March 9, 2022

Increase Traffic Using Google My Business for Local SEO in 6 Steps

how to increase traffic using google my business for local seo in 6 easy steps

Learn 6 Easy Steps to Increase Traffic Using Google My Business for Local SEO.

Welcome back to another Momentum Monday Marketing blog! In this blog, we are going to talk about How to Increase Web Traffic Using Google My Business for Local SEO in 6 Easy Steps!

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This is a FREE Guide on How to Reduce Competition and Become visible to locals. Here, you will learn 6 Easy Steps to Increase Traffic Using Google My Business for Local SEO.

Local SEO has become a pillar for small local businesses. Yet, most business owners do not understand Local SEO & how GMB works. The reality is, entrepreneurs must adapt in order to survive, and that includes investing time & resources learning how to use other tools that will help your business grow. Here, you’ll learn how to increase traffic using Google My Business for Local SEO.

The value Local SEO provides for businesses is immense. Google trusts information from GMB (Google My Business). And since Google reigns over search, and Google My Business is a Google platform after all, having a verified profile provides plenty of visitors. Check out this video on how to create a GMB account.“For small businesses, implementing local SEO is the most affordable—yet effective—tactic to get more visitations, phone calls, sales, and any other conversions.” – (Nine Peaks Media)

using Google My Business for Local SEO stats

Your chances of ranking locally are much higher than ranking for a keyword on a national scale. Google My Business is a great tool because it offers immediate recommendations of businesses within a specified location included in the query. These profiles are verified businesses by Google and are constantly monitored to ensure quality and accuracy. They offer insightful information about your business. Since Google’s focus is to rank search results based in UX (user experience) and trust, your business needs to be accessible and consistent by using GMB for Local SEO. 

Google My Business is like the “Yellow Pages” of Google, and therefore, the internet. Remember those old heavy phone books with local businesses listed by city and/or industry? Google My Business for Local SEO in 2022 is exactly that, but without having to carry around 500+ pages.

As an entrepreneur or newcomer to SEO, you may have a few lingering questions:

  • What is SEO?
  • What is Local SEO?
  • And what is Google My Business used for?

But chill, Momentum is here to guide you into this new world of opportunity.

FIRST, let’s get our terminology straight:

Search EngineSites that search the internet for certain terms a user inputs in a query.Google, Bing, Yahoo. Web search.
SEOSearch Engine OptimizationEditing a website to increase chances of it appearing at the top of the search results. Without ads. Top ranking.
Local SEOLocal Search Engine OptimizationEditing a website so that it is shown to locals nearby searching online.
Google My BusinessA Google online platform that creates oficial profiles for businesses, including their verified location.It is like a social media platform for businesses. Google is the King of search engines. Having current, complete and attractive info here will improve chances of ranking on top of search results.

So, let’s dive into the 6 easy steps to increase traffic using Google My Business for Local SEO. 

6 easy steps to increase traffic using gmb for local seo infographic needmomentum

Search and Setup a Google My Business Profile for Local SEO

  • Check if there is no other business with the same name or a duplicate page created by another user.
    • There might already be a Google My Business Profile created with reviews about your business that you can claim.
    • Create a new profile if no previous one exists
  • Upload your latest logo as a PNG extension file.
    • PNGs are high-resolution images.
  • Create and upload Cover Picture for your Google My Business Profile.
    • This is like a background to your logo or profile picture. It could be branded, but you need to make sure the text does not get cropped. You can use templates from canva, try some designs, and change the picture, if needed. You can use free templates from
  • Update and fill all information fields that apply
  • Make sure you include updated NAP (Name, Address, Phone) information that matches EXACTLY the one listed on your site. This proves to Google that your Site is a trustworthy source because you provide accurate information.
  • Be accurate in the information provided. Any misleading information or conflicted business name may result in a suspension.
  • Verify Location(s): by Mail Postcard to Address.
    • Once you enter the final and official address of your business (unless it is an online or door to door service), verify your location and Guarantee your profile comes up in the local search results of your service area by verifying your identity and location either by phone or regular mail.
    • You must provide an accurate address and be consistent when citing it on your website and Google My Business.
  • Set up a Profile for each Location.

Manage your GMB Profile Weekly

  • Read and follow guidelines
  • Upload Photos 3-5 a week 
  • Get Reviews 1-3 a week and reply to them 
  • Post often: 2 – 3 times a week 
  • Add Services and/or Products
  • Search and list all products and services you provide
  • Do some competitor research to check their services so you don’t miss any.
  • Makes your services and products visible and shoppable with a link on Google.
  • List those same services on your site
  • This may seem like a lot, but we can help you out. Get a Free Marketing Audit Here.

Keep information updated and add photos often to your Google My Business Profile

  • Keep all information updated and check your profile regularly.
  • Add plenty of photos.
    • Profiles with more photos get more views and overall rank better. Especially if those photos are original, and not stock. Google now includes this as a ranking factor.
  • Make sure you use original photos on your website, Google My Business Profiles and social media.
    • Using original photos is proven to improve ranking. Therefore, use as many authentic photos as you can to increase traffic using Google My Business for local SEO.
  • If you change your business information make sure to update your local listings such as GMB, Yelp, Social Media and more.
    • Such as the name, phone number, address, details and more!
gmb for local seo needmomentum graphic
Use keywords and NAP on posts and reviews
  • NAP stands for Name, Number Address of your business.
  • This will reassures search engines that your business info continues to be accurate and matches what is listed on Google.
  • Adding Keywords and Location to Posts and Reviews will help you rank higher Locally for those Keywords.
  • Keywords and NAP improve Local SEO.
  • Your business will be more visible to users searching for products and services in your area if you continuously mention your location and keywords.
Increase Reviews and Ratings!
  • Share the link with friends and family.
  • Make sure to share on social media too.
  • Reviews are the most influential factor for consumers when buying online. It builds trust and brand loyalty.
  • Your business will rank better with better and more reviews.
Keep your NAP visible and easily accessible on your website
  • NAP should always be in three places on your website.
    • Home
    • Contact
    • About
  • Better yet, add a running footer throughout all pages of your website. That way, all of your contact information that Google wants to verify is accurate and true, is always integated on each page or content you create.
  • Google wants to ensure that your Business is real and provides accurate information they can then share with their users.

Reap the rewards of using Google My Business for Local SEO by setting up your profile today or claiming your business. GMB verified listings will rank higher and therefore, get more clicks and customers.

Clients are sure to roll in by having a verified Google My Business Profile with optimized information and accurate details. That way, you increase traffic by using Google My Business for Local SEO.

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