May 18, 2022

6 Simple Steps to Design a FREE Web Banner in Canva

blog tutorial six simple steps on how to create a free web banner in canva

Learn how easy it is to design a web banner in Canva for your site.

FREE TUTORIAL: How to Design a Web Banner in Canva

What is a Web Banner?

Also known as display banner ads or display ads, web banners are clickable digital ads that are embedded into websites to drive traffic to the website of the advertiser. It is fairly easy and quick to create a free web banner in Canva.

For everyday businesses and creators, a web banner can also refer to the personalizable online banner that appears at the top of your social media profile, website, and more. If you’re building an entire website you can also use the Canva Website Builder tool which is a new amazing feature to help you design and customize your new business website.

Banners are also called cover photos or header photos. This is the type of web banner in Canva we’ll be teaching you to create. It’s a visual representation of your business, story, vision, services, or products. 

Unlike ad-related web banners, these are more about marketing or introducing a website section as opposed to getting users to click on a digital advertisement. – Adobe

Why are web banners important?

Banners create the first impression for your website. Placed at the top of pages, banners are the first point of contact between the site and its visitors. It has a big impact on the way in which a visitor is going to interact and their user page experience.

A web banner can also help increase the time a visitor spends on your page. Creating a free professional web banner in Canva can also help your website’s conversion rate.  

Designing a suitable banner becomes all the more important to not only represent a website as a brand but also hold and compel a visitor to stay on the site.

You should also change regularly web banners, to stay relevant & current with seasons, and trends.

Why create a Free Web Banner in Canva?

Here are six quick reasons to design a free web banner in Canva:

1. Create a positive first impression.

2. You can direct them to your most compelling offer. 

3. Your content should solve a pain point a customer has.

4. Changing out your graphics seasonally or on a revolving schedule keeps the site fresh.

5. Show not just what a product looks like but how it works in real life. 

6. Free features like templates, fonts, elements, graphics, videos, stock photos, animations, and more!


When thinking about content, you instantly think of photoshop or some other expensive design tool. 

Canva is a graphic design tool that makes creating custom graphics easy. It’s easily accessible by phone or tablet and is user-friendly. 

Not only can you use it to spice up your social media content, but you can also use it to design things like presentations, invitations, posters, brochures, business cards, etc.

You could pay a graphic designer to create these items for you. However, starting off or having a small business could be costly and render to the ability to hire a designer.

You can try doing it yourself using Adobe Photoshop which is probably the most popular graphic design tool on the market. However, there is not only a cost associated with Adobe Photoshop but a steep learning curve.

Nevertheless, there is a cost-effective solution on the market that is easy to use which I believe every entrepreneur should take advantage of. 

Here are more reasons to use Canva for your Web Banner and other design needs.


You don’t need an artistic ability or background in graphic design to be able to use Canva. All you need to do is swap images, change texts, fonts, and sizes if you so wish, and voila! You have a design.

You will still find it easy to use if you choose to create your own template or design rather than work with a pre-customized version. Canva has ALL the tools you need to create a new design or modify an existing one. 

Using the drag-and-drop tool, you can select free stock images from Canva or upload your own. You can also use Canva grids to divide your image into smaller sections.


Whether you’re a freelance graphic designer, budding entrepreneur, or small business owner, you will find Canva to be good for business.  

It is a free online tool that provides great value to entrepreneurs and small businesses. It allows for easy creation and editing tools without the need to hire designers.

Most businesses and freelance graphics designers now operate online and are in constant need of graphics + content. 

  • It allows you to create beautiful designs with a Brand Kit (premium membership) and hundreds of free templates. 
  • Branded graphics to work with daily. 
  • Collaborative design that team members view and edit. 
  • Allows revisions instead of sending designs back and forth for corrections.
  • You can create design templates that everyone in the organization can make use of without the need for an artist or design experience.  
  • Impress your clients and of course, increase your client base as well from referrals. 
  • Looks professional.


Canva is not restricted to specialized graphic designs alone or for professional purposes. You can always tweak designs and elements as you like. 

Tutorial: How to create a free web banner in Canva.

Step 1. Create an account

Step 2. Choose a Free template for Web Banner in Canva

Step 3. Edit the Colors

tutorial six simple steps on how to create a free web banner go to and create free account edit template colors
tutorial six simple steps on how to create a free web banner go to and create free account edit template colors 2

Step 4. Add your logo / images

tutorial six situtorial six simple steps on how to create a free web banner edit textmple steps on how to create a free web banner go to and create free account add logo and images

Step 5. Other Editing Tools in Canva

Step 6.  Save and Share your Design

It is not always easy designing graphics and making your website look its best.

You may need help figuring out how to improve your website’s design or how to create a new logo, banner, social media profile, content, or video.

Feel free to give us a quick call so we can help your business GROW.

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