May 25, 2019

How to Create a Facebook Events Custom Audience

Learn How to Create a Facebook Events Custom Audience in this Marketing Blog!

Learn more about Facebook Event advertising in this week’s episode of Momentum Mondays …. a weekly video training series on digital marketing. This week we are covering how to create Facebook events custom audience for targeted digital advertising purposes.

Does your business or clients’ business frequently have events? Facebook Event advertising is a great tool that you should be utilizing in order to get your event in front of the right people!

How is this possible you might ask? One simple way is by facebook events custom audiences in Facebook Ads Manager!

Creating custom event audiences will also allow you to target people who have already attended past events that your business has thrown or who were interested in previous events you’ve held.

Utilizing Facebook custom audiences is better than utilizing cold audiences because it ensures that this is an audience that is highly targeted based off of their previous actions. This makes them more likely to perform the action you want them to perform on your ad.


Because of how many users Facebook has – over 490 Million users monthly – the Facebook event space is highly competitive.  Last year alone, there were over 38 million Facebook event pages created.

Make your Facebook Event Ads stand out amongst the rest by using a custom Facebook Audience.

Read below for 5 easy steps to creating a Facebook custom audience list!


1. Go To Your Facebook Ads Account

In order to access your Facebook Ads information, you first need to navigate to your Facebook Ads Manager.

Want to learn more about navigating Facebook Ads such as how to change your Facebook Ad Account Spending Limit or how to use Facebook Ads to remarket.


2. Navigate to your Facebook Ads Audience

From this tab, we will create the Custom Audience, name it, and launch the adset.

This is going to be new adset that is going to target a new audience, so we are going to create a new custom audience


3. Creating a Custom Audience


  1. Select Custom Audience
  2. From here, a pop-up will appear with different options for the types of Facebook Ad Custom Audience Source. To break down the custom audience sources:


  • Website Traffic: For this option, insert your website’s Facebook Pixel tracking code in order to target all users that have visited a page on your website. For this option, you can set a time period of up to 180 days.
  • App Activity: This option creates audiences based off of the actions they take on your app.
  • Customer File: The option allows you to upload a custom list of users. This list could consist of email addresses, phone numbers, or even Facebook User IDs.
  • Offline Activity – If your business is logging any activity offline – such as sales or phone calls – this list can also be uploaded to Facebook.

Then there is an option to use Facebook Sources instead such as a video or a lead ad form. For this tutorial, we will be selecting “Events”


Facebook Custom Audience Options

3. Once “Events” is selected, you will be brought to another window that will give you the option to add people to your audiences.

For this option, we want to add people who have either said that they were “Going” or “Interested” in a previous event on the page.


Facebook Custom Audience)

4. Next, it will ask you to select the page you would like to pull previous events from. If you only manage one page, there will only be one option.

If you have numerous pages, use the drop-down menu to navigate the list until you find the desired page.

5. Once the page is selected, it will ask you which previous event you would like to pull the audience from. For this option, you can select one event, multiple events, or all previous events.

6. Once this is complete, we want to name the custom audience. For this, it is best to name the audience something that will quickly help you identify which audience is which.

For example, we selected “(name of the page) – all events audience” for our custom audience group.

7. Lastly, select “Create Audience” to create your audience


4. Creating a Custom Lookalike Audience

Once your audience is created, you will have the option of finding new users similar to your existing custom audience users or to move on to creating an ad with your custom audience.

To create a Lookalike Audience, Select the first option.


Creating Facebook Lookalike Audience

From here, Facebook will generate a few fields for you to complete:




  1. Select your Lookalike Source. Because we just created our custom audience group, the list should automatically populate in the source field.
  2. Select your Audience Location. This field is also based off of your custom audience group. This should automatically populate as well. However, you can always changethe location, narrow it down, or add numerous locations to target.
  3. Select Audience Size. For this option, we find it best to stick with a lower percentage if it is targeting enough people.Facebook lookalike fields

For example, our lookalike audience is 1% of our selected location who are based on the custom audience’s likes, dislikes, and intent on Facebook.

Once completed, select “Create Audience.”


5. Narrowing Down Your Audience

Once we have created the custom audience, it will need to be narrowed down to the exact people you want to target. You want to ensure that those in this group are the perfect fit for this event.


Facebook Custom audience

To do this…


  1. Be sure our new, custom audience list is in the “Custom Audience” field
  2. Add to or delete audience locations – for this case, we are targeting people for local events. So, we want to insert the city or zip code of the event and choose a range of miles away from the event from there. For this case, we will be selecting 20 miles
  3. Select your desired age range
  4. Select the gender of those you want to target
  5. Add languages if applicable to your event
  6. Select your detailed targeting credentials
  7. Save your audience
  8. Add it to your Adset

Thanks for reading and learning more about Facebook Events Custom Audiences to run successful targeted Facebook Ads campaigns.

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