April 18, 2022

FREE Marketing Videos for Small Business Owners

Here are my Best FREE Marketing Videos for Small Business Owners!

As a fellow entrepreneur and business owner, I know how difficult it can be to start and run a business. 7 years ago I was working for Google and got fired for teaching some of my clients SEO. So, I decided to start my own marketing agency to help as many small business owners as possible. That’s why I created hundreds Free Marketing Videos for Small Business Owners so they can learn and grow their business without wasting tons of time and money!

How to Setup & Use Google My Business (Webinar)

Digital Marketing Process for Startups (Webinar Temple University)

How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically (FREE Engagement Method)

Branding & Marketing Your New Business (Webinar Interview)

SEO Tips for Small Business Owners to Grow Organically

How to Marketing Your Business Online (COVID Webinar)

Local SEO Marketing Hacks for Business Owners
How to Write SEO Friendly Blogs (for your website)
How to Get More Facebook Followers (Quickly & Automatically)
Facebook Ads Training for Small Business Owners

How to Verify Your Google My Business Profile (GMB Verification)

How to Create Targeted YouTube Ads (Training)

Thanks for watching my FREE Marketing Videos for Small Business Owners. You can find all of my marketing and how-to videos on my YouTube channel.

Let us know if we can help with any of the following marketing services provided by our agency, Momentum Digital.

Learn more about the Founder & CEO: Mac Frederick

My name is Mac and I founded Momentum back in 2015 after getting fired from Google. Over the last 7 years, I was able to scale the agency to over 30 people and 7-figures, working with hundreds of small business owners along the way. My entire mission is to provide digital momentum to small local businesses that need it the most.

I also own Phone Repair Philly, the #1 Electronics Repair company in Philadelphia. I use that business to showcase my skills in SEOLocal SEO, and other various Marketing Services. I started this company in 2015 with $1000 and grew it to now 4 locations and 7-figures annual revenue — all through marketing & SEO.

If you follow me on YouTube and social media and watch these Free Marketing Videos for Small Business Owners, then I know you’ll be able to grow as I did.

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“My name is Mac and I used to work for Google. Now I help small businesses grow online and rank higher on Google”