February 19, 2021

How to Take Advantage of Clubhouse for Marketing

If you missed the Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok wave you’re probably eager to take advantage of the next big marketing opportunity. If you’re unaware, the next wave is here and they call it Clubhouse

Clubhouse for Marketing Momentum Digital

Clubhouse: The Next Big Thing in Marketing

Over the past few years, we’ve seen hundreds of social media apps come and go. Some were around longer than others, but only a few were here to stay. Clubhouse is one of those apps that are here to stay, even Gary Vee agrees. If you’re not already on Clubhouse don’t worry, it’s not too late. You can join the waitlist here or request an invite from me via email here.

What is Clubhouse?

For those of you that are familiar, I’ll keep this brief so we can get into Clubhouse for marketing purposes and how to leverage it for acquiring clients. Essentially, Clubhouse acts as one very large virtual university. The 1 million+ users are the lecturers and students and the different “rooms” are all of the different lecture halls. At this very moment, there are thousands of rooms with hosts discussing their room’s specific topic. These rooms hold tens to tens of thousands of listeners. Pretty awesome, right? Tons of incredible speakers giving away free information about topics you’re interested in; that can’t be beaten. But here’s the catch. Unlike virtual universities, these lectures can’t be recorded! That’s what keeps people coming back to Clubhouse; the fear of missing out! Hopefully by now you can understand why Clubhouse is on the rise. Now let’s get into how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

How Do You Leverage Clubhouse for Marketing?

There are 3 things that make Clubhouse great for marketing and they are:

  • Clubhouse is audio-only – you know very well that it’s much easier to get your point across verbally than it is in ad copy or an email.
  • No need to create an audience – your audience is interested in your niche or product because they are in your very niche room! Everyone you’re talking to has already exhibited some interest.
  • Relationship-haven – there is no better way to create strong relationships than through verbal communication. In Clubhouse you have the ability to engage your audience with lectures, Q&A, and storytelling. 

However, before you establish yourself on Clubhouse as a speaker and leverage a room for marketing, you’re going to have to be a good listener. Luckily, as either a speaker or a listener in the room, there is always an incredible opportunity for marketing. As a speaker, you can establish a position of expertise and offer your products or services as appropriate. As a listener, you can demonstrate loyalty by returning to the same rooms time and time again. Eventually, if the room isn’t too big, the speakers will allow you to give your two cents; that’s your time to shine. When you’re given permission to speak, all eyes are on you. That’s the perfect chance to establish your own position of authority, grow your own room, and build a loyal audience to market to. 

Don’t Miss Out on Clubhouse for Marketing

Now that I’ve brought this wonderful app to your attention, hopefully you can understand why the Momentum Team and Gary Vee are calling it the next big thing. Like I said, it’s not too late to hop on the wave so be sure to request an invite from me. Once you’re all set, get ready to establish your presence in the virtual university that is Clubhouse!

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