool, you can share a link to your Email sign-up page or any other page on your website directly on your story posts without needing to visit your bio for the link. This is give the viewers an easy way to impulse subscribe to your email list, especially if their is a tempting discount or deal on the temporary 24 hour story. 

If you need help with earning 10k organic Instagram followers, I encourage you to read our blog post on this:

Showcase Your Email Newsletter as Your Facebook Profile Photo

Your Facebook profile cover images are great for drawing attention to your email newsletter. Encourage your readers to enter their email addresses to get more value from the content by adding a high-quality image that draws attention and highlights its importance. This is a quick, easy and effective email marketing list building technique!

Add a CTA Button at the Top of Your Facebook Business Page

The next step in your email marketing list building strategy is to add a CTA button to your Facebook page. This button should take readers to your sign-up landing page. It’s easier for users if you include a sign-up CTA button on your profile, so they can click the link and be taken to your website without leaving Facebook.

Post Newsletter Previews to Facebook

An excellent strategy to attract an audience and encourage subscriptions is to utilize Facebook. Create a Facebook post that includes a sample of your email or newsletter. The reader will get a sneak peek of what you offer, become curious, and join up to continue benefiting from your business. You can include a link to your sign-up page in this post. This way, visitors can register easily and quickly.

Use Facebook to Promote Gated Material 

Promote content submitted via email in your Facebook posts. Examples of this type of content include a gated e-book, an offer to enter a campaign or contest, or even a statement that email subscribers will get early access to new products.

Incorporate social sharing buttons on your landing page to encourage your customers to share with their networks.

Use Twitter to Advertise a Lead-Generation Offer

Similarly to other social media platforms, you can offer a free e-book or other free resource on Twitter. Twitter is unique because its fast and constantly updating tweets. Here, you have the opportunity to a offer a flash deal tweet to your followers in exchange for their subscription!

Promote Gated Visual Material on Pinterest

Visual content on Pinterest entices users to sign up for access to more content. Use this to your advantage by promoting your visuals on the platform to get users to learn more from you and provide their email addresses in exchange for deeper knowledge.

Include Interactive Elements to your YouTube Videos

Video outros are a feature YouTube videos provide, to encourage viewers to take further action after watching a video. Such as, visiting your website, subscribing to newsletters or watching another video on your platform. Links to your landing page should always be included, because they increase engagement and help grow your email list. A gated offer or your email newsletter provides a more in-depth perspective.

Thanks for Reading!

Thanks for Reading about 16 Tips For Email Marketing List Building Growth.

It is your responsibility as a marketer to ensure that you are constantly adding new contacts to your email lists to maintain growth. While buying emails is possible, it’s not always the smartest course of action. Learn these top strategies for building email marketing lists to reach a large audience of subscribers who are willing to listen to what you have to say, are likely to make purchases, and support the growth of your business.

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