September 11, 2017

Introducing Facebook Chat Bots

Learn about Facebook Chat Bots and How to use them as a Small Business Owner!

A well oiled digital marketing campaign can do a lot for a small local business. Once you have a content plan, paid search strategy and organic SEO plan in place, your leads will start rolling in. From mobile car detailers to dental clinics – your business can explode overnight with differing levels of inbound interest that you may not even be able to handle. This is where Facebook chat comes in to play.

Getting engagement and leads through the door is definitely one step, but making sure you can properly handle and close the leads coming in from every channel is another challenge.

One of the easiest ways to track and improve the handling of inbound is call tracking, which we can implement on any campaign for you. Knowing exactly when the phone is ringing, from what source, and how your staff handled it via a recording is a an amazing level of transparency to have for your marketing efforts and business in general.

However, you need to monitor and capitalize on ALL possible inbound channels, including inquiries your Facebook page.

Introducing Facebook Chat Bots

Facebook has now opened up their Messenger chat API to developers – meaning you can now get a custom bot programmed to deal with common customer inquiries.

The simplest and easiest way to implement a chatbot would be to use a service like which simplifies all the nerdy stuff and allows you to construct a bot that can handle and convert the most common requests based on user input and make sure they have the best chance possible at converting.

Realistically, if you are pushing customers through Facebook ads or content marketing your page needs to be handle any possible queries and convert them to sales ASAP.

Furthermore if you’re doing any type of retargeting (which you definitely should be), losing out on sales through the Message feature on your page is an easy thing to fix with Facebook chat bots.

facebook chat bots

Real-Life Examples? Let’s Take A Look

Using a friend’s business as an example, let’s see how Facebook chatbots can be used to squeeze out a few more easy sales on a weekly basis.

TEKU Inc is an on-site, on-demand solution for broken iPhone, iPad, and even Android devices. You break your phone, need it fixed ASAP, their technicians come out to you, fix your screen or battery and you’re good to go.

With that said, they get tons of inquiries through every possible channel, which is understandable. No one plans on breaking their phone and frantic phone calls or messages on every channel need to be followed up on or directed somewhere where they have the best chance possible of converting.

The Facebook Page app for iPhone is good, but most inquiries from the page are repair related, which can be directed to the site automatically.

TEKU has a pretty good site that makes it easy for customers to book their repair…most repairs are booked online without any need for a customer service rep. So the goal would be to capture the user on Facebook and send them back to the site which is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate and book from, and loads fast.

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