March 8, 2021

Local SEO Marketing Philadelphia Agency

Momentum Digital is a Local SEO Marketing Philadelphia Agency with 6 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization!

Here are reasons you should hire a Local SEO Marketing Philadelphia based company if you are a small local business in Philly looking to grow!

What to look for when hiring a Local SEO Marketing Philadelphia company?

If you own or operate a small business in Philly then I’m sure you’re looking for ways to grow and attract new customers. One thing you might have considered is Local SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization. If that sounds like you then read this article as we will talk about what Local SEO Marketing is and how you should go about hiring an SEO marketing agency in Philadelphia.

Let’s start with bullet points covering what to look for when hiring a Local SEO Marketing Philadelphia based agency.

  • Price = There’s no getting around this. Everyone cares about price, as you should. I’d suggest hiring a Philly agency that specializes in Local SEO, but isn’t the most expensive or the least expensive. Typical prices for this service range from $300/month to $2500/month. That can be A LOT of money for small businesses, so we’d suggest spending less than $1000/month.
  • Experience = You absolutely need to narrow down your options to agencies with years of experience, especially if they have expertise and credibility in your industry. Never hire someone who is just starting out in Local SEO. Focus on companies that have many years of relevant experience and case studies with Local SEO Marketing in Philly. Momentum Digital was actually founded by Mac Frederick, who used to work for Google, and has over 10 years in Local SEO and Marketing for small businesses.
  • Strategy = How does this marketing agency plan on growing your business? Are they willing to take time to teach and show you the process? Do they explain the strategic marketing plan and map out the details?
  • Results = Make sure this Local SEO Marketing agency has results. Do they have case studies? Do they have a portfolio and reviews and testimonials. You need to have proof and you need to check their references.
local seo marketing agencies philadelphia

Why you should hire a Local SEO Marketing Agency in Philly?!

As a small local business owner, you probably shop local and want to hire local as well. When you hire a Local SEO Marketing agency (like Momentum), you not only get the desired marketing services you need, you actually get to work with another local small business that understands your business and the local community.

Momentum Digital has worked with dozens of local businesses over the past 6 years; ranging from dentists, lawyers, retail, restaurants, eCommerce, local service businesses, and more! We LOVE working with small local businesses because we can meet in person and understand each other’s goals and desires. Momentum is located in Center City Philadelphia, but we have contractors and freelancers in the surrounding communities who work from home.

As an SEO marketing agency, we actually specialize in getting results and getting your business and Google Local Listing to rank higher in organic search results. SEO can be difficult and expensive, but we work with you on the price and communicate our services weekly with every single client.

Check out our Google Local reviews and testimonials for more information! 

Local SEO Marketing Reviews Philly
Review the Local SEO Marketing Services and Pricing!

We review and perform a marketing audit for your Local SEO, Local Listings, Google My Business and Website! This audit gives us a starting point to understand and analyze your SEO before taking over!

Cost = $100 (or included in first month no retainer)

We audit, review, take over, manage and optimize your Google My Business Listings. This is our main focus for Local SEO marketing that drives a lot of search engine growth & results!

Cost = $350/month + 

Momentum provides Local SEO as well through citation building and backlinking. This involves creating free and paid local listings, citations, directories, social bookmarks, and backlinks. This builds your NAP credibility and consistency for Google and other search engines.

Cost = $350/month +

This process involves auditing, optimizing and managing your website for local seo marketing in Philly or in your local area. Unlike local listings like GMB, this focuses on your organic website SEO results getting your website to show up for local searches to drive new customers.

Cost = $350/month +

Here is the COMPLETE Full Local SEO Package that includes everything listed above: Local SEO Audit, Google My Business, Local SEO & Citations, & Local Website SEO. This takes a few months and is reasonably discounted. We do everything for you with a white-glove marketing service.

Cost = $900/month

Check out some of our examples and Local SEO Marketing Philadelphia case studies below!

Local SEO Marketing for a Dentist in Philly!

Local SEO Marketing for a Restaurant in Philly!

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