August 4, 2020

How to Duplicate a Call Flow in CallRail

Today Learn How to to Duplicate a Call Flow in CallRail.

Welcome to another Momentum Monday! Today we’re going to look at how to duplicate a call flow using CallRail. CallRail is a leading solution for tracking phone calls and forms online. In order to complete each step in this blog, you need to have an account with CallRail.

In CallRail, call flows route your business callers to the appropriate members on your team. Duplicating call flows allows you to have multiple builds of the same routing. To learn more, continue reading below. Feel free to follow our video tutorial for a visual representation of what we go through here.

Getting Started


To get started, first log into CallRail. Once logged in, find the main menu at the top of the homepage. This menu includes the following tabs labeled Activity, Reports, Tracking, and Settings. Select the Tracking tab to navigate to your calls and texts information page.


On the Tracking page, select your proper business account. The account that you select should be the business that you’re duplicating a call flow under.


Next, on the left hand sidebar, see Call Flows. Select it to navigate to the page your call flows are listed on.


Duplicating A Call Flow


On the Call Flows page, find the button on the top left corner that reads “Create Call Flow.” Select it to create the new call flow that you want to duplicate. 


On the following pop up, select the button that reads “Duplicate an Existing Call Flow.” Next, configure your new call flow by selecting the button in the lower left corner that reads “Configure Call Flow.”


Using the drop-down menu on the subsequent page, select the named call flow that you want to duplicate.


On the following page, simply fill out and copy over all of the relevant information from your business resources into the new call flow.


If you need to update the Information, such as change out any phone numbers or respondents, do so as needed.


Finally, save the call flow and update it with the appropriate tracking number.

callrail call flow

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