December 10, 2018

5 Instagram Updates You NEED To Know About in 2019

Instagram Updates for Small Businesses

The new year is all about new beginnings and Instagram is doing the same thing this time of year. Instagram has rolled out a few updates and with the new year approaching, they have no plans on slowing down. Have you noticed any of the recent Instagram updates?

Today we will review 5 recent Instagram updates and 2 beta updates that are coming soon!

1. ALT Text Descriptions:


Instagram Updates their images by adding ALT Text.  Have you seen or used the new instagram update? This update rolled out November 28th, and I have to say its about time! Users now can add their own custom alt text that can be read by screen readers.

This Instagram update because it helps the 285 million people in the world who suffer from visual impairment. It’s very simple to utilize by following the steps below.

Alt text can be added to photos by following the steps below:

1. Upload or open an existing photo on Instagram.
2. Click on edit on the image, then tap Next.
3. Tap ALT TEXT on the image
4. Write your alt text in the box and tap “Done”
5. Save it and Voilà!


2. Saving Shoppable Products:

Instagram has rolled out the shoppable post as well as stories but, have you taken a look at the “save” products feature? Yes, you can save products just as you would on a normal website, when you save your products it will be labeled under “Shopping collection.”

Saving shoppable products can be added to photos by following the steps below:

Tap on a product tag in either Stories or their feed posts, there you will see the option to save the product– not just the post.

It’s like having your very own virtual wishlist that lives on Instagram and takes you right to your products when ready to purchase.


Check out this video showing you the latest shopping update!



3. The Close Friend Feature

A few days ago Insta rolled out yet another feature called close friends. If your an Insta addict like myself you have definitely noticed this update. The feature allows users to share content with their “close friends”. Have you guys used this feature?

What are your thoughts? I personally haven’t used the feature and don’t think I will but nonetheless here’s a photo showing this new update.


Instagram Updates Profiles:

Instagram started testing and updating certain profiles. According to Instagram, the new update is a  way you can better express yourself and more easily connect
with the people you care about on your profile.

Over the past few weeks, you may have seen design features re-arranged at the top of your profile including changes to icons, buttons and the way you navigate between tabs, which Instagram hopes will make profiles easier and cleaner to use.  The good news is your photos and videos you’ve shared on your grid won’t change.

4. Cracking Down on “Inauthentic Activity”With Third Parties

Instagram announced in a press release, November 19th that “some accounts have been using third-party software to “artificially grow their audience. This takes away from Instagram true purpose, the “real” and “genuine platform users are looking to experience”.

Insta believes users are looking for these factors, and they have started deleting inauthentic content. This new feature has affected many users some are losing follower counts while others a receiving a message from Instagram, stating their account has been removed. Instagram is cracking down and they mean business.

Third-party integrations no longer being tolerated, Instagram’s new API is able to detect the apps “spam activity” which will then trigger the “account Inauthenticity Process.

Instagram Update Announcement Inauthentic account

Instagram Update Announcement Inauthentic account Image Credit, Instagram

If you believe your account has been affected read more here.


Keep your eyes out for these Two NEW Beta Instagram Updates:

So at this point, I believe everyone knows insta is owned by Facebook. With that in mind, Facebook released their Beta program which will now be used as a test for Instagram in Analytics.

Instagram has their own native analytics platform, but it’s nothing compared to Facebook’s in-depth insights. Fortunately, for marketers Like myself, business or influencers this is excellent news!

According to the Instagram Help Center Facebook is currently beta testing adding Instagram to their analytics platform. According to Instagram, With the new analytics platform, Instagram business accounts will actually go beyond metrics like engagement, clicks, and impressions to look at metrics like retention rates and lifetime values.

According to the News center, the Update will allow users the capability to create audience segments and assess their value to you. Talk about stepping it up a notch?


This feature is available in beta-testing right now, but you need to request access. In order to access this update you will need to have your Facebook pixel set up first, but once you do, you can request access here.


Beta Instagram Update #2: Promote Stories from Business Page

We all have seen and understand what sponsored posts, Is this tools allows us to promote organic posts on Instagram so they can reach a wider audience without going through the full ad system. According to Instagram Soon, we may have promoted Stories offered by Facebook Ads.

What am I talking about you ask?

Instagram recently confirmed that they’re currently testing this story ad ability, which would allow business profiles to boost their organic Stories for maximized reach. Sound familiar? The tool will work just like the boost image tool. Just as post boosting users will be able to use the targeting criteria provided through Instagram sponsored posts.

The goal is to allow the user to have control over who is seeing the ad, as well as the auto-target tool which will allow users similar to their current audience of followers to also view the ads.

Have you requested access to the new beta updates? If so how is it going?

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