March 5, 2018

Free Small Business Marketing In Philly

Since 2016 Momentum Digital has been offering Free Small Business Marketing in Philly to select local businesses.

Almost every Saturday we highlight a Small Local Businesses in Philadelphia, completely for free. Yes, FREE! This is our 20% Non-Profit Initiative at Momentum — to not only help smaller companies who can’t afford marketing, but to do so in a way that proactively and unselfishly highlights all the amazing business owners and people in our city.

Here is a video recap to highlight the Free Small Business marketing series!

This impacts you or someone you know. I guarantee it. So Please Read (or watch) how we are revitalizing the small business industry in Philadelphia, completely for FREE.

I’m going to selfishly ask all my Friends & Followers to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to the least selfish thing we do as a company at Momentum Digital with Small Business Saturday.

free small business marketing in philly

Nobody else is doing this. Let me repeat — NOBODY else is doing this.

Why would another company waste 20+ hours per week to plan, shoot, edit, and produce a video, then take more time into posting and distributing that video for thousands of people. We do this week-in and week-out and ask for NOTHING in return. Why? 

  • Just because … because we actually care and actually want to help. Legit.
  • It works … their business gets amazing free exposure while we also perfect our craft doing something we love.
  • To grow … IF (more like when) we grow our fanbase and viewers/subscribers to eventually tens of thousands, THEN we can pitch for a sponsor (cough, cough @VisitPhilly or @AmericanExpress)

What’s the last nice thing you did for someone that cost you a lot of your time? We want to make a difference, and we already are, but we need to make a bigger splash.

It may seem as if we’re revolutionizing the small business community in Philadelphia. Butttttt …. we need a bigger following to reach more people! 

So I guess I am asking for something in return — I’m asking that you SHARE this message. This is BIGGER than Us. This is BIGGER than You. We, as a company, strongly believe in The American Dream and empowering the people who have and always will be the backbone of this country.

SUPPORT people like George Ofidis, owner and founder of George’s Pizza, a small mom and pop shop on Girard.

SUPPORT people like Robert Perry, owner and founder of Tattooed Mom, a bar and restaurant in South Philly.

SUPPORT people like Alexis Hoban, owner and founder of Odyssey Hair Studio, a boutique hair salon in Washington Square.

To those who already support and follow Momentum and SBS, we want to say thank you! We plan on sending updates with a new SBS series every Saturday on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Email and our Blog.

This Free Small Business Marketing in Philly is really a unique offering that has helped so many companies. Thanks for reading, watching and sharing!

If you want to feature your business or nominate another business then contact us below or email us.

small business saturday by Momentum Digital

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