December 11, 2021

How Virtual Tours Help Small Businesses

Today You will learn How Virtual Tours Help Small Businesses Grow Online!

Welcome back to another Momentum Monday Marketing blog! In this blog we are going to talk about How Virtual Tours Help Small Businesses get more exposure and rank higher online.

My name is Mac Frederick and I used to work for Google. Over the past 6 years, I have been running my own small business digital marketing agency helping other business owners with SEO, Paid Advertising, Property Marketing, and more!

Introduction to Virtual Tours

Remember the feeling of walking into a restaurant, a corporate office, or a utility store and experiencing everything through your eyes? Did you find yourself carried away by the sites and even sometimes distracted by the enticements that nourished your visual appetite? Now imagine being able to experience that from the convenience of a computer or smartphone screen. We call that a virtual tour; a 3-dimensional representation of your establishment’s interior that enables your clients and prospects experience a full 360° view of what your business is all about.

Consisting of still panoramic pictures of a given venue edited and strategically connected to form a single image, virtual tours are designed to give a precise depiction of your commercial interior space. There is a myriad of reasons to use virtual tours today but the ultimate goal is commercial success. As a small business owner, you must be interested in the same.

Well, here is an article that explains what virtual tours can do for your small business and how it does it.

So Who Needs a Virtual Tour?

Any type of business that needs to develop its clientele base online needs a virtual tour. As a small business owner a virtual tour enables you to deliver the image and atmosphere that your business provides from its interior spaces; thus efficiently sending the right message about your business.

By giving your clients and prospects a virtual idea of the services or products they are buying into from the convenience of their remote locations; virtual tours help small businesses by enabling businesses both big and small to motivate clientele to make the trip to their stores or commercial enterprises and buy their products or pay for their services. Simply put it is an advanced form of online advertisement applicable to any industry interested in displaying their interior locations such as:

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Medical facilities
  • Car dealerships
  • Country clubs
  • Education centers
  • Real estate establishments

Want more information about virtual tours for small businesses? Contact our property marketing agency Momentum 360 for virtual tour pricing.

momentum 360 virtual tours
How Do Virtual Tours Benefit My Small Business?

If your small business has an online presence, a virtual tour is your best bet at increasing your online effect exponentially and with it commercial growth. When utilized properly, virtual tours help small businesses by giving your business a systematic growth pattern starting from the visitors to your website that culminates over time to a significant return on interest.

It starts with the establishment of familiarity and ultimately trust gained from the potential clients that visit the site. If they like what they see and cannot buy in immediately then they are likely to share, comment, review, and rate your services or products online. This will create the buzz that your business needs for higher search engine rankings; which automatically translates into increased visibility on search engines such as Google. Now more people know about your small business and most of the others that search for content related to your products are directed to your website. Consequently, traffic to your site increases which translates to an increased demand for your product or service hence exponential commercial growth.  

It has been ascertained through research that a significant number of online users today are more likely to engage a website for longer if it has a virtual tour experience. It is all in the convenience that comes with being able to virtually walk through an establishment, see what is there to offer without having to make the physical trip, or read a long time-consuming article that only gives you a mental image that is most of the time inaccurate. Convenience sells and virtual tours are convenient.

You can also publish your virtual tour on your Google My Business account to have it posted to Google Street View to increase Your Local SEO.

google street view virtual tour

Momentum Digital is a marketing agency that supports small businesses.

We can show you how to set this up or you can hire us to do it for you!

  • Follow the strategies below to learn more about Virtual Tours and create one yourself.
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How Does a Virtual Tour for Small Businesses Work?

Sure you are familiar with the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, virtual tours bring life to these words through captivation and engagement. After the articles have done their explanations about your business and what it has to offer, the virtual tour 360° photographs bring your business to life with captivating high-resolution images that relay real-time displays of your establishment.

With this display, viewers are captured by the interactive and edifying concept of this advanced form of 3-dimensional photography as they scroll through your page out of curiosity or enticement, or both. What is important here is that they spend more time on your website. This formulates ideas and consequently they act on these ideas. This is the point where they decide on whether or not to engage your business; if you capture their attention in the right way they are more likely to.

Most small business owners are still unaware of the existence, use, and benefits of virtual tours, this is an opportunity to stay ahead of the competition. Take up virtual tours today as an advertising strategy and watch your business grow exponentially; now you know how.  

We will essentially bring in a Matterport Camera and set it up to automatically take 360 photos that the camera software will then stitch together almost automatically. From there we can customize the tour with other content such as business information, contact info, tags and links, products, floor plans and more. This can then be published to social media, your website, Google and more!

virtual tour software

Thanks for learning more about how Virtual Tours Help Small Businesses. You should look into using Google My Business and Local SEO Tactics if you’re a small business. Then you can add and customize a virtual tour on your digital platforms to get more SEO and awareness and build customer trust by showing the inside of your business or property.

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