February 22, 2023

Top 10 LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Tips

View Our Top 10 LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Tips

Do you want to learn how to market on Linkedin? If so, use these 10 crucial Linkedin Social Media Marketing tips to get more sales!

Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn marketing is effective in the B2B or B2C space. According to LinkedIn, 101 applications are submitted by users every second and eight people are hired by employers every minute. The numbers are impressive. In this massive community, strategy and professionalism are key.

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Below is a guide to help your LinkedIn social media marketing. Follow these 10 steps, and in no time you can build a well-connected network of dedicated partners, team members, and professional leads to improve your business!

Linkedin Facts

If you are new to LinkedIn marketing, here are some fun facts to warm you up:

And more thought-provoking business statistics to get you thinking:

  • 51% of companies have acquired a B2C customer through LinkedIn 
  • 93% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn the most effective lead generation site. 
  • LinkedIn generates more leads for B2B companies than Facebook, Twitter, or blogging individually. 
  • LinkedIn accounts for 64% of all social media channel visits to corporate websites. 
  • 50% of LinkedIn members say they are more likely to buy from a company they connect with on LinkedIn. 
  • 80% of LinkedIn members want to connect with companies to improve their decision-making. 

Given these stats, LinkedIn is a must-have in your marketing arsenal. The key here is doing the marketing the right way, and below are our recommended steps you should take.

10 linkedin marketing tips
Create & Optimize Your Company Profile Page

The first step is to create your company page on LinkedIn. If you are new to LinkedIn or have signed up before, the next step is to optimize your profile page.

Use Professional Cover Page:

When people search for your name, the first thing they see is the cover page. Do not use stock images or random photos that have nothing to do with your brand. Make sure the colors and designs match your corporate identity and branding.

Use Compelling Descriptions:

Your descriptions need to hit the target audience. Update them regularly and mention your awards and recognitions if you have any. Search engines list LinkedIn pages. Therefore, you can use keywords on your company page. Remember to have a CTA button that LinkedIn provides.

You can do even more with your company page. Showcase pages, community hashtags, and pinning your best posts to the top of the feed are other ways to increase the status of your page.

Post Action-Driven Content

As with all other social media platforms, content marketing is the most important factor, and LinkedIn is no exception! More than 100 thousand articles are published on LinkedIn every week. You need to stand out or you will lose out to more powerful players. You can also use links and hashtags in your posts. Use eye-catching headlines and offer solutions or practical information to get users to click and read.

Use Images, Videos, And Live Sessions

When it comes to content marketing, using images and videos is a worthwhile strategy, because creativity works best. Professional-looking photos and videos attract users; according to LinkedIn, posts with images receive 98 percent more comments. 

One of the best social media marketing tips for LinkedIn is to use the LinkedIn Live feature to draw more attention to your brand. The LinkedIn live streaming feature has proven to be a great engagement tool. Live videos generate seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments than previously recorded video posts.

Connect To Your Ideal Clients & Build Relationships

Of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn offers the most targeted search for your prospects and current customers. You can search specifically for companies, industries, and people who might be your potential clients. You can connect with them using engaging, relatable content to further deepen the relationship. Use facts or showcase your services to always stay on the radar of prospects.

Use Email Marketing & Newsletter

You can send messages to your connections. It is a unique feature on LinkedIn to send messages to 50 people at once. You can send them relevant content and ask them to sign up for your email. If your offer is valuable enough, they will be happy to do so.

Since November 2021, anyone can write a newsletter on LinkedIn. Newsletters are like your articles and even appear under the articles tab. However, users can subscribe to newsletters to be notified each time a new newsletter is published. Users can comment, reply and share the newsletter in their feeds. You can write a newsletter and publish a video in it to make subscribing more attractive.

Leverage LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are also in high demand. You can ask like-minded people and professionals to join you to talk about specific topics. If you like, you can join other groups by clicking the “Discover” button and searching for the groups you like. The latest group topics will be highlighted at the top of the page, and you can join the most active conversations.

Whether you join a group or create one yourself, you can then share insights and ideas with group members or ask questions. Groups are accessible only to invited members, but you can make them searchable so members can join freely. Remember that the group is not for sales purposes. You can do that on your website. Here it is better to connect with your audience and gain their respect and trust. When you lead a group, you act as an authority in your field.

Collect & Analyze Data

LinkedIn gives you analytical data about your posts and your audience. Data is the backbone of any successful marketing campaign. You can use this data to increase engagement and attract more customers, or connect your account to a social media management site and collect more data. Logical decisions need comprehensive data collection procedures.

Get Noticed Through Your Employees & Colleagues

A good marketing strategy on LinkedIn is to create a profile for every employee in your company. Review and optimize their profiles, and take a nice professional photo exclusively for LinkedIn. This will help build your brand and get you heard more on LinkedIn. It shows how established your company is, so people who know one of your employees can connect with your company page. Your staff members can spread your brand message and support the company by participating in posts and feeds.

Use LinkedIn Marketing Tools

Both organic and paid marketing tools are available on LinkedIn. When you use multiple strategies, you can more easily engage your audience. Use a customized URL that includes your name or your company’s name; when users search your name in search engines, your LinkedIn account will show up.

Use Sponsored Updates

Sponsored updates allow you to pay for your posts to appear in individual LinkedIn feeds. You can target specific demographics, locations, gender, age, and more. Since everyone has a clear and detailed profile on LinkedIn, you can even target them based on their jobs, titles, skills, universities, or groups.

10 tips for linked in marketing

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Linkedin Social Media Marketing!

Applying these social media marketing tips for LinkedIn can greatly improve the performance of your digital marketing campaign. Plus, they will help your business grow faster and more conveniently. However, do not forget that professional help from experts can accelerate your success. If you still need help or a campaign tailored to your needs, you can contact us to build your successful social media brand.

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