September 28, 2023

How to Geotag Images for Free with GeoSetter – Unlimited Bulk Geotagging


Learn the significance of geotagging images for enhancing SEO and Google My Business posts. Learn how to geotag images in bulk using Geosetter for FREE!

How to Geotag Images in BULK

Want to know how to improve your Local SEO and Social Media performance? All you need to do is Geotag your photos and videos. This is a game-changer fpr a Google Business Profile and for posting on Instagram, but you will need the right tool to geotag images in bulk. Many websites offer Geotag services, but lock important features behind pricy premium subscriptions. Fortunately, there is a free way to Geotag unlimited pictures for free, or geotag images in bulk, using GeoSetter.

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What are Geotags?

What is a ‘geotag’. A geotag is an electronic tag that assigns a geographical location to a photograph or video. Modern devices, such as DSLR cameras and smartphones, Use GPS technology to automatically embed this geographical information into the image, creating a geotag.

Why You Can't Edit Geotags Easily

While it’s simple for our devices to add geotags, editing or changing them isn’t straightforward. When a photo is taken, the geographical metadata is securely embedded into the image file, along with other critical data like date, time, and camera settings. This ensures authenticity and integrity of the image, especially for professional purposes. It’s not something that can be tweaked in standard photo editing software without risking damage to the file. That’s why we need specialized tools like Geosetter to help us make changes without compromising the image.

Google Business Profile Geotag Benefits

1. Local SEO Boost: Google gives priority to content that’s locally relevant. By geotagging images associated with your business location, you’re providing a clear signal to search engines about the geographic relevance of your content.

2. Enhancing GBP Posts: For businesses, a Google Business Profile is a powerful tool to connect with local customers. Geotagged images amplify the local relevance of your posts, making them stand out in local searches and get a boost in ranking!

3. User Trust and Engagement: Geotagged images provide authenticity. Users are more likely to trust a business that showcases genuine photos of its location, products, or services.

Geotag images for free 2023
The Importance of Geotagged Images for Social Media

Social media platforms are not just about what you showcase, but also about where you showcase it.

When you geotag your images on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you’re essentially pinning your content to a specific location. This has several compelling benefits:

  1. Boosted Engagement: Posts with geotagged locations tend to receive more engagement. Users often search for specific locations to explore content, especially if they’re planning to visit the area or just reminiscing about a place they’ve been to.
  2. Enhanced Discovery: Using geotags can put your post on the map—literally. It increases the chances of your content appearing in the “Explore” or “Discover” sections of social platforms, potentially reaching a broader audience.
  3. Building a Local Presence: For businesses, geotagging can be crucial. If you run a café in Brooklyn, for example, geotagging images from your café can attract locals or tourists searching for a coffee spot in the area.
  4. Authenticity and Trust: In the age where authenticity on social media is valued, showing where you’ve been or where your content is created can build a sense of genuineness. It showcases a real-world connection and can resonate more with your audience.
  5. Storytelling: Locations can tell a story. A series of geotagged images can provide followers with a visual journey, whether you’re hopping across European cities, showcasing a day in the life in New York, or highlighting a road trip along the coast.

Why Falls Short is the most popular to geotag images quickly.  Although, while appear as a viable option for geotagging, it has certain limitations:

  1. Limited Free Usage: restricts free geotagging to only five images per day. For businesses or individuals with a plethora of images, this becomes highly impractical.
  2. Costs Add Up: If you need to geotag images regularly, the cost of a premium subscription will accumulate over time.
  3. No Bulk Tagging: If you need to geotag a lot of images at once, you will need a premium subscription for Geoimgr.
Geotag images in bulk

Geosetter: The best way to geotag photos in 2023

While several tools offer geotagging solutions, Geosetter stands out for those looking to handle images in bulk, and for free!

How use Geosetter:

1. Download and Install: Begin by downloading Geosetter from its official website.

  • Installer: Download the EXE to install Geosetter directly on your computer. (Recommended)
  • Zip File: Download the ZIP file to use Geosetter within a file.

2. Locate Image Folder: Launch the software and Locate the folder which contains the images you want to geotag using the built in file explorer.

3. Highlight all images: For bulk images, select all images by holding shift, and pin a location on the map provided or enter the coordinates of your location.

4. Apply Geotag: Once the desired coordinates are entered, hit ‘apply to all’ Geosetter will embed the geographic data into the metadata of your images.

5. Save: Once the tag is applied hit the ‘refresh’ icon in the top left hit save changes in the pop up window. After this you are done!

How to geotag images for free with geosetter

Your Turn to Geotag Images in Bulk for Free!

Dont be scared … When you Geotag images in bulk, it doesn’t have to be a daunting. Tools like Geosetter simplify the process, ensuring that your images are optimized for local searches and resonate more effectively with your target audience. By enhancing your local SEO and Google My Business posts, geotagging can be an essential aspect of your digital strategy. Avoid the pitfalls of restricted platforms like and leverage the power of geotagging to its fullest with efficient, free tools.

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