February 8, 2021

Google My Business Guidelines for Co-Working Spaces

Learn about the New Google My Business Guidelines for Co-Working Spaces and Shared Offices!

Welcome back to another Momentum Monday Marketing blog! Today we’re going to talk about the new Google My Business Guidelines for Co-Working Spaces. In January 2020 GMB made updates that affect a lot of small business owners’ local SEO due to getting their GMB suspended for using a shared office.

Do you use a virtual office or co-working space for GMB?

If you have a Google My Business account or are looking to open one soon but do NOT have an actual office, retail location, or independent location then you might be considering using a virtual office space or coworking office space instead. 

GMB Co-working spaces
Using a Co-Working Space for Google My Business

I have been using co-working spaces and virtual offices for some of my companies GMB, such as Momentum Digital. We have been using and renting co-working office space for years from WeWork, MakeOffices, and more.

Now recently Google has been cracking down on businesses using co-working spaces as office addresses for Google My Business. They have been suspending business, removing them from search results, and asking for proof or verification. This can be very annoying and frusting for business owners considering we pay to rent these office spaces and technically have a physical space and office number inside that co-working office space.

wework coworking
Recent Google My Business Guideline Update for Co-Working Spaces

This past week Google Announced (February 3, 2021) that you need to follow these recent guidelines to stay compliant and verified with GMB if you’re using a co-working space for a GMB address. Barry Schwartz article in SEO Round Table goes over these 3 main guidelines released by Google that you need to follow.

  1. Your business needs signage that is clear and visible of the business name.
  2. The business needs to be able to accept customers at that location during business hours.
  3. The business must be staffed during business hours.
Recent Google My Business Guideline Update for Co-Working Spaces

Some of these might be difficult to abide by, I agree. I’m not really sure how Google even plans to monitor or review some of these guidelines as well. Regardless, if you can suspended on GMB then I suggest doing these two following actions to get reinstated with Google My Business.

  1. Submit a document showing your lease and office number with the co-working space.
  2. Take and send a picture showing your office with a name, logo or branding that represents your space within the co-working office.

GMB has been cracking down for the past 12 months. I’ve had over a dozen client business GMBs get banned or suspended. Make sure to follow the rules the best you can and submit proper documentation or paperwork to get reinstated so you can get listed back on Google.

This wraps up the recent update from Google My Business featuring their new Guidelines for Co-Working Spaces.

Thanks for learning more about Google My Business Guidelines for Co-Working Spaces!

If you have any comments or questions, leave them down below or contact us. If this was helpful, let us know. For more of our Momentum Monday blogs on digital marketing, SEO, and Google My Business, subscribe to us.

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Getting Started with Google My Business

Google My Business is a free account that allows you to register your business online. Your business listing will show up under Google Search and Google Map results when potential customers search for related products and services. GMB is a must-have when it comes to great Local SEO.

Consider downloading the Google My Business app to access your account on your phone when you’re on the go and away from your computer or laptop. If you don’t have a Google My Business account, you can make one now using either a free Gmail account or your Google business account.

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For starters, you want to know what Google My Business is before you decide to invest your time into trying it. As the name implies, Google My Business allows you to create a listing for your business on Google.

When a consumer researches your business on Google — or even searches for terms related to your business — you want to ensure they have all the information they need to visit, make a purchase, or contact your company.

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