October 5, 2023

Instagram Marketing for Cannabis Dispensaries

Avoid Instagram account suspensions and banning by following this Instagram Marketing for Cannabis Brands and Dispensaries guide.

Instagram Marketing for Cannabis Dispensaries

Instagram Marketing for Cannabis Dispensaries

The Cannabis Industry faces several challenges when trying to promote its weed brands on social media. Instagram it’s currently top game when it comes to user reach and engagement. One major problem is the strict regulations and policies imposed by social media platforms, mostly Instagram Community Guidelines. So in order to avoid account bans and suspensions, we’ve compiled a FREE GUIDE about Instagram Marketing for Cannabis Dispensaries and Weed Brands.

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Social Media Restrictions on Cannabis Industry

The majority of popular platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (X), have guidelines explicitly prohibiting the promotion of drugs, including cannabis. This restricts the ability of dispensaries and businesses in the cannabis industry to effectively advertise and reach their target audience.

Furthermore, since cannabis is still classified as illegal under federal law in many countries, including the United States, social media platforms adhere to these regulations to avoid legal complications.

As of now, Instagram has community guidelines that address various content restrictions, including those related to drugs and controlled substances, which include cannabis. These cannabis restrictions prohibit any content with the intent to sell or promote the use of illegal use (even it is only certain states). Additionally, ads promoting these substances are prohibited, so, Social Media Restrictions on Cannabis Industry can prove challenging.

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Keep your Instagram feed looking clean but clear about what you offer. Like our client Nurse Wellness has strong roots within the hemp and CBD industry, to help provide us with knowledge and experience you can trust. They have the best offers in New Jersey with 4 successful locations.

Keep to posts that focus on brand promotions, sales, informational posts and quotes.

General Guidelines that Apply to Cannabis-Related Content on Instagram:

Illegal Activities: Instagram strictly prohibits the promotion or encouragement of illegal drug use, including smoking cannabis or other restricted products.

Sale or Purchase: Any attempts to buy, sell, or trade drugs, including cannabis, are not allowed on the platform. Avoid any words related to prohibited substances, including “cannabis”, “THC”, “weed”, “420”, “weed”, “canna” and many more. Leave out those restricted words from bio descriptions, captions, images & even videos bots can scan.

Explicit Content: Content that shows or promotes the sale, use, or manufacturing of drugs, including cannabis, is not permitted. Try not to explicitly post images or videos of plants & growing procedures. Stick to close ups and innovative perspective angles for cannabis content photography & video creation. 

Harmful Effects: Instagram discourages content that may glorify or promote the harmful effects of drug use, including cannabis. Watch-out any smoke related imagery, including vapes, in order to avoid image and video scanning bots.

Age Restrictions: Users must be at least 18 years old to see cannabis-related content on Instagram, as per the platform’s age restrictions. Make sure you restrict your profile and content to audiences above this age limit to avoid cannabis relates issues on social media.

Violation of Advertising Policies: Instagram has specific guidelines for advertising, including restrictions on promoting drugs or drug-related products. No ads relating to cannabis are allowed.

Trademark Infringement: If a cannabis business profile infringes upon trademark rights by using logos, names, or other copyrighted material without permission may be suspended.

These rules may evolve over time, and it’s always recommended to refer to Instagram’s official sources for the most up-to-date guidelines.

Any brand or business that violates Instagram’s policies may be subject to a ban or block.

It’s important for cannabis businesses to be aware of these guidelines and regulations to avoid any potential ban or block on their Instagram profiles. It is advisable to review Instagram’s community guidelines and specific policies related to drug content and advertising for accurate and up-to-date information.

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As seen with our Cannabis Dispensary client Green Dragon Cannabis, Google Business Profile updates are now available for Cannabis Shop business categories. According to Community Guidelines, content should be focused on branding, locations, sales, events, or services. Do not focus on the actual sale of cannabis related products.

Green Dragon Cannabis has 4 prime locations in California, boasting Hightimes Magazine awards on their best-selling clones and strains with the best prices.

Instagram marketing for cannabis dispensaries weed feed sample web design green dragon california
Instagram marketing for cannabis dispensaries weed feed sample web content green dragon california
How to Promote & Grow Sales Using Instagram Marketing for Cannabis

While the rules surrounding cannabis-related content on social media platforms like Instagram can be strict, there are still ways for cannabis businesses to effectively utilize the platform without risking suspension. Here is How to Promote & Grow Sales Using Instagram Marketing for Cannabis:

Education, Community, and Information: Focus on educational content about cannabis. Share valuable information, graphics, stats, quotes, news, and updates about the cannabis industry. Benefits of different strains, dosage guides, legal news, or the medical features of cannabis.

Feature Lifestyle Content: Create content that shows off the cannabis-related lifestyle. This could involve showcasing cannabis-friendly events like concerts and outdoor activities, showcasing accessories, or providing tips on how to consume safely.

Professional Photography: Showcase your products without making direct sales pitches. High-quality product photography, styled images, or even close-up shots can help avoid obvious imagery. Ensure you comply with any regulations regarding the promotion of cannabis products.

Engage the Community: Show your brand’s interest in the cannabis community by engaging with your audience. Respond to comments, comment on other posts, follow fans, like their content, answer questions, and encourage followers to share their experiences. This grows brand trust and credibility for users.

Brand Partnerships: Collaborate with other creators or influencers who align with your branding. Users like influencers usually have big audiences. Brand Partnerships with content creators can help increase brand visibility, increase, and engagement. Allow follow rules and regulations around cannabis-related content.

Explain Regulations: Showcase the importance of adhering to local laws and regulations regarding the use and sale of cannabis products. This can even include content related to the official Instagram community guidelines.

Include Disclaimers: Have visible and clear disclaimers on age restrictions, or cannabis product use in your profile and posts. Make it clear that your content is intended for audiences of legal age and how laws and regulations may vary per state or jurisdiction.

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Grow Sales & Brand Awareness with Instagram Marketing for Cannabis

To successfully use Instagram Marketing for Cannabis Dispensaries and Brands, it is crucial to regularly review Instagram’s guidelines and policies. Make sure to keep your bio, links, hashtags, captions, and posts compliant with Instagram regulations. Also, seek the advice of legal counsel who specializes in local laws regarding cannabis to avoid unintentionally violating legal restrictions specific to your area.

Thanks for reading this article in detail. We hope this helps with your overall Social Media Marketing strategy.

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