June 4, 2018

How to Grow Your Instagram with Social Buddy

Learn how to grow your Instagram Followers with the Social Buddy App!

Looking for a social app that helps you grow your brand? We found out about this Instagram Automation Application called Social Buddy which has allowed us to 2x our followers and engagement.

What is Social Buddy?

As I’ve learned from working with their system, they will:

  • Reply & CC emails with multiple assistants to provide maximum support
  • Calculate your most effective keywords and notify you in order to accelerate your conversion rate
  • Communicate with you monthly, asking many questions in order to provide the best plan going forward
  • Provide you with competitors, scripts and look-alike accounts in order to grow your following as fast as possible
  • A/B test your feed on your Instagram platforms to tailor a custom theme that works for you

Social Buddy has helped Momentum with several projects including PhillyDailyDeals , Ayala Magic Spice, and our current project Blockchain World Conference!

I’ve been very fortunate to work with the Momentum team as an intern, and thus far Social Buddy makes my job easier.

Social Buddy is great for Instagram management because the features help me juggle the work of ten- men with only a few clicks.

Who said being a lazy millennial didn’t come with its perks? It’s called working smarter and not necessarily harder to accomplish more with simple applications.

But for someone like me who is new to social media management, it’s ideal for getting my platforms to where they need to be. I get to grow my projects’ following, learn all the niches in the industry and impress my colleagues. I highly recommend it to my fellow digital marketing interns out there, this one’s for you guys. Have at it!

Although Social Buddy doesn’t come without payment, the prices are extremely fair to buyers.

They offer two plans: Lite and Pro.

As you can see, prices are affordable and considering the extreme amount of monthly growth, it’s actually quite a bargain.

I personally recommend to start out with the Lite plan because it’s smart to get the feel of it, master it, then when you’re ready, upgrade to Pro.

However, it’s also true that some individuals have better success with the cheaper plan. Not only because it’s cheaper, but these skilled Social Buddy members know this application plan in and out along with every gadget available to them. It depends on your business and how the company wishes to target an audience.

To determine your target audience, do some market research (this includes figuring out what things engage your audience), and generate an affordable strategy your team can workaround to create the best chance for growth. Stick to the old saying “less is more” when it comes to creating a plan for the team and the customers.

Social Buddy has helped with our recent project, Blockchain World Conference. With John McAfee as the keynote speaker, we needed to promote him and our conference as much as possible.

First and foremost, the support system with Social Buddy goes above and beyond the call of duty.

For Blockchain World Conference, this came in handy with our marketing strategy. Our goal for the conference is to sell as many tickets as possible. Social Buddy is ideal to reaching our ticket sale goals and it’s essentially doing half the work for our company.

If we can spend as little time on market research as possible and let Social Buddy take the wheel, we can spend more time using the data they give us to create better content for our following.

Bottom line, the more companies that use Social Buddy, the better. The amount of work that is done in order to improve each company is nothing short of spectacular. The incredibly helpful people at Social Buddy don’t just treat you like “another company we can profit from.” They truly do care about the success of your business. In retrospect, this is what makes this application so successful to users.

My name is Sean Boyle with Momentum Digital. I’m a digital marketing intern and my passion is to empower businesses, large or small, to be better digital marketers and have their business blossom too with applications like Social Buddy!

If you have any questions about Social Buddy, please shoot me a comment down below.

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