April 19, 2022

How to Get More Google Reviews

In 7 Easy Steps Learn How to Get More Google Reviews!

Learn how to get more Google reviews and rank higher on Google by following these steps!

1. Setup and Optimize your GMB Profile

In order to get more Google Reviews, you will need to set up and optimize all aspects of your GMB (Google My Business) profile, including:

  • Business Category
  • Detailed Business Description
  • List of Services and/or products
  • Publish Posts
  • Upload photos and logos
  • Add virtual tours, etc.
  • Reply to messages and Reviews

Manage all these aspects on your GMB profile to optimize for reviews and post as often as you can. This is crucial to your overall Local SEO efforts, not just Google reviews!

2. Use Your Custom Google Review Link

Each Google My Business Profile is provided with a review custom link you can share.

  • Copy the link and add it to your email signature.
  • Text the Review Link to customers.
  • Send the link via email.
  • Use your GMB review link in automated email follow ups and reminders.

Share with customers an easy-to-access link where they can provide feedback directly on GMB, so your profile can get more Google reviews and rank better.


Here is an example GMB link using Momentum Digital Google Review Link = https://g.page/r/Cfq5Yiu19womEAg/review

Custom Google Review Link

3. Ask EVERY single customer

Having a QR code on your counter top or promoting the link on social media will not be enough to get more Google reviews.

You need to ask every SINGLE visitor and/or costumer for a review. Specially if your are providing quality services and products that often get good feedback.

This will be key in ultimately having plenty of reviews to outrank and outsell competitors.

4. Use Automated Follow-Up & Reminder Campaigns

Setup text automated message and email campaigns. Some tools include:

This way, you can remind customers to drop a Review over a specific amount of time after their visit or purchase.

Some customers will gladly leave you a five-star review on the sport after making a purchase, but some will prefer testing the product or service before leaving feedback.

5. Add the Link in Your Receipts

Use your custom Google Review Link in Your Receipts.

You can do so by programming the QR with the link to be printed out along with your logo or at the bottom of the item list.

If sending email receipts, include a clear Call To Action to drop your business a Google Review along with their proof of purchase.

6. Promote on Social Media

If you have a loyal and trustworthy fan base of customers then you should share your review link in posts and stories and make it easy for them to write a review.

But, don’t feel discouraged to share your Google Review Link even if you have a small following.

Here are some ideas for sharing your customer review link on Social Media to get more Google reviews:

  • Create posts that include the link on the text for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium.
  • Add Review Link for GMB on your Instagram profile link in the bio.
  • Promote custom links on Instagram and Facebook Stories directing viewers to the GMB review link.
  • Ask friends and family to share links on their social media profiles
  • Share the link often and include it in all your social media profiles.


Offering the best products and services and doing right by your customers is the best way to stand out from competitors and get more Google reviews. 

By providing quality, good reviews will come trickling in organically if your Google My Business Profile is Optimized. 

If you wish to learn more on how to optimize and use your GMB profile, read more here.

BONUS TIPS: additional ways to get more reviews on Google.

The first thing I’d like to say is I do not recommend or endorse these strategies. They go against Google Guidelines.

  1. Incentivize Your Customers to Leave Review
    Give them a deal or discount or return offer if they write a review. Make them do the review there in person or before they pay and earn that offer.
  2. Ask Friends & Family
    Send the review link to friends and family who know about your business or brand. They will happily write a review.
  3. Pay for Reviews
    You can pay someone online or even various service providers or freelancers to write you reviews using new accounts they create simply to get paid to write reviews. This goes against guidelines and I don’t recommend or promote this but I know that some companies have done it successfully. I do not support this. Paying for reviews can easily backfire, and result in a GMB profile suspension. Other risks involve being perceived as a fraud and losing customer loyalty.
how to get more google reviews momentum digital blog

Google Reviews Strategy -- RECAP

Having plenty of good reviews can tip the scale for a business to rank higher and attract more customers.

You need to get more Google Reviews if you want to get calls, website traffic, store visitors, and gain trust.

Positive reviews are what ultimately sway a customer’s decision to buy or not from a source, according to Science Daily and other studies:

“It’s the text of the top reviews that made a difference,” Yin said. “This swaying effect only happened for the text reviews. Without text, people are not swayed. It’s the concrete details that are driving this impact.”

Yin explained that the research is not saying that average ratings don’t matter. If a product has a low average rating, consumers will not consider the product, much less read the product reviews.

But in the cases where buyers are comparing different products and reading their reviews, a few top reviews can easily sway their purchase decisions.”

In summary, all businesses need reviews. Google Reviews will improve your Local SEO, increase Call to Actions CTRs, help your business outrank its competitors to establish trust.

If you need help in order to get more Google reviews, feel free to call us or contact us below. We are happy to help small businesses and entrepreneurs GROW.

Momentum Digital is a marketing agency that supports small businesses!

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