Local SEO Audit – Improve your Google My Business Profile Rankings 10x Faster

Our Local SEO Audit gives you the exact answer about what you need to change in your Google My Business profile to get higher in Google. Get precise guidelines, work on your local business profile and get more customers for less money you’d spent on Facebook or Google Ads.

Increased business visibility in Google

More calls or Leads from your GMB profile

More income from your optimized profile

Sample Local SEO Audit Report

This Local SEO Audit is all you need to make sure your business Google profile is 100% ready to be ranked number one in the area. What kind of business audits can you run? Take our sample Local SEO audit for a spin and see how easy optimizing Google My Business listing can be.
Team 85 GMB stats

Boost your company’s position in the local pack

We will analyze your competitors in the area and create a ready-made plan for your growth in a local search with unique algorithms. Saving you time, money and leaving you with a sweet feeling of an optimization well-done.

Improve your Google My Business Profile with a Local SEO audit that includes clear guidelines for a company name, business description, the perfect base category, and anything else worth changing. Find the weaknesses of other local businesses and become a star in local rankings.

Become the No. 1 Ranked Business in Your Area!

Our Local SEO Audit gives you a tailor-made marketing strategy to get new
customers from your company’s Google profile only. Implement the changes to your Google My
Business profile in a few minutes and watch your position go sky high.

The Perfect Local SEO Report For Your GMB Profile

Claimed / Unclaimed

We'll check your GMB profile weather its claimed or unclaimed.

Mobile Mobile Friendly

Check your business website to see if it's mobile optimized with all the details and insert results in the final report.

Social Report

This Audit include if business has any social media presence and insert them in the final report.

Video Report

Search for videos related to your business and insert them in the final report. Not many local business have videos.

Facebook Pixel

Check your website if it has a Facebook pixel tracking code installed and insert results in the final report.

Adwords Pixel

Check the website if it has Google Analytics installed. This is important for tracking customers.

Analytics Pixel

Check the website if it has Google Analytics installed. This is important for tracking customers

Webmaster Tools

Check if the website has the Webmaster Tools tag installed. Important step for checking local ranking.

Local Schema

Verify your website if It has the SEO Local Schema Installed on the website and include in the final report.

Contact CTA Report

Search and Identify Contact Call To Action on your lead’s homepage and include the result in the final report.

Yelp Report

Identify if your business has a Yelp Listing and include the result in the final report. Yelp is important for local.

Google Tag Manager

Check your site if it has Google Tag Manager pixel tracking code installed and insert results in the final report.

SSL Certificate

Check your website security for a VALID SSL Certificate and include the result in the final report.

Open Graph

Check to see if this local business has Open Graph Protocol on their website and include the results in the final report.

SERP Snippet

See how your website looks on Google Search Results. It's very important to have important details listed.

Improve your Google profile with easy optimization guidelines

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Marketing Reviews for Momentum Digital

August 5, 2021.
Momentum Digital is great! I gained important information that was relevant to my company.
Nelly V. Таcheva
Nelly V. Таcheva
July 26, 2021.
I met Mac Frederick at Temple University’s Startup Studio (a startup accelerator). Very knowledgeable and professional, Mac provided us with super helpful tips & tricks, tools, and information on SEO & local SEO, social media & digital marketing. He even performed an ‘on the spot’ audit of my website and gave me actionable feedback. A few days later, Mac went above and beyond, agreeing to a customer discovery interview to help me with my product idea. I’d definitely turn to Mac and his team for assistance with my SEO and digital marketing strategy!
Matthew Gentile
Matthew Gentile
July 22, 2021.
Momentum Digital is doing a great job developing my website and providing SEO services. We meet regularly to ensure my company's perspective is imbedded in the process, and they've been highly professional in getting us to where we need to be. And the guys there are all great to work with.
Eva Jeanne Tanenbaum
Eva Jeanne Tanenbaum
July 20, 2021.
Met with Mac to discuss our website SEO and paid advertising. He was very professional, well prepared for our meetings and gave us a lot of great information! Would definitely recommend!
Carly Markowitz
Carly Markowitz
June 22, 2021.
Mac did an SEO consult for my business. He was knowledgeable, friendly and gave good actionable steps to help take our small businesses online presence to the next level!
Sydney Snyderman
Sydney Snyderman
June 2, 2021.
Had a great talk with Mac. Easy to talk to and gave great advice.
Mark Borland
Mark Borland
May 24, 2021.
I have attended many SBDC seminars over the last 5 years, and I have to tell you that your presentation was one of the very best that I have attended. While I often learn something from each seminar that I attend, very few have the level of detail and amount of useable info that you presented.
norka galette
norka galette
May 4, 2021.
Mac and the team were very responsive to my questions during the discovery phase. With my many questions, they did a screen share with me to answer all my questions. Although it did not work out, they formulated a step by step process for my brand and was extremely helpful and professional! if I'm able, I feel 100% comfortable with them!
Hamsa Digital
Hamsa Digital
March 25, 2021.
This place helped me with my SEO & got my organic traffic increased by over 300% in the last year !
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