March 30, 2021

Facebook Ads Marketing Agency in Philadelphia

Are you a small business looking for a Facebook Ads Marketing Agency in Philadelphia?

Time to grow your business using Paid Ads with Facebook! If you are a small or local business in Philly then we suggest using Facebook Ads tactics with social media advertising. Learn more below about our Facebook Ads Marketing Agency in Philadelphia!

If you’re looking for a Facebook Ads Marketing agency in Philadelphia, then look no further. Momentum Digital has helped tons of small businesses in Philadelphia grow their business using Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Facebook marketing campaigns have many different uses and capabilities. The two main uses for Facebook ads are

1) to drive traffic to a specific URL

2) to get more clicks on your products and services.

While there are many different types of campaigns and possibilities for Facebook ads, this article is going to outline 5 types of Facebook Ads, why you should use them, and 7 major benefits.

  • Drive Traffic to Your Website: Traffic Ads. Generating Facebook pixel data is a necessity. The pixel data that traffic ads help you generate is the data that you’ll use to create custom and lookalike audiences for future campaigns. However, you can also drive traffic organically with SEO.
  • Encourage Engagement: Brand Awareness Ads. Aside from website visitors generated by traffic ads, you’ll want to create audiences made up of those who have engaged with your Facebook page. These ads are meant to be high frequency and very engaging. More often than not, these will be “Boosted” Facebook posts that have already performed well.
  • Capture Customer Information: Lead Generation Ads. Whether you’re building an email list, gathering phone numbers, or looking for feedback, lead generation ads will get the job done. With lead gen ads you can either build an email list and choose to upload it as a custom audience for future campaigns, or you can simply generate a list of warm leads that are waiting to be contacted!
  • Generate Online Sales: Conversion Ads. These are often where the money is made. Whether you’re selling a product or gathering form submissions, conversion ads are a must. These ads help you gather data from high intent customers that you can use to create custom and lookalike audiences for remarketing. 
  • No Customer Left Behind: Remarketing Ads. We encourage you to set up remarketing campaigns once you’ve gathered a decent amount of pixel data. You’ll then be able to create audiences that have shown different levels of interest in your business, from Facebook post engagements to Website Add-to-Carts. Any of the above ads can be used in these remarketing campaigns, but since these audiences are so warm, we suggest using conversion ads.

Benefits of Using Facebook Ads Marketing

Here are the TOP 6 BENEFITS of Using Facebook Ads

1. Facebook’s massive reach

Facebook alone sees over 1.6 Billion active users per day.

Among those are people looking for solutions to problems that your business can offer. If they’ve ever used Facebook, chances are they’ve asked for recommendations. Not to mention, almost 80% of American consumers have bought a product from Facebook. Needless to say, if you’re selling a product, Facebook is a great place to be.

2. Capabilities that allow for a range of targeting

Another powerful feature of Facebook Ads is the targeting feature. Facebook enables you to target a combination of hundreds of thousands of different user interests, demographics, and behaviors. If you have a good idea of who your product or service might appeal to, but you don’t have enough data to create custom or lookalike audiences, this is a great way to get started.  Assuming your Facebook Pixel is installed, you’ll be able to distinguish between high and low intent customers by tracking their actions on your website after they interact with your ad. The next step is harnessing that intent correctly.

3. Harness intent

When running any sort of ad campaign, it’s inevitable that a large percentage of clicks will not convert. However, those clicks are still valuable and here’s why.

Intent. When someone clicks a link on your ad, they automatically express some sort of intent. Furthermore, once they click on your ad your Facebook Pixel begins tracking their every move. This is when you can begin to harness intent. After an ad campaign is completed and the pixel has generated enough data, you’ll have a long list of potential customers with different levels of purchase or conversion intent. Luckily for you, Facebook allows you to use these potential customers to create audiences. Can you see where this is going yet? Now you’re able to create audiences based off intent; you can retarget people that only viewed your home page, people that submitted a contact form, or better yet, someone that initiated a checkout. The Facebook Pixel is very powerful.

4. Maintain full control of your campaigns at all times

You used to have to jump hurdles and bust through thick red tape to run ad campaigns that reach as many people as Facebook Ads can. Beginning and ending those campaigns would take time and resources that could be better used elsewhere. With Faceb00k Ads you have full control of your campaigns, budget, targeting, etc.

5. Bring any budget to the table

You can choose how much you want to spend per day at any given time and control your budget with a single click.

6. Advertise on Instagram

In addition to Facebook’s impressive 1.6 Billion active daily users, Facebook’s Instagram sees about 500 Million. What’s more is that 80% of Instagram users say that Instagram is a large part of their buyer’s journey.

Facebook Ads Marketing Partner in Philadelphia

Why Choose a Philly-based PPC Marketing Agency?

If you live in or around Philly then the answer is simple: working with a local and reputable marketing agency is safer and easier.

When working with a Facebook Ads Marketing Agency in Philadelphia you get to work with someone you know and can trust. You can meet our team in person and we can even come to your location of business.

Momentum has been in Philly for over 6 years and has worked with dozens of local businesses with Facebook Ads and more. We typically focus on skill, strategy, and relationship building.

Consider hiring someone local you can meet, know and trust.

Facebook Ads Management Services & Pricing!

If you currently run Facebook Ads marketing campaigns then we can get access to review and audit the account. If you hire us then this service is FREE, or you can pay $100 for a one-time audit to use how you prefer. The audits review keywords, bidding, structure, targeting, campaigns, conversions, and more. This is basically a SWOT analysis of your Facebook Ads account.

Cost = $100 (or included in first month no retainer)

We audit, review, take over, manage and optimize your Facebook Ads. Before we get started we actually audit and strategize for your account. This means doing some research and learning more about your business and goals. Doing so allows for a better understanding of your products, services and customers. From here we can structure the account and campaign for optimal performance. The strategy is FREE if we’re hired on retainer, otherwise, it’s $350.

Cost = $350+ 

Momentum provides account buildouts that structure your Facebook Ads campaigns for success. This takes a few days of research, campaign building, conversion tracking setup, keyword structuring, campaign settings and more. The structure build is essential to the account architecture for better long-term ROI. We can do this for FREE with a retainer client or $350 one-time fee.

Cost = $350 +

Before starting any campaign you should conduct ads research to find the best interests, and targeting to drive the best clicks at the lowest cost. Doing so allows for less wasted time and money once the campaigns begin.

Cost = $350+

The main and most important aspect of Facebook Ads is having an account manager to optimize and grow the account. This involves remarketing, conversion tracking, campaign creation, ad testing, reporting, and more. It’s essential to setup conversion tracking and reporting to find out what’s working best. This is a monthly management fee starting at $500.

Cost = $500+ per month

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