October 22, 2018

How to use Google Small Thanks

Let’s talk about WHAT IS GOOGLE SMALL THANKS and How can you take advantage of this as a business owner!

Momentum Digital is back with another marketing blog where we will talk about Google My Business and how to use Google Small Thanks to get a Free Marketing kit and materials for your business!

What is Google Small Thanks?

According to Google, “The Small Thanks program was created to help you turn your customers into your greatest advocates. For a limited time only, Google is giving away FREE printed personalized marketing kits that show off what customers are saying about your business. Google Small Thanks is an incredible way to earn local trust for your small business this holiday season!

If you have a local e-commerce shop this is the perfect holiday marketing toolkit for your business entry or online store. Small thanks helps your store by attracting shoppers who believe your business is credible and reliable due to the positive reviews and stars displayed on Google.

Business learn how to take advantage of this opportunity, order your free kit today!
Watch my video on how to order your small thanks kit here

How to order Google Small Thanks

Navigate the Small Thanks with Google official page. Next, type your business name in the search box and choose your listing. If you can not find your business listing then you must complete your Google My Business. Check out his video showing you how to create your Google My Business Listing.

After you choose your business name you can then customize your toolkit.

Customize your toolkit:

The toolkit contains different print images such as poster boards, stickers, postcards, door signs table tent signs, and social media images that appear, based on what Google views as a strong review. You have the option to decorate and have your kit mailed to you by Google or you can download the kit in a zip file form.

Order your toolkit:
Once you are content with your designs, and reviews you can navigate towards the button that states download or mail to me.If you are going to have your kit mailed to you be aware of the 4- 6 week wait time. If you need the print and the zip file, download both kits as google is allowing this at the moment.

Google reviews are the new word of mouth – share away!

Your online reviews play a key role in turning online visitors into real-life customers. Customers tend to research a business before purchasing or walking into the business. According to Google, “ Internet users rely on Google’s gold star reviews to help make the right purchase decisions, especially with the holidays approaching. Remind your shoppers and online shoppers to give you a rating on Google, by offering incentives for the holiday season approaching.

If your a business owner or local shop then quit wasting time and head on over to Small Thanks with Google and give it a shot!

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