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In the past few years Google has made over 100 tweaks to their free Google My Business listing.

I’m going to give you the secrets and tips to grow online. Then you will become a Google My Business Expert, but for your business.

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Who am I? My name is Mac Frederick, and I'm Your New Google My Business Expert.

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I’m from humble beginnings. My dad is a small business owner and my mom is a teacher. I grew up playing sports then was recruited to play in college. I ended up transferring to Penn State where I focused on business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. In college, I started and grew a few businesses while learning more about marketing and startups. Upon graduation I was recruited by Google, so I sold my company and moved to Michigan.

Two years into Google I was fired for starting an agency on the side to help small businesses with SEO and Web Design. I thought I was doing the right thing. This was soul-crushing but I picked myself back up and moved to Philly where I started Momentum Digital and Phone Repair Philly. Within a few years, I grew both businesses to million-dollar companies while helping hundreds of entrepreneurs along the way with their SEO Marketing.

Starting and growing a business is extremely difficult. I strongly suggest getting a mentor or learning from other people who have grown a small business. That’s why this course and your time with me will be so valuable.

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Growing My Businesses

Learn how I grew both my small businesses!

Growing a small business is no easy feat. This is one of the most challenging things I’ve done, but also most rewarding, and I’m still not done yet. My first year was full of growth and learning. I moved to Philadelphia in 2015 and started both companies on my 26th birthday. Momentum Digital I started with a friend, who ended up being useless. Within a year I had to buy the business from him and it wasn’t pretty. Phone Repair Philly I started and grew by myself. Hiring and training was so difficult, but essential in learning the proper ways to hire, interview, train and grow.

Within my first year I grew both businesses to over $100,000 each. Hitting that 6-figure mark is important. Getting to 7-figures is what’s challenging. The key to growth is people, processes, and profits. People will be the key to your succeses. This is where I’ve made TONS of mistakes. Hire slow and fire fast. Go with your gut. I’ve hired, trained and fired hundreds of employees, contractors and freelancers over the years. Take advantage of your resources and utilize your network. Processes are key as well. You need SOPs to help streamline everything; from firing, to training, to sales, to marketing. Profits is what can really help you scale though. Reinvest your profits into the 3 Ps, especially into marketing.

You’ll learn more about my story and other scaling tactics throughout my more advanced courses and 1v1 calls.

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Are you on social media? Are your businesses on social media? How much are you using and leveraging social media for networking and marketing?

I’m not a huge social media person because it’s so distracting. However, social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and even Linkedin have helped grow my business exponentially. Albeit, they haven’t been as important as Google, they still help you build your network and brand.

Instagram is probably the most commonly used and popular platform. Although, TikTok and YouTube are growing quickly. Each social media platform serves a different purpose and to a different audience.

Who is your target market and where do they spend their time? These are answers you need to know. I’d suggest taking a deep dive and doing research on your market and how you can get their attention.

Now that I have your attention, please connect with me on social media and follow me for important updates and connections about marketing and growing your business.


Here are some Google Review and SEO Testimonials for the Google My Business Expert

August 5, 2021.
Momentum Digital is great! I gained important information that was relevant to my company.
Nelly V. Таcheva
Nelly V. Таcheva
July 26, 2021.
I met Mac Frederick at Temple University’s Startup Studio (a startup accelerator). Very knowledgeable and professional, Mac provided us with super helpful tips & tricks, tools, and information on SEO & local SEO, social media & digital marketing. He even performed an ‘on the spot’ audit of my website and gave me actionable feedback. A few days later, Mac went above and beyond, agreeing to a customer discovery interview to help me with my product idea. I’d definitely turn to Mac and his team for assistance with my SEO and digital marketing strategy!
Matthew Gentile
Matthew Gentile
July 22, 2021.
Momentum Digital is doing a great job developing my website and providing SEO services. We meet regularly to ensure my company's perspective is imbedded in the process, and they've been highly professional in getting us to where we need to be. And the guys there are all great to work with.
Eva Jeanne Tanenbaum
Eva Jeanne Tanenbaum
July 20, 2021.
Met with Mac to discuss our website SEO and paid advertising. He was very professional, well prepared for our meetings and gave us a lot of great information! Would definitely recommend!
Carly Markowitz
Carly Markowitz
June 22, 2021.
Mac did an SEO consult for my business. He was knowledgeable, friendly and gave good actionable steps to help take our small businesses online presence to the next level!
Sydney Snyderman
Sydney Snyderman
June 2, 2021.
Had a great talk with Mac. Easy to talk to and gave great advice.
Mark Borland
Mark Borland
May 24, 2021.
I have attended many SBDC seminars over the last 5 years, and I have to tell you that your presentation was one of the very best that I have attended. While I often learn something from each seminar that I attend, very few have the level of detail and amount of useable info that you presented.
norka galette
norka galette
May 4, 2021.
Mac and the team were very responsive to my questions during the discovery phase. With my many questions, they did a screen share with me to answer all my questions. Although it did not work out, they formulated a step by step process for my brand and was extremely helpful and professional! if I'm able, I feel 100% comfortable with them!
Hamsa Digital
Hamsa Digital
March 25, 2021.
This place helped me with my SEO & got my organic traffic increased by over 300% in the last year !

"It is clear Momentum Digital is on the cutting edge of marketing agencies. From the services offered to the passionate staff, I recommend their services to any brand looking to grow their digital audience and/or improve their marketing strategy"
- Savannah Lambert

"Very happy about my experiences with Momentum Digital. Mac and his crew are very knowledgeable on how to market your business. He even wrote me out a check list on things I can do to my website to help me rank better. He was more than willing to provide valuable knowledge and advice to me whether I used his services or not. That to me says a lot about Mac and I would highly recommend his services to everyone!"
- Pocono Mountain Paintless Dent Repair

"Mac is extremely knowledgeable, flexible and very responsive. I recommend him to all my friends and family, a true pleasure working with him along the way. Also love the fact that I learn great strategies and techniques along the way. Would give him 6 stars if I could!"
- Sebastian Adolf


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