August 19, 2021

Lead Generation Marketing for Small Businesses

Are you an entrepeneur or owner looking for a lead generation marketing for small businesses?

Learn how to grow your business using Paid Advertising and Lead Generation. Momentum Digital can help you with lead generation marketing for small businesses looking to grow using internet marketing.

Challenges Business Owners Face In Performing Lead Generation On Their Own?

One of the main challenges business owners run into with lead generation is ensuring the quality of leads generated.

Low-quality leads can waste your time and effort. In a way, they can even be worse than not getting any leads because you end up wasting resources on something that was not going to end in a conversion right from the start.

Another challenge is CPA (cost per acquisition). Maybe you’re generating a ton of leads, and maybe they’re of pretty good quality, but at what cost?

Many business owners hire marketing agencies or run paid ads with Google Ads and Facebook Ads to drive clicks and leads. However, that can be time-consuming and expensive, especially when it’s not optimized correctly.

Whether you’re struggling to draw in a certain amount of leads, a certain quality of leads or a certain CPA, Momentum is one of the best lead generation companies for small businesses to help with any of those challenges.

There are plenty of lead generation tactics that we utilize for our clients today. We’ve seen our methods be effective in overcoming these challenges.

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How do can find you and convert leads into customers?

The buying process has completely changed because of the internet. It’s no longer about sending mass emails or ads that aren’t targeted. These days, the focus is on driving relevant, qualified audiences and nurturing them into a sale.

Your content has to be relevant to be noticed by your target audience and stand apart from everything else that is published online. With inbound marketing, the idea is to position and market yourself in a way that makes your target audience come to you. This is because you are offering what they are looking for, and this is the result of the new buying process.

Our lead generation process focuses on attracting qualified leads and warming them up into a conversion. Typically you think about this like a marketing funnel by attracting, nurturing and then converting customers. All your potential clients will have tons of options while shopping online. So it’s our job to help YOU stand out to collect and convert potential customers.

According to research, buyers today might be done with 90% of the buying process by the time that they get to talk to a vendor. That means they have already made up their mind.

Creating a lead generation strategy is all about building trust and closing the rest of that 10% gap. How do you build that trust? The answer is by becoming an authority in your industry and that means publishing content that is informative and genuinely helpful.

The content should not be centered around selling products. It should be meant to provide what consumers are looking for which is information. The selling part can come later.

While generating and nurturing an audience that’s likely to convert sounds great, you may be wondering, “What are the challenges that businesses face when generating leads?”

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Important Lead Generation Stats for Small Businesses!

Content marketing generates 3X the number of prospects when compared with outbound marketing.

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Effective content marketing can generate a lot of leads for your business and costs 62% less.

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90% of customers claim that videos helped them in making the buying decision.

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Using Paid Advertising to Drive Targeted Leads for Your Small Business!

Paid advertising and paid media is one of the easiest, quickest and best ways to drive more leads and customers. However, it can be expensive and a waste of money depending on your targeting, campaign optimizations and PPC management skills.

Google Ads has been a common digital advertising tactic for nearly two decades but it keeps increasing in price. The cost depends on your industry and competition and most of your ads will be on a keyword ad cost per click. You bid on keywords and pay for when people click on your ads. With Google you can also advertise on the display network on other websites, YouTube video ads, Gmail ads and more.

Facebook and Instagram (FB owns IG) is growing in popularity and cost too. Thesse ads are very unique and relevant based on the type of ad you run and how you want to target people. These ads don’t use keywords but instead use demographic, geographic, and interest targeting. Facebook knows a lot about everyone who uses their platform so they want to show your ads to those likely to engage and click.

Other PPC Ad Platforms Include the following:

Paid Advertissing & Lead Generation Services & Pricing!

If you currently run marketing campaigns then we can get access to review and audit the account. If you hire us then this service is FREE, or you can pay $100 for a one-time audit to use how you prefer. The audits review, bidding, structure, targeting, campaigns, conversions, and more. This is basically a SWOT analysis of your Ads account.

Cost = $100 (or included in first month no retainer)

We audit, review, take over, manage and optimize your ads account. Before we get started we actually perform an account audit and strategy. This means doing some research and learning more about your business and goals. Doing so allows for a better understanding of your products, services and customers. From here we can structure the account and campaign for optimal performance. The strategy is FREE if we’re hired on retainer, otherwise, it’s $350.

Cost = $350+ 

Momentum provides account buildouts that structure your ads campaigns for success. This takes a few days of research, campaign building, conversion tracking setup, keyword structuring, campaign settings and more. The structure build is essential to the account architecture for better long-term ROI. We can do this for FREE with a retainer client or $350 one-time fee.

Cost = $350 +

Before starting any campaign you should conduct market research to find the best campaigns and targeting to drive the best clicks at the lowest cost. Doing so allows for less wasted time and money once the campaigns begin. We use all different types of keyword matching and conversion tracking. This is FREE with a new retainer client otherwise it’s a $350 one-time fee.

Cost = $350+

The main and most important aspect of Paid Ads is having an account manager to optimize and grow the account. This involves bidding adjustments, ad tracking, campaign creation, ad testing, reporting, and more. It’s essential to set up conversion tracking and reporting to find out what’s working best. This is a monthly management fee starting at $500.

Cost = $500+ per month

Here are examples of Paid Advertising Case Studies!

Google Search Ads & Remarketing for a Beauty Brand Client.

Thanks for learning more about our Lead Generation Marketing Agency for Small Businesses program! Contact us for a quote or more lead gen information!

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